Scott Baugh. Evil Genius or Dr. Evil?

Scott Baugh’s entrance into the 2018 48th Congressional District race, has added yet another hilarious angle, to the epic comedy of local politics.

Just when OCDems were somehow convinced that they actually had a shot, at finally pushing Dana Rorabacher out of a seat that he has held for an eternity…

Rorabacher was first elected to Congress in 1989, back when a young and fearless pot smoking, hard drinking, HBSledgehammer editor, was dropping into Puerto Escondido bombs, while helping to turn South Orange County into an endless sea of tidy rows of matching stucco houses, with red tile roofs, while working for a myriad of home builders.

Your intrepid editor has since moved on, and no longer engages in any of those activities.***

Rorabacher, however, has maintained an Iron Grip on a Congressional seat that he has apparently superglued to his ass, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



There’s a reason Dana has held that seat for so long…

Because Dana is a surfer. He’s cool as fuck. He loves the US Constitution. He is on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs & the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.  He fought Communists in Afghanistan. He hung out with Ronald Reagan. He is a leader in the privatization of the Space Industry. He mocks the joke of “Global Warming” relentlessly. He flips the bird to the establishment on a regular basis. . He does a bong hit now and then. He likes to have a cold one. He’s Catholic. He’s fun at Christmas Parties. He has three awesome kids. His kids learned to play piano, right alongside my own.

His wife took the fall for an ingrate named Scott Baugh.

How many people can tell you that their Congressman surfs?


 I still find it inspiring that I could talk surf stories over a beer with my Congressman, and not be talking to a “Ho-dad”, even though I don’t think Dana would be dropping into any ‘waves of consequence” anytime soon.

 I take that back!

Here’s a top secret photo I obtained recently, from Hillary’s private email server, of Dana dropping in and stuffing Hans Kierstead deep in the barrel at Teahupo’o !

Nice Job Dana!


All this bullshit about Russia, is the same nothingburger distraction it has been from the beginning.

Now even Baugh, is repeating it. 


Huntington Beach is solid, dependable Red, when it comes to our Congressional Votes.

All the wine glass sniffing, smug, limousine liberals in Laguna Beach, who look down their noses at folks of my type, you know… that “Basket of Deplorables”… aren’t going to be enough to carry the day, let alone the shrieking progressive mavens of HBHuddle, nor the psychopathic stalkers of Indivisible 48


Stupid ass Harley Rouda, found himself on the receiving end of an HBSledgehammer “letter bomb” at the California Democratic Convention in San Diego, after hitching his wagon to the dynamic duo, Gina Clayton-Tarvin and Victor Valladares, thinking these asshats actually had their “finger on the pulse” of whats going down in HB.

Those that followed the link in this email, addressed to hundreds of party hacks, came away with the conclusion that Rouda was big on cash, big on flip flopping and party switching, and short on common sense, and endorsed Hans Kierstead.


All of the other “Dana Slayers”, will no doubt slink off forever into obscurity, but the fight between Rouda and Kierstead will rage on… all the way to the Primary. 

Both will be dogged relentlessly by your HBSledgehammer editor every step of the way…

Neither one of these ego driven blowhards will walk away. No Chance.

Speaking of ego driven blowhards….


Here’s one right here!

Just in time to punctuate my discussion of Mr. Scott Baugh!

Scott Baugh has been waiting quietly in the wings, like Prince Charles, for Dana Rorabacher to call it a day, for a while now, quietly amassing cash and resources for a shot at this seat.


  Dana, obviously re-energized by Trump’s Presidency, has decided to go out on top and stay put for one more term.

Like an impatient Prince in waiting, Baugh now has elected to engage in Regicide, and has exposed himself for the apparent self absorbed traitor that he is.

Unless, that is, it all a  ploy to deny a Dem a spot in the best of two runoff.

Which remains to be seen…

My Radar tells me, its not a ploy.


The Sledgehammer Crystal Ball  tells me that Baugh has finally lost his shit, dosent give a fuck, and sees a chance to strike.

All the more reason to despise him.

He knows that if it comes down to Dana vs. Baugh in the general election, that Baugh will gladly take the dirty win on the votes of the Progressives that hate Dana, progressives that would rather hold their nose and vote for an Establishment  hack, like Baugh.

If it’s not a ploy, then Baugh will add splitting the OC GOP to his list of accomplishments, which already includes being at the helm of the Party, during the largest contraction of OCGOP Party registration in history…

An “accomplishment” that resulted from an abject failure of outreach and education initiatives and an absolute failure to take advantage of new media.

NOT the changing demographics of the County, as Baugh will no doubt, insist…

Just Baugh’s lazy, Good Old Boy approach.

I will give you the only reason you need, to vote for Dana Rorabacher and send him back to represent our District in Washington….

We need to send Dana back, just to watch the heads explode on all of the smug liberals, who actually thought they were going to take Dana out, and “Flip the 48th”, and to demonstrate that despite the pontification of the pundits, and Baugh’s total failure to grow the Party, that we are still a serious force to be reckoned with.

That, alone, is reason enough to send Dana back to DC, for one last hurrah.

HBSledgehammer will continue this piece in a few days, with a full breakdown on Scott Baugh.

Who he was, who he is, what he hopes to become, and who his likely supporters are.

The Sober living homes. His Cronies. His Closet supporters.

All of it. 

Scott Don’t Surf…

***Maybe a few of those activities…

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  1. Thank you for leaving me embarrassed to be a native of this district. Dude. Totally. But I do appreciate your analysis regarding the possibility of Baugh’s hope for a “dirty win.”

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