Opinion: Victor Valladares needs to come clean on his relationship with crime. Gina Clayton-Tarvin needs to come clean on her relationship with Victor Valladares.

For the last several weeks I have been reading as much as I can find about Victor Valladares and Gina Clayton-Tarvin. As I’ve written on this blog (the first blog posts I have ever written) I believe, as a Democrat, that our local OC party has no business supporting Victor Valladares until he can provide a thorough breakdown of his criminal past. He has dodged and lied and made fun of the requests and so at this point I think he has told us all we need to know. He is a selfish, immature person who seems to thrive on attention. He is not interesting in telling the truth. I watched some video of his ex-wife at a school board meeting and her speech left me heartbroken. In my opinion there is no doubting her candor.

Which brings me to Gina Clayton-Tarvin, the Trustee President of the Ocean View School District. The video that I saw included some accusations against Clayton-Tarvin as far as her relationship with Valladares. Not only did she not seem to offer any sympathy for the haunting and harrowing descriptions offered by the ex-wife, she seemed completely self-centered and simply interested in dismissing the claims. Clayton-Tarvin has become very close with several local candidates leading up to the next election. I think at this point it’s time for her to let us know specifically what her situation is with Valladares. It has been publicly written that Clayton-Tarvin’s husband is currently divorcing her. That’s none of our business of course, except if her relationship with Valladares is somehow part of the divorce. Whenever elected and appointed officials have any kind of relationship, it needs to be examined under the harshest light. Is there money involved? Are there favors involved? There may be nothing to this at all. Let’s hear what Clayton-Tarvin has to say about this. She may never offer any sympathy for the victim who spoke at the meeting. That’s her business. But she can’t simply deny the accusations and expect everybody to simply believe her.

Postcript: Sullivan references Breannia Lalama’s brave admission of abuse at the hands of Valladares at an OVSD meeting, confronting the enabler and cohort of her ex- husband.

I have posted it below for context. Please listen to the voice of a woman who suffered greatly at the hands of an abusive ex-husband that now continues to deny all, while smiling and acting as though this conversation never happened.

Tarvin adopts the same strategy and engages in pathetic denial of a brave woman that has the strength and integrity that Tarvin attempts to project, but sadly, will never possess.

Denial of the truth is no different than attacking the victim yet again.

Tarvin is as despicable as her protege. – Ed



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  1. Thing is there is more going on that people dont see such as the privet trip Victor and Gina went to the woof lodge with Gina’s kids and my grandchildren. My grandkids came back saying that Gina and Victor shared the room together and that although they didnt sleep in the same bed they were laying close together while they all watched a movie. Why is a married women sleeping in the same room as a different man other then her husband.? Her children are always messing with Vincent and Andrew, and teaching them inapproprite things like shaking their butts and calling it twerking. this women has no right to try and put my daughter down or discredit her in any way when I personally had to hear my kid calling me right after victor had pinned her or hit her. and when he injured her back thats when I begged her to just leave him that he wasnt going to change as she kept hoping he would. I had to go change the locks on her apartment once and block her window I slept over to make sure he didnt come back after the police had told him to leave one night because sadly my kid never pushed charges and just wanted him to just leave for the night, well he came back at 4 am and was all messed up with blood on hid shirt all torn crying at the door saying he had walked all the way from Santa Ana and my kid felt bad and let him in and called an ambulance in fear he had alcohol poisoning . This man is no good. His criminal record is little compared to his mental issues he has like jumping out of a car while pulling into the limo area he is lucky that the car was already going slow or he could have injured himself. His panic attacks are very random and so is his behavior my kid had to bare hug him while he would hit himself in the face repeatedly. I can go on for days but I need to get things finished up on my home project ill continue to let the public know more of the true Victor not his facade he puts on too bad Gina is only into him for personal pleasure that she cant see the evil that lies under the front his put on. I am very appalled and disgusted about how Gina just dismissed my kid as if she is calling her a lier. It took a lot for my daughter to speak out on what happend to her. as a women herself its sad. She kept passing her phone around the second she seen my kid walk in and people on the bord was looking at my kid all weird. She just tried to sweep it under the rug as it was a political theam. My kid dosnt even follow politics and cant stand much of it. She isnt a democrat or a republician so how was it a theam.

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