Find the Kryptonite!

Apparently Victor Valladares is havin’ some trouble over in Oak View , struggling with back pain. That tends to happen when people are stressed out and anxious.

Click here for more on stress and anxiety related back pain.

just victor

It also tends to happen when ” Super Activista” is exposed to the “Kryptonite” of the truth, and thus, the anxiety sets in…


I threw a bag of high grade Kryptonite out of my car on a late nite run through Oak View, right by Victor’s pad.

The bag was filled with the words of Victor’s abused ex-wife, Breannia Lalama,..

THE WOMAN HE  PUSHED DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS….MESSING UP HER BACK, in the process. ( c4, c5 details on file)

Breannia Lalama

Some serious Kryptonite indeed, for the smiling liar.

Only trouble for Super Activista is, it will just blend in with all the other debris from Street Vendors and Taco Trucks that tends to crowd the gutter in Oak View, and thus it will remain there for a good long while, messing with Victors  Super Powers of Unrepentant Lying and Smiling Denial…

At least until the city sweepers run through.

You want sympathy Victor?

You’ll get none from me.

You will continue to get it from the idiots that still buy your lies and wish you well… Apparently you care so little for  others, that you will continue to lie and forever taint them all in the process.

By the way, I just received multiple fresh shipments of Grade AAA Kryptonite. I have them stashed in a Top Secret Location…I’m still sorting and grading it all for deployment in the near future.  


In the meantime, why don’t you go have a 12 pack with your homies?


No doubt you will feel so much better.

Oh, and I’m still waiting for your imaginary libel suit Victor. The suspense is killin’ me!


One thought on “Find the Kryptonite!

  1. Ha ha ha. Real funny whitey.

    Just for your information. Oakveiw Comunidad had a “Kermes” or fundraiser last weekend and they made $68 bucks selling tacos!

    I bet you wish you and your gun toting friends could make that kind of mulah. Plus Col. Doug said he’s gong to give me seven bucks. So F You!

    Viva Oakview!

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