Smash it up!

When I was a kid, my Dad was my baseball coach and sideline advisor when I played tackle football.

Old School…My Father was not one to offer sympathy and believed in “Playing Hurt”. If you came off the field whining about getting your bell rung, he would check your pupils for 2 seconds and say ” You are OK… Get your ass back out there. Don’t be a pussy.”


If you suffered an ankle sprain, the old fucker would break out the tape and wrap it like the seasoned pro that he was, smack you in the helmet and repeat the mantra… I can hear like it was yesterday…

” You are OK… Get your ass back out there. Don’t be a pussy.”



For those who are unaware, I was bitchSLAPPED by a true bitch. I wont bore you with the long speeches…I was asked to stand down for a while and sit on the bench.

I’ve never been a fucking benchwarmer.

With the blooming California conservative push back in full bloom, I’m not sitting idly by and watching from the sidelines while everybody else has all the fun.

Fuck that.

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play….

We’ve been cryin’ now for much too long…

Smash it up!


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