Operation 10-Go: 2018

An epic battle looms in HB.

One that pits the forces of private property rights vs. the forces of collectivist gadflies.

Operation 10-Go was the final offensive operation mounted by Imperial Japan at the close of the Second World War.

It resulted in a crushing defeat and the end of the Imperial Japanese Navy, including the loss of the Yamato, the world’s largest and most powerful Battleship.


Mary Urashima and “Historic Wintersburg” are doomed, just like the IJN.

But the fight will force every politician in town to come out and declare, one way or another, where they stand on this issue.

Do you support private property rights that allow someone to do what they choose with their property, or do you favor Govt. interference and meddling?

The results will be telling and help shape not only the OVSD Trustee race in 2018, but the HB City Council race, as well.

Let the fun begin!

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