Q & A with Chuck Johnson. Part 4 of a multi-part series.

Sledgehammer: Dude, that’s your worst fucking disguise yet…what the hell!

Chuck Johnson: Fuck you, man. If you knew how many haters want a piece of me, you would understand. I’m surprised the cops haven’t kicked in one of my taillights, pulled me over and planted cocaine on me, after those pieces I published about the Police Union. You saw what they did to Jim Righeimer right? Speaking of Coke, where’s the coke, and the Funyuns I asked you to bring?”

Sledgehammer: I left the bag in the car…

Chuck Johnson: “Go fucking get it…I’ll wait…mind if I smoke?”

Sledgehammer:  Yeah…I hate cigarettes…those things will kill you…

Chuck Johnson : “Then just stay the fuck outside for a while. Get some vitamin D while I load up my bloodstream on the good stuff”…


Sledgehammmer: Ok, im back. Here’s your damn Funyuns and the Coke.

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Happy now? Dude, you are such a dick. So What’s new around the Sledgehammer,? What have you got up your sleeve? And What happened to the sock puppets? I was really looking forward to those…

Chuck Johnson: We bailed on the sock puppets because of the sound quality… We are researching a suitable replacement, hopefully one that is even more ridiculous.. Keep coming back… we will find it soon…

Sledgehammer: Anything else up your sleeve?

Chuck Johnson: Well since 2018 is an election year, you will find us getting involved in a few projects… We have the “Slate Mailer from Hell” scheduled for release, just ahead of the start of mail in balloting, continuing with a final mailer, the week before the election. This will no doubt be the only real honest information voters receive, so we will make sure it is catchy and  super glossy, because that is what the Voters want. Glossy. Really glossy.

Sledgehammer: Is that it?

Chuck Johnson: Oh Hell no. We are looking into staging a really really special event. Are you ready for it?

Sledgehammer: What…. what now?

Chuck Johnson: Hey, don’t get all condescending on me now… not unless you want another ride out the window…At least act excited… Jeez…

Sledgehammer: Ok … What is it Chuck?

Chuck Johnson: Here… Let me show  you the flyer…


Sledgehammer: WTF!

Chuck Johnson: No dude, this is going to be epic. All the candidates will mingle for 2 hours, and if any audience member buys them a round, they have to accept it AND Finish it… You can send a drink to any of them, as many as you like. Then once they mount the stage for the debate, you can STILL send them up a round.. and yes, THEY HAVE TO FINISH IT. or they are DQ’ed… Once we are ready, I will begin a series of questions for each candidate… At the end of the debate, Points will be tallied and a winner declared.. with extra prizes for most evasive answer and best beatdown of an opponent. Any unresolved debate arguments will be resolved by arm wrestling. Or a Dance Off. I haven’t decided that part yet. What do you think?

Sledgehammer: Thats ridiculous….

Chuck Johnson: Out. Get Out.

Sledgehammer: But..

Chuck Johnson: Get out of my office.


2 thoughts on “Q & A with Chuck Johnson. Part 4 of a multi-part series.

    1. Ok kimba, if you can master the sound quality of the sock puppets, then we will resurrect them. Ill even pop for the upgrade to extended puppet sessions. SOCK PUPPETS! 2018! Lets do it Kimba!

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