Fetid Festering Feces…

When Vern Pat Nelson is your only champion, you know you are finished politically in Huntington Beach. 

Nelson is a notorious felon who has racked up 5 .. count em, 5 DUI’s.

HBSledgehammer.com gives Vern no more than 6 months before he backslides into his old behavior.

He has zero integrity.


Vern was instrumental in the ridiculous vigil at HB Pier staged by Monica Bursov-Curca, where a cop killer was honored, along with the cops that the killer shot, before being called out and forced to walk it back.

Bursov-Curca was honored with a slot in the 2017 HBSH Clayton Advent Calendar.

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Apparently Vern and Briscoe have had some “conversations”, and have found some common ground in their hatred of  HB City Attorney, Michael Gates.

Somehow, Vern feels he has the moral upper hand when dealing with Gates, who actually embodies morals and integrity.

Vern had positioned himself as as supporter of Gates, a position that was apparently as disposable as an empty bottle of Jack.

Nelson published yet another screed, praising OVSD Trustee, “Smilin” John Briscoe over on his pathetic OJBlog.

Apparently there is some collusion between the two…

Time for a CPRA Request?


*Note: Nelson promptly deleted this post above, after it created some blowback….*

It was followed on Nelson’s blog by the predictable progressive hypocrisy, calling Gates kids  “Wonder Bread”…

Not a word from Nelson on the racist implications of the term…

As usual with the progressives , the ends justify the means…



How this loon ever got elected to public office is beyond my comprehension.

Doubt me?

Read this email and ask me if you think this man is sane…

John appears to be really impressed with himself…

brsicoe idiot

And Apparently is a big fan of Pizza Sticks! …LOL

pizza sticks

Thanks John!


pizza siticks 2

I Suppose a pizza stick is better than a Turd Sandwich…LOL


Heres the deal.

Attacking a respected member of our community is certainly no way to win hearts and minds.

But Briscoe cant get past the fact that Gates cruised to an easy victory on OC GOP Central committee, while Briscoe was shown the door.

Speaking of doors, Briscoe’s political demise will end at the doors of Pinehurst lane in November 2018, when he is tossed out on his ass by the voters who have finally tired of his antics, and have been duly informed as to where this guy really comes from, rather than the fake conservative persona that he attempts to project.

A few grassroots Republican activists are now in the process of kicking the chair out from under John Briscoe and leaving him to twist in the wind, meeting with those who may have endorsed him in the past.

For the good of our party.

Any endorsement of Briscoe by any GOP politicians will be met with an immediate demand for a meeting, at which they will get the  full picture of Briscoe’s insanity, and a retraction will be demanded.

John Briscoe has no place in government at ANY level.

Just like his ass-hat associate on the Dem side, Victor Valladares.


Vern, thinks both are swell.

Have a fucking Pizza Stick and a cocktail Vern.

And enjoy the 12 pack of green bottles that you find on your porch.

One thought on “Fetid Festering Feces…

  1. I can hear the sounds of laughter.

    Could it be they’re laughing at me?

    I can hear the roar of thunder.

    I’m mad

    I’m deranged I see…

    Clowns in costumes

    voices that carry…

    Their message to my mind.

    I’m Like a child so young and carefree

    My eyes see what they want to see.

    Lights are flashing.

    Colors are blurring.

    There are patterns in my mind,

    things are hidden to the world around me…

    But still they say I’m blind

    Wrap me up in a web of lies

    Meet the man who’s locked inside.

    I’m too many people in too many places.

    I’ve a split personality.

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