I’ve got you under my wheels…


The Feb 14th, 2018, Parkland school shooting tragedy, spawned an entire spectrum of media whores, clambering over the backs of the dead victims, fighting for face time and an opportunity to shove their progressive views down the throats of anybody within a earshot of a television or a smartphone.

On a local level, Gina Clayton-Tarvin was first out of the gate.


HBSledgehammer.com recently released a post, regarding Gina Clayton-Tarvin, and her use of the Parkland shooting tragedy, to advance her political agenda, regarding 2nd amendment restrictions. Tarvin apparently took Rahm Emmanuel’s mantra ..” Never let a good crisis go to waste”, to heart.

The piece, entitled “Standing Tall on the Backs of the Dead”, garnered unprecedented attention and interest, as far as interest in this blog goes.

Despite her best attempts Tarvin couldn’t match the obnoxious media presence of David Hogg, who grabbed his 15 minutes of fame and turned it into an endless stream of fucking rants…this kid is an indoctrinated tool.

His cohort and fellow media whore, Emma Gonzalez gets in on the act… shes not quite as obnoxious as Hogg, but still brings to mind fingernails on a chalkboard or a dental drill.

One of the saddest episodes was the Co-Opting of a local rally, supposedly “Non-Partisan” and “Organized by Kids…” by congressional candidates Harley Rouda, Hans Kierstead and Laura Oatman, who used the legacy of dead children to forward their own agendas and engaged in the usual progressive sloganeering… fucking pathetic.

” Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”?

Fuck You.

Have some respect for the dead and acknowledge that 50 percent of the Country… you know, those “Deplorable” Types…

Think you have elevated the concept of “Deplorable”, to an entirely new level.

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