The battle to obtain records resulting from CPRA requests from the Ocean View School District, continues unabated.

In the meantime, here is something to be aware of…

Dr. Carol Hansen is using a variety of tactics to obscure the results of my requests including, aggregating her responses to my requests in a single document.

Mind you, each of my requests was submitted individually.

There is a reason for that.

In order to follow each one through the statutory timelines and requirement for compliance that the state mandates must be followed, and to be aware if documents are being withheld, it is necessary to track these requests individually.

Yet Hansen responded with this, which I have marked up in order to point out the subterfuge involved:


OVSD and Hansen seem to have a serious problem understanding that I intend to see this matter and all others through to logical completion. They will probably continue to frame my requests as “”Harassment”, which Hansen has done in print.

Trust me, The requests are not for the purposes of harassment. 

1st batch hits

1st btch hits wintesburg

Allow me to outline the purpose of this batch of requests for the record:

Mark Bixby Request: I am searching for communication between Gina Tarvin that may substantiate an expectation of  Quid Pro Quo by Bixby for his work in doxxing Tarvin’s opponents and laying off of Tarvin when she allegedly committed FPPC violations. A quid pro quo like….. an attempted appointment to a city commission?  Over 100 records. Why? 

Oscar Rodriguez Request: Rodriguez is a founder of left wing activist group, Oak View comUNIDAD and a member of a variety of other far left extremist groups. Why are there over 500 separate communications between OVSD and Rodriguez? What type of collusion is occurring between OVSD Trustees and staff and Rodriguez?

Victor Valladares Request: Valladares is a known criminal and wife beater. He is Tarvin’s political protege. John Briscoe seems to have an affinity for Valladares. No doubt, the bulk of their interpersonal communication takes place on other channels, but I want to investigate why District officials are communicating with a man who probably has no business being anywhere close to other peoples kids and OVSD schools. 17 Records.

Intec Network Solutions Request:  HB Councilman Erik Peterson’s company. I am digging into business dealings between Peterson and the district in order to attempt to understand Peterson’s die hard refusal to call out Tarvin for her behavior and his continued endorsement of Gina Clayton Tarvin. 6 Records.

Erik Peterson Request: See above. No doubt some records regarding City Business, but we will see them all and draw our own conclusions. Over 100 records.

Oak View comUNIDAD Request: No words necessary. Far left extremists communicating with District Staff.  Why? 25 Records.

Mary Urashima Request: Mary Urashima is the woman behind “Historic Wintersburg”  a pathetic collection of run down blight that she is trying to pass off as historic in nature. Her attempts to compel Republic Industries to sell her  the property have thrown enough shade on the property, that it has scared off any other potential buyers and has been artificially devalued by fiat. OVSD is complicit in the scheme. I want to see if any forms of collusion are occurring between district staff and this individual. 51 records.

Historic Wintersburg Request: See above. Why are there 151 records between OVSD and a private entity attempting to buy  a private parcel?


You be the judge.

In the meantime, OVSD has attempted to impose laughable “Programming” or “Compilation” fees, for simply entering  a name or keyword search term, into a computer and copying the resulting hits to a folder for review:

stall tactic

Allow me to demonstrate in the video below:

Hansen claims that there are no computers at the OVSD offices that I may use to simply view the records.

Hansen and OVSD are in clear violation of the law, which reads in part:

“The Public Records Act does not permit an agency to delay or obstruct the inspection or copying of public records.”

If Carol Hansen and OVSD want to continue this charade, I more than happy to play the game.

Just be aware of the following Carol:


“A requester, but not a public agency, may bring an action seeking mandamus, injunctive relief or declaratory relief under sections 6258 or 6259.83″

“Prevailing plaintiffs shall be awarded court costs and attorney’s fees.”

“A plaintiff need not obtain all the requested records in order to be the prevailing party in litigation.”

 “A plaintiff is also considered the prevailing party if the lawsuit ultimately motivated the agency to provide the requested records.”

“Prevailing defendants may be awarded court costs and attorney fees only if the requestor’s claim is clearly frivolous.”

If you are relying on my past taunts to prove “frivolity”, don’t even bother trying.

I am dead serious. There is nothing “frivolous”about my right to seek information. And if you feel that there is, then you are a disgrace.

Stop the bullshit, Hansen. Your time is running out. 

You are going to cost the district far more than would have, had you simply complied with my inquires as proscribed under the law, instead of digging in your heels.

What are you hiding Carol?

Are you running interference for somebody?

“I like anything that is like an obstruction, something that I have to act through is good.” – Peter Sarsgaard



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  1. She better start coming clean. If I have to , I will ask for the same records. Let’s see if she treats me differently. It seems odd that a grown person with no children in OVSD , would have 500 emails . Thanks for all your work Sledgehammer. This district needs to be investigated.

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