2017 Gina Clayton Family Advent Calendar Day 8!


*Formerly the Tarvin Family Advent Calendar…

8 hillarieface

Hillarie Kelly is a “Professor” in the Anthropology Dept. at the University of LaVerne.

Apparently, not a very good one…     Professor 


But since she’s not employed by the State of California, I will look at that as a plus, although I do feel for the parents of kids that pay a fortune to have their children taught by mediocre blowhards that enjoy the smell of their own farts.


Kelly can always be counted on to cough up her smug hairball of an opinion, anywhere Gina Clayton-Tarvin comes under fire.


Apparently, Hillarie is a “Professor of Truth”. Her scores in that department aren’t much better than those in her professional capacity.

Professor of thruth

GCTis awesome

Exactly what, is the Board of Trustees responsible for?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Test scores will not improve anytime soon.

By design.

Improvement in test scores would lose OVSD their “concentration funding” cash cow. Behind the scenes, there is an actual financial disincentive for OVSD to push hard for improvement.

Click here for more information on funding formulas…

Circus Hillaroie

Um, You sure about that? Read this below and get back to me..

Click to find out who is violating who…

I have a treasure trove of stupid shit that Hillarie has published, each more sanctimonious and self righteous than the next. To sort and sift through it all, just isn’t worth the effort.

The Sledgehammer Christmas Party starts in half an hour. I have better stuff to do… I can pick up where I left off later in  this festive advent season…

I’m off. The Cheese log is a calling my name…


Merry Christmas from the staff at HBSledgehammer.com

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