Police & thieves.

There is a full court press underway by the HB POA union to get rid of Police Chief Rob Handy.


The HB POA can’t stand Handy.

At times, neither can I.

He can be a fucking useless waste of oxygen when it comes to actually acting on some issues.

Illegal Immigrants?

Handy has adopted a de facto sanctuary  city policy whereby HBPD refuses to cooperate with ICE.

Homelessness? Kill em with kindness. Maybe they will go away. Right?


***Some Background***

A while back, I had been dealing with multiple homeless individuals living in an abandoned railroad easement  behind my mother in laws vacant house for months.

My first instinct was to burn the obnoxious methamphetamine fueled hobos out with a few road flares.

I was tired of these individuals defecating in plain sight, going on early morning car burglary runs and smoking cigarettes in dry brush that backed up to wood framed houses.

I asked them ” nicely” to find a new spot to call “home”…preferably not squatting in my mother in laws home.

All I got for my trouble was an obnoxious response from fucking educated assholes  that “knew their rights”. ( Thanks to all the misguided Homeless Activists that think these people are like stray cats…)

I was I furious to find out that the City was actually paying to store the belongings of these clowns (which amounted to an assload of stolen bike parts and a plethora of useless cast off items that these folks considered “treasures” ) in a nearby storage facility.


The city had created a situation that made it just too good for the homeless to leave.

Thanks, you fucking “kindhearted” morons.

Why bail and find a new spot when all of your “precious treasures” are being housed rent free 300 feet away right?

Nothing like a fucking magnet to attract the drug fueled petty criminals. (See BCIS…)

Yet I persisted in contacting every local agency responsible and trying to work through the issue like a responsible adult.

I finally gave up and called out Handy for his pathetic response to the homelessness issue at a “Community Forum” sponsored by HBCF.

I was pilloried by the upstanding citizens brigade and accused by my detractors of being “drunk” .

I was furious after getting the run around for months by HBPD.

Judge for yourself.

The fun with yours truly starts at 52:46  into this clip.

Handy is a political creature and a fucking pussy. And his policies have led to a Police Department that is hamstrung with the Chief’s insistence on a kindler, gentler “Community Policing” style.

Certainly working under Handy as a cop would be like serving in the Army under Major General Liberace.


No wonder morale is low.

Yet the reasons for the targeting of Handy extend far beyond his softer gentler approach…and therein lies the problem.

The HBPOA is down on Handy for expressing  a willingness to look for solutions to the Unfunded Pension liabilities foisted on the city by a public sector Union that cares not for the financial health of our community, but for lining its pockets with the most cash, pensions, health benefits and perks they can shakedown the taxpayers for. Handy has the support of many in the community and the majority of the City Council for that reason alone.

And for that, he should be applauded. Pussy or no pussy.

I will be outlining the case against the Unions tactics in excruciating detail within the next week.

I the meantime, realize this. Councilman Billy O’Connell, an ex cop, has already stepped in to carry the Unions water. For that reason alone, 

Billy needs to go.

Check back for an update soon.

And if you get this in the mail…


Just toss it in the fucking trash along with all the other useless crap you get. ( unless of course, it’s the…Slate Mailer From Hell…)

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