2017 Gina Clayton Family Advent Calendar Day 7!


*Formerly the Tarvin Family Advent Calendar…



It’s Pearl Harbor Day!

And that usually means that Mary Urashima from “Historic Wintersburg” will be out on social media, bleating about the injustice of Manzanar, in her usual culturally confused, special way… perhaps even trying to drum up a couple bucks on the backs of the American Dead who perished in a cowardly sneak attack.

Please enjoy the “Where’s Mary?” Game.

Kinda like “Where’s Waldo”.

First one to find Mary, circle her, and email me the pic, gets a special Christmas Treat!.

***Update! We have a winner!

Ms. Edna Sopwith of Gila Bend Arizona, Your prize is on the way !***

And Mary Christmas from HBSledghammer.com!



Mary Christmas from the staff at HBSledgehammer.com

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