As the cookie crumbles..

Seems Mary Urashima got some love from “Historic China Alley” in Hanford CA.

Not sure what that is but it brings this to mind…


Oh wait… “Historic China Alley” must have made a “Donation” to the same group Mary Urashima cites all the time!…

Anyway, “Historic China Alley” mentioned the “Unbroken Noodles of Longevity”, in their yummy looking noodle dish featured in he post.


I thought it would be appropriate to send Mary Urashima some Fortune cookies to go along with that fantastic looking dish.



 Hope you enjoyed the cookies, Mary!

And so, it begins.

Gina Clayton-Tarvin is now floating trial balloons regarding OVSD involvement in purchasing the Republic site at Warner and Nichols, to the sole benefit of “Historic Wintersburg”.

Tarvin mouths off

In addition, her hypocrisy is on full display, with her recommendation to HB Gadfly Gino Bruno, who allegedly will require absolutely no embalming fluid when he passes away, due to his copious consumption of “Adult Beverages”.

Tarvin, who recently started a social media campaign to shame and discredit those who would dare to file a CPRA request with the OVSD, citing the high cost of compliance, flippantly suggests that Bruno….. file a CPRA request!

In 2016, OVSD saddled the taxpayers with a 169 Million dollar bond issue.

The purpose of which was as follows:

ovsd measure R

If it is Tarvin or the boards intent to simply pull a land swap, that wont pass muster either.

Word on the street is that Grace Lutheran may be losing the facility at Robinwood School.

Is there any intent to use this property as a bargaining chip in any negotiations with  Republic and Public Storage?

Let the CPRA requests begin!

It’s time to do some ” very forward thinking” on the part of the District Residents.

As a public service, is in the process of drafting notices of intent to recall ANY  OVSD trustee that votes to proceed with this plan.

In addition, we will begin laying the groundwork required to obtain injunctive relief and block the sale of the OVSD until the results of the recall effort are determined.

Trustee Norm Westwell is a known proponent of private property rights and would certainly never agree to this insane “Gina Show” scheme. It is a waste of time to prep a Recall notice for Westwell.

The draft documents will undergo review by our outside counsel, and once approved, will be made available for immediate  download, signature and submission by the residents of OVSD, right here on, should the Board of Trustees choose to even consider following this ridiculous path.

Please do not download and circulate these draft notices.

The approved, vetted notices will be made available soon.





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