Oooh that smell…

The stupid charade continues…

A special shout out to all the city officials who authorized this “Study” and tolerate Gina Clayton – Tarvin’s continued use of a useless ad-hoc commission to fluff up her political cred.


Let’s just put an end to this charade…

HB sits on top of a huge deposit of hydrocarbons, both on and offshore.

Hydrocarbon deposits seep.

Oil, Methane, Co2…all kinds of great natural stuff that used to be lush vegetation and Giant Reptiles….maybe even mean ones.


The seep off of Santa Barbara, the second largest in the world, is so close to the one offshore of HB, that no doubt, they were laid down at the same time.

Probably used to be a lot of living things in what is now the Santa Barbara channel that separates us from what is now Santa Catalina Island…

Here’s how it works!


Hydrocarbon seeps fuel localized algal blooms.

You may know this as a “Red Tide”….

It dosent always result in the nasty red color of seawater…

That just happens when the bloom explodes.

Even when it isnt visible, 

Lots of stuff dies.

Billions of dead Phytoplankton.

They rot.

And stink.

And release… you guessed it…

Hydrogen Sulfide.

“Elected officials”…. please stop wasting our time and money on something that’s been a part of life in this area since… forever.

Most of the people bitching about the smell haven’t lived here long enough to realize it’s just part of the trade off for living in HB.

Keep looking for the “source” of the smell, morons.

If you stand on the beach and look West, There it is.


Its not the Oil Wells…Its what they are pumping out of the basin.

The same basin that is seeping petroleum and petroleum by products. 

The same seep that produces those nasty tarballs you step in at the beach.

The ones you stepped on as a kid.. 

Stop the madness.




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