Clown shoots self in the foot!

I know… I promised that I had posted my final post of 2017… but this just hit my inbox and I thought it was necessary to shed some light on this sordid new development..

The CPRA requests from OVSD are already bearing fruit…


Why are so many local conservatives still fooled by this guy?

Support of this asshat will constitute a new litmus test for any Local Republican Candidate, as far as im concerned…

Support Briscoe…you will hear it from me.



It appears that everybody’s Favorite Turd Sandwich,

John Briscoe…

is having another temper tantrum.

Probably similar to the childish meltdown he displayed on the upper deck of the HB City Council Chambers, when HB City Council wisely kicked both Briscoe and Mark Bixby to the curb, after Gina Clayton-Tarvin’s pathetic overreach, in attempting to appoint one of these asshats to the Community Services Commission.

(Still wondering why School District Reps on this commission have a say in City wide matters of importance outside the scope of their involvment.. can we fix that City Council?)

Taking a page right out of the Gina Clayton-Tarvin playbook,

John Briscoe appears to be shooting himself in the foot…yet again…


by attempting to shame City Attorney Michael Gates, claiming that Gates took the easy road, and settled for a cool $500,000 in attorneys fees,


after OVSD filed a CEQA lawsuit…

(for those you unfamiliar, heres a synopsis of a CEQA lawsuit, like the one funded by OVSD, presumably at Tarvin’s request…)


with OVSD alleging that they “might” have to reopen a closed school, if Rainbow were allowed to build on the parcel they own at Nichols and Warner…

A forever blighted parcel, currently coveted and bottled up in threats of litigation for years by Mary Urashima, so she can realize her dream of lording over her very own kingdom of ruins of unremarkable shacks, and bash Americans over the head with the Victimhood of the forced relocation of Japanese Americans away from the West coast of the US during WW2.


Most people are smart enough to realize that this entire filing, was a conspiracy between Tarvin, processing vindictive retribution against Rainbow /Republic , & Urashima.

It constituted a way to begin the process of stealing value from the property by fiat, on behalf of Mary Urashima and “Historic Wintersburg”, by constant litigation and threats of litigation.

The weird part is, Briscoe is claiming OVSD filed suit illegally.

That needs review.

4132E3sWe9L._SL500_AC_SS350_Surely the city would not be stupid enough to not insist on indemnification from the prospective developers of any property, against such baseless nuisance lawsuits…

No doubt, the City hasn”t paid out anything close to the amount claimed by Bozo…er, Briscoe, in his pathetic attempt to dox and shame Gates for standing up to Briscoe’s intrusion into the privacy rights of others.

The real reason Briscoe is going into meltdown, is because Michael Gates appealed Briscoes’s “win” in his lawsuit demanding to see the employee data on City Hiree’s, claiming some nefarious plot, involving nepotism or favoritism.

Private Sector employees can sue if private data is made public.

Much as I depise most of them for the selfish blood suckers that they are, Public sector employees, not functioning in a management level position, should be afforded the same right to privacy, unless specific allegations and probable cause show otherwise.

Gates will probably hand Briscoe his ass, and Briscoe will be on the hook for his own attorney’s fees, and those of the City!

That, would be absolutely hilarious to see…

Briscoe need look no further than his own backyard at OVSD, if he wants to see that kind of nepotism and preferential hiring going on….

CPRA requests will follow…I know where to look.

Let’s start with the hiring of Carol Hansen and work all the way through the roster.

At the next meeting of the OVSD Trustees, I think it would be a good idea for Trustee Briscoe, to bring a motion to allocate funds for the purchase of a new forklift.


One to move all the boxes full of data from my CPRA requests to a safe location, until I can get around to reviewing it all.

Tarvin can second the motion.

After all, It’s only right, considering the fact that these two are wholly responsible for the tsunami of information requests they are about to endure…

John Briscoe,  your political career begins and ends at the doors of the Pinehurst facility.

Make the most of it buddy, because you are done.

In addition to being the goofiest motherfucker in HB Politics, you have now demonstrated that you are vindictive, self absorbed and use unsound judgement in your decsions, in addition to having the most defective sense of humor and pathetic jokes of ANY local politician…please stop trying to be funny.

Its not working, John.

Just the kind of thing your intrepid HBSledgehammer editor happens to despise the most.

It must be Gina’s Kool- Aid kicking in…

Your lawsuit will probably now result in a CPRA extravaganza, as we review the job applications and qualifications of each and every employee of OVSD!

Whats’ good for the clown is good for the audience!


So apparently, OVSD shook down the city for half a mil, and Tarvin is complaining about the cost of CPRA requests?

We all know she’s a hypocrite…but leave it to Briscoe to expose the deep, deep hypocrisy  that exists on the OVSD board of Trustees.

Prepare for a MOUNTAIN of CPRA requests, the likes of which would never even been percieved possible!


All thanks to John Briscoe and Gina Clayton Tarvin and their political grandstanding and self absorbed behavior.

nobozos (2)

Should be great fun!

Happy New Year to Carol Hansen and all of the fine folks working day and night to process CPRA requests due to the nasty dispositions of your intrepid Trustees!

Expect excellence and Volume in 2018!

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  1. Finally someone is exposing the corruption. No wonder they were upset with the CPRA. Lots of new hires coming from ABC unified, Gina’s district . I find it hard to believe that Hansen was the best qualified out of 23 candidates. The only qualification she had is she was from the same district as Clayton. Corrupt losers.

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