Last Post of the year! Q&A with Chuck Johnson…Part 5 of a Multi-part series.

2017 Year End Edition!

HBSledgehammer: Hey dude…thanks for sittin’ down with us again..we brought the  Big Mac and the Chocolate Shake like you asked…Still wearin the disguises I see…


Chuck Johnson: That’s great!…you guys are starting to figure me out! Next time, it’s cold, hard, cash…got it?

The disguises have now become part of my “Mystique” as the editor of “The blog that shall remain Nameless” and  ” The name which shall not be named…”.


HBSledgehammer: Hey! We just wanted to congratulate you on an amazing year of month over month growth in readership!

More than we can say for OCWeekly! …and Orange Juice Blog while we are at it!

Chuck Johnson: HaHa! Right you are!

You know Duncan Macintosh was one of my first subscribers right?


Word on the street was, that ol’ Duncan saw too much reality in my pieces on my internship over at OCWeekly and it pushed him over the edge when he realized that Gustavo Arellano was a no talent hack with a penchant for spending other people’s money & writing about anything…as long as it involved a Mexican of some kind…

That, and the fact that Gustavo was just an asshole, outright…I can’t take any credit for that…the lush sealed his own fate…

Click here for ” Undercover at the OC Weakly, Day 1…

Click here for “Undercover at the OCWeakly, Day 2… possibly funnier than day 1…possibly.

Regarding OJ Blog….. everybody’s favorite drunk driver, liberal mouthpiece and mediocre musician, Vern Pat Nelson, is going away for awhile, and that spells doom for that motley collection of bombastic  bloviation…no blogging in Prison!


Greg Diamond couldn’t write anything interesting, even if he had a gun to his head.

Someone told me the only people that read that pathetic collection of bullshit  are the asshats that contribute to it…


If you want to read anything from the left worth reading, you need to head over to…The LiberalOC.. 

Dan Chmielewski is a great writer, even though nobody...

I mean NOBODY...knows how to pronounce his last name right…

I may not always read progressive thought, but when I do, I read the LiberalOC…

The-Most-Interesting-Man-In-The-World.jpgHBSledgehammer: So whats this about a “Police Investigation” into what you publish….

Chuck Johnson: Well, we launched Sledgehammer this summer after realizing that some of the local Politicians were using bitch tactics to control the narrative and quash criticism of their activities and opinions.

The funny thing is, they didn’t know how to react to the launch of HBSH… they were so used to using swarming reporting tactics and gang commenting on social media, tbey didn’t realize that they had been outplayed…when it finally sank in that there was a new medium for discussion and disemination of truth that they could not control, they started reporting it to HBPD as harassment.

HBPD had to perform due diligence and called me up to talk…turns out the rank and file love my blog, even though I rail on the HBPOA AND Handy for their various shortcomings…and the cops cringe every time these cretins demand some form of action against my constitutional right to say what I feel like on my blog. 

They still dont seem to get it, sadly.

HBSledgehammer:So what about all those CPRA requests you filed with OVSD…heard anything back yet?

Chuck Johnson: No, but it’s funny you mention it, because Tarvin is trying to create a new narrative and “shame” people …who do the exact same thing she does…in fact, as I stated earlier in another previous piece, the whole thing is on her.

If she hadn’t pulled that bitch stunt, the district could have saved thousands….

She started it with a CPRA request trying to see if anybody on the City Council was communicating with Epting…that was after she had her ass handed to her with her insane attemps to seat first, local bootlicker, Mark Bixby, then, can you believe this… John Briscoe!, who is considered total whack job by most folks….on a city commission….by the way, his political career is over…my CPRA requests will yield wheelbarrows full of assinine comments and subterfuge on Briscoe’s part …no doubt…anyway, back to Tarvin.

She went on a “Fishing expedition which yielded nothing. She apparently didnt consider me a worthy target…I was dissapointed!

My CPRA requests, however, will yield blog material for weeks, if not months, of fun and excitment.

That is, if OVSD ever decides to get off their asses and produce what is my right to ask for and review…

If they keep up the “Shaming” narrative, it will result in an avalanche of CPRA requests, the likes that they have never seen…and if they keep stalling, It’s going to the D.A.

HBSledgehammer: So can you outline some of the planned changes to HBSH in 2018?

Chuck Johnson:  Let me outline some of the coming changes…

  • We are going to redesign the  look and feel and use a magazine style interface for SH, with new fonts in an effort to make it easier to read.
  • We will deploy some third party plug ins to better the user experience and introduce some added functionality.
  • 2018 should see a sharp decrease in the use of expletives as we make an attempt to be more family friendly guarantees…
  • Asshole of the Week will return…as… Asshole of the Month. That will allow us ample time to evaluate the candidates and put an end to the rock, paper, scissors approach that develops during every vote attempt.
  • Coverage of Gina Clayton-Tarvin will be limited to only the absolute stupidest shit she does and says…same with Victor Valladares…people are sick of those two cretins and want fresh meat.
  • Sock Puppets or something like them, will make thier return after evaluation of the best software to use…
  • Sledgehammer restaurant reviews, movie reviews, and Buisness reviews will be featured prominently.
  • Sledgehammer is working with HBSunsetsMatter! to stage a surf contest on pool toys in late summer, hopefully during a decent swell. That should produce epic comedy…
  • The City Council drinking contest and debate may or may not happen in October at Old World…we may substitute a Dance off instead..
  • All Huntington Beach City Council Candidates will be featured in HBSledgehammer…we will send out a questionnaire, and if anybody fails to return it, we are going to just make up our own answers…you have been warned!
  • The Slate Mailer From Hell will, I repeat, will, be an absolute reality. We have researched the costs and what is required and have deemed this…..very do-able indeed…

Other than that, we have a few more tricks up our sleeve that we are not divulging…

Sledgehammer: Like what?

Chuck Johnson:  I just said, we aren’t divulging that info…didn’t you hear me?

Sledgehammer: Why?

Chuck Johnson:  Just get out…now.

Sledgehammer: But…..


See you next year…

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