The Sounds of Laughter…

Words & Music: Grisham/Roche/Emory/Barnes – True Sounds of Liberty – T.S.O.L.

From the Album, “Dance with Me” – 1981

Straight outta HB

I can hear the sounds of laughter.

Could it be they’re laughing at me?

I can hear the roar of thunder.

I’m mad

I’m deranged I see…

Clowns in costumes

voices that carry…

Their message to my mind.

I’m Like a child so young and carefree

My eyes see what they want to see.

Lights are flashing.

Colors are blurring.

There are patterns in my mind,

things are hidden to the world around me…

But still they say I’m blind

Wrap me up in a web of lies

Meet the man who’s locked inside.

I’m too many people in too many places.

I’ve a split personality.