As the cookie crumbles..

Seems Mary Urashima got some love from “Historic China Alley” in Hanford CA.

Not sure what that is but it brings this to mind…


Oh wait… “Historic China Alley” must have made a “Donation” to the same group Mary Urashima cites all the time!…

Anyway, “Historic China Alley” mentioned the “Unbroken Noodles of Longevity”, in their yummy looking noodle dish featured in he post.


I thought it would be appropriate to send Mary Urashima some Fortune cookies to go along with that fantastic looking dish.



 Hope you enjoyed the cookies, Mary!

Stupid is as stupid does!

I was accused of publishing this letter on the “Historic Wintersburg” Facebook Page by Mary Urashima…

The composer of this letter managed to incorporate the words of Hitler and Stalin into an epic goof on Mary Urashima, who wouldn’t know real history if it hit her in the face.

The writer signed the letter with the name of Japanese Kamikaze pilot,Yukio Seki.

I did not write this letter. I know who did, but i will never give up the information, even if Mary Urashima tries to employ some of the methods listed in this link below…

Not giving it up Mary! It was too funny!

To the letter writer.. bravo.

My hat is off!

Exposing fakes and hacks has always been a favorite pastime of mine…Urashima is an UN-credentialed fraud.

Mary gushed to the letter writer and left it up for days until she got hit over the head with the realization that she had no historical perspective whatsoever.

The funniest  thing I took away from all this, is her observation that I “have been communicating with our elected officials”... as if that were a crime.

You know whats a crime Mary?

The scam you are trying to perpetrate.

And if you are concerned about my “communication with elected officials”… No doubt you should be….




Urashima is a historical know-nothing who fabricates “history”…out of whole cloth.