Posey Steps Up.



Huntington Beach Mayor Mike Posey has decided to step up and has chosen, along with Councilman Erik Peterson, a US Marine Veteran, to obey and enforce the laws of our Country, instead of the Peoples Republic of Mexifornia.

Kudos to Mayor Posey and Erik Peterson for finally bringing this travesty of justice to the forefront of local discussion.

No doubt, you both will be pilloried by those who advocate for the rights of criminals and call you a ” Racist”.

Those ass clowns always fall back on that tired rhetoric. The same assĀ  clowns that refuse to acknowledge that these laws are about apprehending and deporting criminals.


Next up, will be a discussion with Rob Handy about his refusal to engage and support Federal agents / ICE.

BEFORE he received political cover from the idiots in Sacramento.

Chief Handy, a law is a law.

You cant engage in selective enforcement.

It’s going to stop.

Viva Posey. Viva Peterson.

You got a lot more to worry about than Gentrification and districting, Victor and Oscar.


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