Back in the saddle again..

I started this blog in July of 2017 as a means to opine, unobstructed by people with hidden agendas that struggled to counter my arguments in the safe spaces of Facebook forums.

I was unceremoniously booted from the 2 largest community forums in HB for “unacceptable behavior” , “Post spamming ” and just being the cynical bombthrower that I tend to be.

I’ll admit, I struggle with the protocols imposed in these environments.

I tend to communicate in a stream of consciousness kind of way that goes against the grain of the polite accepted protocol.

Im working on it.

Both of these forums have become polarized channels for unimpeded groupthink and avenues for advancing personal political agendas on the part of the handful of active participants that tend to show up repeatedly online.

I came to the realization that one of the primary reasons I was booted out was due to complaints to the moderators about my posts.

Cowardly private messages from people that couldnt handle my viewpoint and demanded my ouster.

Facebook has a block mechanism that is simple to deploy.

These individuals could have simply engaged it and I would vanish…no longer able to offend their sensibilities.

Apparently that wasnt good enough. I had to be silenced. Which I was.

Ok…I was a bit over the top at times, but no more so than many who post in these forums.

I was recently readmitted to Huntington Beach Community Forum by moderator Yvonne Mauro.

Mauro decided to take a chance and allow me back in the room to have a say.

Thank you Yvonne. No doubt that took some serious cajones…much respect.

Mauro seems to realize that there is a place for opposing viewpoints.

Unlike others that make sweepjng pronouncements about personal attacks, only to engage in them themselves.

I am the first to admit I am a polarizing figure. And yeah…I can be a bit much at times.

I was always a brawler in my youth and would fight at the drop of a hat.

I have the scars to prove it.

My ethos was formed in the early HB Punk scene where you were always looking over your shoulder, in anticipating yet another challenge from the narrow minded people who couldnt quite understand a nonconformist who openly challenged your sensibilities and your own sense of self.

Mom had an extensive book collection and was extremely literate.

She had to see the books I borrowed and read.

Thompson. Bukowski. Steinbeck. Shit that left a deep impression on a 13 year old kid that was always a bit off to begin with.

To those who are offended by my discourse, turn the channel.

Im not quite sure how Mauro’s brave experiment will turn out.

Somehow, I have already outlasted all predictions.

In the meantime, I always retreat here when I feel the need to tell it like it is.

My comments run unmoderated.

Nothing is stopping anybody from having a say around here.

Except perhaps the fear of a solid beatdown.

Thanks Yvonne.

If it gets to be too much, just toss me out again.

I run with the big dogs.

Sometimes…I take point.

Until next time…


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