On a side note…

The United States has a rich tradition of poking fun at politicians, people in power & those in the news. 

Some of my work was recently featured at an “Emergency Meeting ” of the Huntington Beach Historical Commission, *(correction…”Resources Board”…forgive me. I get all my usless govt. bodies confused) * that was called to discuss the impending doom of Mary Urashima’s folly, commonly referred to as ” Historic Wintersburg”.

My work was offered up as an example of what was deemed “unacceptable discourse” to the assembled pointy heads of this smug commission.

With no credit whatsoever for the sheer entertainment value that my work offered.

No doubt my work elicited a silent chuckle from more than one individual in the room…

It was the moral equivelent of stealing a political cartoon without crediting the artist.

So next time you wish to feature any of the fun and exciting things that you recieve courtesy of my blog, be sure to announce the source.

Let me help you..that’s…


and my name….

is Chuck Johnson.


God knows Urashima demands credit for her work.

Even when it is not her own.

Here, Mary claims a Copyright on a work that is not hers.


This is the actual holder of the copyright….


But hey…why not…

lets do this!


To the smug self righteous members of the HB Historical Commission , feel free to kiss my ass.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “On a side note…

  1. First of all, I love your work! It’s the best thing out there to read. It pokes fun at local events and politicians with harsh truth in the mix. Mary has always been thin skinned. She is not even Japanese. I would not be concerned. It only means they are reading. Keep it up. Mary may end up Asshole of the week. That would be her finest accomplishment.

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