Now accepting applications.

Tired of all those homeless fuckers pissing in your bushes, stealing your bikes, smoking meth, leaving IV needles lying around, shitting in buckets and mouthing off about their rights? 

Tired of a  police chief that doesn’t do shit about the problem and mumbles lip service when cornered?

HBCPL is for you. 

Requirements: Ability to swing a bat, spark a road flare, shoot a paintball gun and throw rotten fruit a reasonable distance. Unpredictable large breed dogs a plus.

Current chapters: Downtown HB, South East HB and North HB.

Meetings are held at dive bars or in somebody’s man cave garage, all over town.

Just remember, if you run across this homeless chick, she can stay.

At least she productive…


One thought on “Now accepting applications.

  1. Yeah this b.s is out of control. Every day I see people handing these bums cash. I bet they make $20 bucks an hr! Why would they want to leave?
    Something needs to change… soon.
    Thanks for putting it front and center Chuck.

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