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When I was a kid, mom spent a good deal of time trying to figure out a way to get you out of her hair during the summer.

The City of Huntington Beach would sponsor day trips to area attractions, and mom would drop you off at the designated  spot ( Murdy Park was the usual place for those in North HB) where you would be picked up by a school bus and schlepped off to visit some nearby fun spot with low paid teenage “Chaperones” who forgot about you after you arrived and basically just screwed around the whole day until it was time to collect you and take you back to Murdy Park.


The dreaded trip was always the one to Japanese Village and Deer Park, located in Buena Park.

” Do I have to go?” was always the response from you and your friends as you knew you were stuck at the dreaded Deer Park.

The park featured some creepy mascots known as the ” Fuji Folk”.

The problem with JDP was that once you had been there, there was ZERO interest in a return trip.

No rides.  Just 300 tiny deer imported from Japan ( That eventually succumbed to tuberculosis and had to be euthanized) and various displays of Japanese culture and attractions.

Pearl divers!… A dolphin show featuring a dolphin that was housed in the equivalent of a kiddie pool, dolphin wise.. and a massive Koi pond

It was interesting the first time around.

After that, it was almost a punishment.

Japanese Deer Park died a quick death and disappeared from the landscape of Orange County in 1975, to be replaced with the equally horrible ” Enchanted Village”.

Enchanted Village lasted all of one year before disappearing into history, to be replaced with an office park.


Meanwhile, over in Huntington Beach, a different sort of Japanese Cultural attraction is being pimped by Mary Urashima (née Adams), a Caucasian Woman who has taken it upon herself to save ” Historic Wintersburg”, the dilapidated remnants of a Japanese settlement in Huntington Beach, Ca, located in an area that was once known as Wintersburg prior to it’s annexation into Huntington Beach in 1957.

In 2004, The Furuta family sold the family parcel of land they owned at the intersection of Warner ave. and Nichols St. in Huntington Beach to Rainbow disposal for 5 or 6 million dollars ( depending on who you ask).

Rainbow intended to use the 4.5 acre parcel for potential expansion of administrative facilities. You are all familiar with it. The blighted structures, the green trap fence from hell dotted with recurring graffiti from the Oak View Southside Gang that is quickly painted over, and the dilapidated unremarkable  church with the “Jesus Lives ” mural painted in vintage 70’s era Chuck Smith Maranatha Movement style…

Heres where it gets weird.

In a strange case of cultural misappropriation, Urashima ( née Adams), became interested in somehow acquiring this piece of land and decided that she would appoint herself to a prominent role as the savior of this run down collection of shacks and would present herself as final arbiter in all things Japanese.

How this piece of land survived without being bulldozed and recycled into something worthwhile had escaped me since my childhood.

It all became clear to me… the Furuta’s were just smart enough to keep the old dump in the family until land values were reaching unheard of highs. They managed to unload this parcel on Rainbow before the entire economy crashed and wiped out land values.

The Furuta family never expressed any interest in highlighting the “Historic” nature of this piece of land. They laughed all the way to the bank and probably thought Rainbow were a a bunch of morons for overpaying for the parcel. They have not contributed a single penny to the ” Historic Wintersburg” Scam.

After the sale,  apparently Urashima (née Adams) began to covet the land.

The Huntington Beach City Council voted in 2011 to rezone the Rainbow property and consider Rainbows redevelopment project.

In 2013, The council voted to allow Rainbow to move forward. Urashima (née Adams) enlisted the aid of notorious Social Justice Warrior Gina Tarvin and convinced her to use OVSD resources to file suit against Rainbow to stop the project on dubious grounds.

Urashima (née Adams) at this point launched a successful effort to obtain a meaningless designation as a ” National Treasure” from the “National Trust for Historic Preservation” which  is a privately funded NON GOVERNMENTAL organization in an effort to artificially devalue the land so that she could scoop it up for peanuts.

Let me repeat that. Privately funded NON GOVERNMENTAL organization.

Sounds impressive right? It carries no weight. Its not even close to local ordinances regarding historic districts. It is a superficial designation with no teeth, no meaning other than it kinda sounds semi official and important.

She then managed to have it named  one of “America’s most endangered places- 2014,”  another superficial designation that oddly completely changes every year.

It’s akin to the stupid ” America’s ten best beaches” list that nobody ever agrees  with.

Is it on the list for 2015? 2016? 2017? 



Meaningless list of ” Endangered Places”- Click here.

In 2013, Rainbow agreed to let Urashima (née Adams) explore purchase options and begin fund raising efforts in order for ” Historic Wintersburg” to purchase the land.

From the OC Register June 24, 2014.… “

City Council members approved the request in November, at which point Rainbow gave preservationists 18 months to raise funds to save the property.

With less than a year remaining, Urashima is hopeful that Wintersburg being named to the National Trust’s list will attract support and funding to save the site. So far, the group has collected $10,000 toward a minimum goal of $5 million, she said.

“We’re hopeful that this next phase will bring partners who will help us acquire the property and restore the historical features in creative ways,” Urashima said.

Urashima (née Adams) ran afoul of many in the Japanese community who resented her heavy handed direction of any ” preservation effort”, and her pathetic attempts to raise money for “Historic Wintersburg”  in conjunction with “Pearl Harbor Day” ( for which she was rightfully pilloried for being so crass and culturally insensitive to the descendants of the thousands who perished in the cowardly Japanese sneak attack) and the anniversary of the atomic bombings of Japan.

The City of Huntington Beach apparently bought into the scheme at some point and established the ” Historic Wintersburg Preservation Task Force”… filled it with pointy heads and named Urashima (née Adams) as the chair.

Since then, Urashima (née Adams) has developed a reputation for nasty behavior that rivals that of her friend and ally, Gina Tarvin. City employees, volunteers, nobody is safe from the wrath of Urashima (née Adams) once she gets wound up and starts on a roll. She  calls any opposing viewpoint ” Hate Speech”. She works almost as hard as Gina Tarvin at getting critics banned from social media. Consensus seems to be that she’s an ego-maniacal, self important tyrant that will not be questioned.

Strangely, nobody from the city seems to mind that Urashima’s (née Adams) thrust on her Facebook Page, which shares the name of the Quasi Governmental Body she chairs is a collection of posts that share a common thread of beating the US over the head with a dead horse as she posts screed after screed denouncing the forced incarceration of Japanese Americans during WW2.

Certainly nobody can justify that sad chapter in American History under Democrat Party God, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Unfortunately, the law was upheld by the Supreme Court in Minoru Yasui v. United States, Hirabayashi v. United States and Korematsu v. United States. That dosent make it right, but at the time it was the law of the land.

No mention of the restrictions placed on Germans and Italians during the same period.

Internment of German Americans – Click here.

Internment of Italian Americans – Click Here.

Nobody devotes a social media space to Abraham Lincoln’s suspension of Habeus Corpus during the Civil War…

But lets get back to  Mary’s scam. Mary wants the land. The acreage. I am willing to bet that if Rainbow offered to move the sacred structures to a new location for free, that would not satisfy her quest to be Queen of the Realm at ” Historic  Wintersburg” … for what is a Queen without a Dominion?

Its 2017…

Long past the 18 month deadline for Urashima (née Adams) to put up or shut up. Rainbow has been more than generous in their attempt to accommodate Mary’s wishes to facilitate a purchase of the property, which has now ballooned in value to somewhere north of 8 Million Dollars.

Since the blurb written in 2014, Urashima (née Adams)  has managed to amass a whopping total of $15,000 dollars.

Urashima (née Adams) is now walking the streets ( figuratively) looking under rocks for cash to pull this off before the rug gets pulled out. It seems that all potential sources for the 8 million Dollars she needs to raise to fairly compensate Rainbow for their investment are ” running a little lean” and nobody answers when she knocks on the door asking for a handout. She is no doubt desperately looking for ways to make you and I finance her Dream Dominion…when you got nothin, soak the taxpayers right?

Over my dead body, will I allow the City of Huntington Beach to offer any funds towards the purchase of this parcel. Not after everybody was told there is no money for parks and park improvements or to open the library longer hours. I will file suit within days of any announcement to this effect.

OVSD? They just shook down the taxpayers for a massive Bond. If Gina decides to come to the rescue, no doubt numerous people will step up to demand injunctive relief from the courts to stop that sh*t.

The State? Pfftt.. They cant afford to repair their Dams and roads. No love from Gov. Brown ( California uber alles) for the potentate.

The Feds?  Thats the funniest one yet. We can talk to our Congressman and stop that shakedown in its tracks. I know where he drinks.

It’s over Mary. Its time for you to admit that your plan is about as interesting and compelling as Japanese Deer Park.


 It’s time for the charade and the scam to stop.

I raised more money for my kids Football League in 4 months than Historic Wintersburg has in 4 years.

The community interest is simply not there, especially when they realize that they will have to look at this sh*t ……. forever……. if you succeed.

If anybody wants to see some interesting correspondence… Think the Japanese community is behind this scam? Feel free to click here for the truth.

This stuff is Insane.Please follow the link above for serious enlightenment.

Here’s my compromise Mary. Lets see how you like it.

Rainbow moves the shacks with the exception of the 1947 structure which has no redeeming value whatsoever to some place of your choosing after you pay to stabilize them for movement.

Rainbow allows you 3 months to dig around and turn up as many worthless artifacts ( old bottles, rusty spoons, buttons etc.) as you can find.

You walk away and vanish into HB History for your Epic Fail.

Rainbow builds something useful and removes the blight from this part of HB.

I’ll buy the plaque.


Click Here to Donate to this important cause!

How about it?


And you if you wanna pull out the tired argument that the Intrepid Sledgehammer editor is a ” Racist”… feel free… I’ll get together with my old friends Jeff Higa, Nathan Gushi, Tom Yoneda and the rest of my half Japanese friends growing up , The Miller Brothers, ( “Oh No… rice again?”) and Dave Bruneig, offspring of US Marines who brought home Japanese War brides…

We will get together and hoist one to your Epic Fail.

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