The one that started it all… The Cult of Personality.

Reprinted by request.

“A personality cult or cult of personality is a system in which a leader is able to control a group of people through the sheer force of his or her personality and is often portrayed as a god-like figure.

Where the personality cult is about a head of state, criticism of that person is generally prohibited, and state-sponsored media are employed to ensure that the masses are given a consistent picture of the person’s perfection.”

Personality cults can operate on a National level…

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Jong IL / UN, Gaddafi, Castro, Hugo Chavez, …

all examples of Nationalistic personality cults.

( Funny how the biggest personality cults are all socialist…)

They can exist at many other levels.

Celebrity worship.


Religious cults featuring leaders with Charismatic personalities….

Operating on the local level,the Infamous Manson Family.


Cults are all about control. Control of Image.

Control of thought, word and deed.

Manson was able to control the thoughts and actions of his followers to such an extent that they were willing to murder for him and their cause….

” Helter Skelter”

CharlesManson2014 (1)

Manson still has not been placed at the scene of any of the crimes committed by his followers. Nevertheless, It is widely apparent that Manson directed his followers and approved of their actions, resulting in a conviction for the murders of nine people. Speculation exists that there are many more victims.

Recent events lead me to believe that the possibility exists of another local cult right here in Huntington Beach.

One that is centered around a liberal school board member who ruthlessly controls her image through attempting to crush dissent, eliminate the opinions of critics, conducting proxy character assassination and directing her followers to remove any negative opinions from Social Media sites.

In a scene eerily reminiscent of Manson and of other Personality Cults, the following phrase:

” Where the personality cult is about a head of state, criticism of that person is generally prohibited, and statesponsored media are employed to ensure that the masses are given a consistent picture of the person’s perfection.”

Can simply be restated as follows when applied to what appears to be a Personality Cult right here in Huntington Beach…

“Where the personality cult is about a public official, criticism of that person is generally prohibited, and social media are employed to ensure that the masses are given a consistent picture of the person’s perfection.”

This dangerous cult is the Cult of Gina Tarvin, better known as …

Tarvin Family

gina crop

Tarvins ruthless, relentless campaign to stamp out and obliterate any mention of criticism of her and her policies has been nothing short of epic in its breath and reach.

Like Manson, Gina thrives on plausible deniability.

She apparently employed a third party hit man, Pat Mahoney to publish hit pieces and political blackmail on his “Garbiginati ‘ site, cheered on by her acolytes and minions.


Patrick Mahoney

Like Manson, she has her minions do her bidding and makes sure she keeps her hands clean but its apparent where the “Talking Points” come from.

Tarvin never once spoke out against the character assassination and veiled blackmail threats Mahoney served up on a regular basis… no doubt relishing the secret extension of her propaganda mill… like Goebbels and Leni Riefenstahl in WW2 Germany.

Many jumped on board, like “beefsteak” Sturmabtielung Brownshirts, Oak View comUNIDAD.

There are many hangers on and fringe members of the Tarvin Family.

Find below the die hards.

The true believers….

The Core of the Cult of Gina…


The Tarvin Family

Left to right… Row 1…

Gina Clayton Tarvin

Scheming, working the political landscape and playing the victim card since 2015. Her true MO became apparent when several taxpayers – citizens asked legitimate reasonable questions. Her reply?… silence and avoidance. Silence except for cries to the HBPD that she and her child were unlawfully detained, harassed and threatened. None of which was remotely true. Lies – deceit – avoidance. All while doing whatever she had to in order to try to discredit and destroy those that dare ask a question. She is what is wrong with unions and politicians. She misled the community over asbestos abatement – the case against rainbow – and the bond measure. Not to be trusted, she even denied saying things that were recorded and played back for her. Chronic, habitual, sociopathic liars never come clean.Her arrogance and disdain for the community can be seen on her face as she looks down and doodles during public comments at the OVSD Board meetings she chairs. Her hate for people who don’t drink her Kool-Aid is palpable. She has recruited, mentored and developed an activist and radical arm of the OVSD – Oak View comUNIDAD. You know the group. The ones who beat a Trump piñata at a public event. An event that ended in violence against Trump supporters. The group that trespassed on private property to put a spray painted sheet against a building – a business, saying #RESIST…. stay classy OVSD… The group that brings in outside agitators to the OVSD meetings who swear uncontrollably in front of children and threaten “all Europeans”. The group who wants district elections in our city despite wide spread resistance. The group that aligns with RESIST and ANTIFA elements. These people are the army of Tarvin. Beware Huntington Beach, she exists and wants to grow her power. If Jim Jones and David Koresh had a love child she would be it. She is the Succubus of the vapid and unloved minions of Orange County and some of the inland empire…. mostly the dregs and anarchists. You should see the video of the cretins she brings to board meetings. Her ability to gather minions and insist they follow her blindly (Even scolding people that they will “yield to me”) is scary enough. Her Satan spawn doing so for the sole intent and purpose of furthering her socialist pedigree and political climbing over the bodies of the district’s taxpayers is truly unnerving. Add a dash of her claim everything she does is “for the kids” and you invoke the visual of Linda Blair puking up green with her head spinning.

Victor Valladares

Every good Furehess needs a group of Brownshirts to do her bidding and a mouthpiece. Tarvin nurtured her relationship with Valladares, a budding Progressive political activist who owes his existence to Tarvin and OVSD, in addition to an apparently brain dead Erik Peterson, who appointed Valladares to a public commission. Valladares is the mouthpiece of Oak View comUNIDAD, an HB activist group dedicated to identifying and obtaining Government handouts and recognition for Oak View, a community largely comprised of illegal immigrants, whom comUNIDAD is sworn to protect, regardless of their criminal behavior. When not parading his children as props at events ( the same children he repeatedly fails to pay child support for in a timely manner…) Valladares can be found walking the streets of Oak View with a bullhorn, warning the illegal immigrants to the presence of ICE Officers as part of his “Barrio Defense Committee”.

Oscar Rodriguez

Every good mouthpiece needs a goofy sidekick.. a second banana. And Oscar Rodriguez never fails to rise to the pinnacle of goofy sidekick-ism. Wherever Victor Valladares can be found, his faithful lackey cant be too far behind, flying the expensive drone that constitutes the comUNIDAD Air Force. Like Himmler to the boss, Rodriguez can be found at all the same leftist rallies and temper tantrum meltdowns, offering the goofy take on things that only Oscar can provide.

Katheryn Clark

Every cult needs a love story and here we have it. Victor Valladares’ supposed main squeeze has reportedly ditched her family to run with the pack of dogs that does nothing but listen for Gina’s finely tuned attack whistle. Beware of this bloodthirsty soccer mom with venomous fangs.

Mary Urashima

Tokyo Rose had nothing on this co-conspirator Tarvinite, who hitched her Far East wagon to Tarvin in the hope it will help save a rundown parcel of weeds called “Historic” Wintersburg. She doesn’t own it, she has no rights over it, but like Tarvin, Urashima (her name is Adams, OK?) is fast to play victim after issuing her own brutal attacks. Her reputation around town as an arrogant bully led HBReads organizers to refer to her as a “terrorist.” A perfect wing woman for Tarvin. Any criticisms are instantly branded as “hate speech.”

John Briscoe

Probably the most two-faced politician in Huntington Beach, Briscoe plays the conservative, leading invocations and parading around in his scoutmaster uniform. But Briscoe got a taste of the Tarvin Kool Aid and decided he loved it and can now be found with his nose firmly lodged in Tarvins backside, endorsing Bonds, voting to appease the Unions and basically acting the sell-out to his “conservative” image. I find the Scoutmaster thing extra creepy, having lost a good friend to alcoholism, which I believe was the result of my friend being buggered by his Scoutmaster at age 12. Briscoe seems to be very fond of “Pizza Sticks” and considered it a newsworthy event when his colleagues elected to appease him and bring the tasty treats back to the deprived kids of OVSD.

Heather Dowland

She has a big mouth and an imposing figure to match it. A union bag lady / enforcer to carry out Tarvins many hits within the district. Dedicated and worshipful of her swarthy overlord, Dowland salivates over Tarvin’s orange-bone Cheeto necklace and dreams of adding digits to the collection.

Patrick Mahoney

Like a lot of her boys, Mahoney seems to have pledged a sort of undying devotion to Tarvin, fighting for her attention and feeling jealous when she overlooks him for Vern Pat Nelson, Gustavo Arellano or Victor Valladares. But he also works hardest for his obsession, creating web sites to try and destroy her detractors. Manic and maniacal, Patrick’s violent tendencies are said to scare Tarvin a bit but still, she will never cut him loose. She needs him and he likes that. Trivia: He leads the pack with 7 police reports filed against him for cyber-stalking.

Left to right… Row 2…

Nancy Duremdes

At a recent OVSD Board meeting, Tarvin flipped out when multiple constituents and others dared to offer opinions that she considered critical and not to her liking.. Her solution? Throw everybody out of the room so she could proceed without having to tolerate the “Riff Raff- Bourgeois” that didn’t care for her shenanigans. “Nasty Nancy” took advantage of the overflow outside on the patio to assault a Tarvin critic, snatching the phone out the individuals hand while slurring ” Film me Baby” in a comic moment captured forever on video. Speculation was rampant that Nancy had a bit too much to drink that night and beat a hasty retreat when the police were called to investigate, rather than Uber it home. Nancy is an obedient thug, carrying out the will of her fearless leader. If you see this bitch around, best put your phone in your pocket lest Nasty Nancy attempt to swipe it from you while wrenching off your fingers…

Paula ” Paula Jean” Lazicki

Paula can always be counted to chime in local social media Forums rabidly defending Tarvin and lashing out at those who disagree with her. A teacher, Lazicki can be counted on to parrot the Union narrative and praise the leader, describing her in glowing terms… Paula claims to be a resident in the district. Not that it matters but the evidence suggests otherwise, and if true,establishes her as yet another individual willing to lie for her Dear Leader

Naomi Anderson

Hollow-eyed and with a heart full of hate, this nonresident of HB is so slavishly devoted to her Queen Bitch master that she doesn’t even realize she herself will probably get hit with a defamation lawsuit. She’s the ultimate deadender with nothing to lose. She spews her volcanic, passionate love of Gina in such sickening waves that you also have to wonder if they shouldn’t simply grab a room together. Gina’s main trigger-woman for getting Facebook accounts deleted? The evidence seems to be there. Nasty. Wear protection around Naomi.

Mark Bixby

The “hall monitor from hell” as he is called is Tarvin’s “insider agitator,” a tech-savvy ideologue whose penchant for spying, lying and denying is matched only by his weaselly and whiny presentation. ” For all his “Tech- savvy”,”Super sleuth Bixby” apparently was unaware that most Webhosting accounts offer the ability to host unlimited sub domains and made the false accusation that Trustee Norm Westwell was the author of the now famous “” website after he claimed to find the ” Digital Fingerprint” of this absurd claim. Never one to miss an opportunity for heroic action, Bixby delights in filing case after case of stupid campaign finance violations, however incidental and insignificant, yet ignores those perpetrated by Tarvin. His Blog/FB Page this pretentious piece of drivel in the “about” section…. A light in the darkness. A sentinel scanning the horizon for opportunity and danger. A resolute steadfastness in the mission.”

Have you vomited yet? Sorry…

Barbie Iman

Iman has a whale of a time acting as minister of information for Tarvin behind her radical ComUNIDAD shield. Vulgar, vile and race-driven, she loves pushing the “white privilege” accusation agenda down city hall’s throat to help Tarvin’s barrio hoodwinking scheme.

Derek Ugland

When is not sucking on a bong, he’s sucking up to Tarvin. Foul-mouthed, jobless ( except for the substitute teaching gigs he got from the Tarvin Crony machine) and still living at home, he must be coming to grips with the fact that beer pong is not a career path. Yet ladies, you will be sad to know that Derek is engaged. Yep. Hes off the market. Word on the street is that mom ( who is profiled below) is stoked that she will no longer be responsible for her thirty something year old sons skid marks and looks forward to saving a bundle on Oxyclean. Can anyone say ” Failure to Launch”?

Hek Valdez

Known around town for his attempt to win a City Council seat with his knockoff of the lame Obama Hope poster and his mediocre tattoos, in addition to running things over at Huntington Beach Community Voice, a pathetic shadow of Huntington Beach Community Forum. HBCV is a Non-stop pimp job of Johnny Nosich’s mediocre pizza, Hek’s crappy tats and a motley collection of outcasts that flail in liberal spasm as they rage against the conservative people that would deny them the right …. to always be right. We have seen it time and time again. When any critical word about Tarvin is uttered on THE VOICE, it is quickly removed and the group member is often banned for even thinking negative thoughts about her. Hek is her social media bitch, always ready to delete when she gives the word on this forum. It’s a fraud. This is where critical voices are eliminated, not celebrated. Doubt me? Just try it and see what happens.”

Monica Mora

If Tarvin herself has a puppet master, this may just be her. Look up “union thug” in the dictionary and odds are you will see her mug, and just because Mora is so invisible, don’t think for a minute she is not part of the cult. According to some she helped mastermind much of the asbestos scheme in the OVSD, which is where she and Tarvin supposedly got tight. Regardless, she no doubt loves watching her “disciple” climb the ranks as one of the OC’s most diabolical politicians in modern memory.

Left to right… Row 3…

Vern Pat Nelson

He is her private media mouthpiece. How many “blind items” would he post for her without ever asking a follow-up question or challenging her corrupt behavior? Just so her lies would have a platform. With a schoolboy crush and a slobbering need to please his master, this sniveling leftist hypocrite doesn’t just lick her boots, he chews them down to the skin.

Janice Ugland

The aging Morticia of the progressive Addams Family of Huntington Beach, only sad and pathetic, not funny. Janice is a shrinky dink version of a 60s hippy activist who understands politics as little as she does hygiene. With her equally progressive husband, Janice has raised at least one if not two clones to carry on the family tradition of liberal goddess worship. Janice would have worn a Tarvin bumper sticker on her mom jeans or Mu Mu during the recent OVSD Trustee campaign if she could have figured out where to put it. Congrats to Janice & Tom on Derek’s Engagement. Looks like Derek will have to put away his participation trophies to make room for his new brides things at the Ugland house.

Jennifer Brannon

Married to the lead singer of Jodie Fosters Army ( who have the coolest HB guitarist in Don “Redondo” Pendleton), Brannon should know a thing or two about the Hero Worship of John Hinckley…A friend of Gina, big supporter of ComUNIDAD, and die-hard liberal activist, Brannon can be commonly found defending her leader at OVSD meetings, participating in the secret Indivisible OC 48 Facebook group, or on Main Street HB protesting the issue of the day.

Patricia Singer

Gina’s slate mate in the recent OVSD elections, Singer was rejected by the conservative voters of the district in favor of Norm Westwell. ( a wise choice. The dynamic between Westwell and Tarvin is epic.) It dosent take a genius to see through the false veneer of a plant candidate with no Conservative cred whatsoever. The simple fact that she hooked her cart to Gina’s mule was evidence enough that this phony Republican ( Endorsed by the morons over at the HBRA over true conservative Westwell and fiscal conservative Kathryn Gonzalez) was a plant. After showing up at numerous Democrat party and comUNIDAD events, it is apparent that if Singer decides to run again, she should be exposed as the potential Tarvin accomplice that she really is. Steer clear of this fraud.

Carol Hansen.

She makes about a quarter million dollars a year but those tax dollars have bought nothing but an expensive set of puppet strings. That “electrified” look in her eyes along with the vapid smile have become the trademark of Tarvin’s truest partner in crime. Her dedication to the school district dark side stretches back years and makes her the perfect Presidential Puppet. Tarvin says “jump,” she smiles widely and says “How high?”

Gustavo Arellano

” The Mexican” ( his words not mine…) is an ally of Valladares who worked as an intern for Arelllanos fish wrapper, The OC Weekly.. and a huge Tarvin fan.When he wasn’t busy changing the urinal cakes over at the OC Weekly offices, Valladares and Arellano were the proud publishers of Brown Pride Racist screed served up with a side of half naked chicks, weed shops and sexual fetish advice columns, all on display for any 11 year old kid to grab at the donut shop. ” Hey mom, whats a buttplug?” .

Traci Moore

Convicted drug addict and obedient lap dog for Tarvin. Their relationship is similar to Dr Frankenstein and Igor. The only difference is that Igor knew how to keep his mouth shut. Traci admits to receiving private information of an OVSD parent, resulting in a potential FERPA violation by Tarvin. According to Traci, ” She doesn’t always text from the Dias.”

David Singer
Singer is a loyal Union lapdog teacher who also takes part in trying to get people banned from Facebook for writing anything that goes against the Ovsd agenda. Squirrelly, pious and devoted to Tarvin, this pseudo-hipster douche bag, based on several of his Facebook posts, is also one of her closest insiders.

There you have it. The core personnel in the Tarvin cult. Manson had his hangers on.. Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys was infamous for his association with the Manson Family.

Like the Manson Family, The Tarvin family also has its cast of fringe members, hangers on and wanna bes.

They will be profiled shortly.

Feel free to leave your comments, rebuttals and rants in the comments section.


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