No Bozos.

Monday 8/6/17 promises to be a fun night for the members of the H.B. City Council.

There are not 1, but 2 bad attempted appointments slated for the “Consent Calendar” on Monday nite that need to be pulled for discussion and a vote.

Who is going to step up and lay these appointments on the table for discussion?

Let’s see where our elected officials stand.

First we have the attempted appointment of “Oak View comUNIDAD ” left wing activist Oscar Rodriguez to the HB environmental commisssion as mentioned in a previous post. 

Click here for ” Just say no…to yet another stupid appointment…

Not only that, but the return of 2 of H.B.’s biggest ass-hats,  Mark Bixby & John Briscoe, vying for another shot at the Community Services Commisssion.

For those that are unaware, Gina Clayton Tarvin sent Bixby up for approval previously,  in an attempt to breathe life into Bixby’s fading political relevance by garnering yet another resume building comitteee appointment…

Only to have him shot down in flames by a Council that finally displayed a backbone and belief in integrity and ethical behavior.


Apparently, Bixby ejected safely and now Tarvin wants to send him on a kamikaze mission before the Council again.

It’s now common knowledge that Bixby was a sleazy operative,  working behind the scenes, compiling dossiers of opposition research and disseminating materials in the hopes that they could be used to aid and silence critics of his political ally, Gina Clayton Tarvin, who is still under investigation by the FPPC for 2016 campaign violations, that Bixby conveniently ignored.

(Note: Gina Tarvin is currently engaged in yet another episode of bad political theatre, “The Gina Show” with her Ad-Hoc committee  membership on the ridiculous  “Make H.B Smell Great Again” Commision. )

See…”Billy…dont be a hero” for laughs…click here….

Sledgehammer “Gina Show” T, available soon.

Once Bixby was sent packing, Tarvin proposed John Briscoe…as if that would result in a win.

Most people in H.B. would probably agree that Briscoe is a lunatic, a “conservative” turncoat that has consistently voted to endorse Tarvin’s left wing policies regarding capitulation to the Teachers Union and School Bonds.

He seems to be fond of “pizza sticks”, the return to the OVSD cafeteria of which he made his signature issue among his fellow trustees.

When he’s not laughing at his own pathetic jokes, he’s busy bloviating on anthropology issues and stumbling over Robert’s Rules of Order at the OVSD dais.

He is currently suing the city in an attempt to publicize personal details of job applicants. Nice.

He’s as phony as the 3 dollar bill pictured below and even less “conservative” then the fellow ass hat pictured on it.


After Bixby had his ass handed to him recently by the City Council, I observed Briscoe, going into a meltdown on the upper deck of the Council chambers abhorred by the “unfairness” of the Council’s  decision to reject Bixby.

He acted like a child who had something go the wrong way and wanted to vent to no one in particular  about how it was all so…”unfair”.

Earth to Briscoe…lets talk about the inherent unfairness of charging youth sports leagues to subsidize the maintenance of open space that is supposed to be maintained and watered by the district regardless of who is playing on the fields, students or the same students returning after hours to participate in youth sports.

The district has the right to demand a liability insurance cert with the district indemnified and named as additional insured.

Nothing more.

The taxpayers own the property. They already pay for the maintenance of those facilities through imposition of property taxes that are supposed to be allocated for the maintenance of “The People’s Property”.

Fuck you John. We already own the property and pay for it’s upkeep.

I came into possession of numerous hilarious emails between Briscoe and his associates on the OVSD board thru CPRA requests pertaining to other matters.

I will release those emails when the time is right for consumption, so that the voting public and the Republican Party can see just what kind of individual they have on their hands.

Trust me…laughs for days…

*Disclaimer. Briscoe went out of his way to try to embarrass a young conservative  HB Citizen that I know when she spoke at an OVSD board meeting.

He thought he was being clever…

John, that was perhaps the single stupidest thing you could have ever done.

I guarantee you will regret it.

I made the mistake of sending Briscoe an email through my corporate email account. Within minutes, my account was bombarded with some of the most foul pornographic emails I have ever seen.

My IT administrator  initiated a filter that prevented the bulk of it from getting thru. When I explained that it was a political issue and showed him the initial email, he laughed and told me not to worry. I cannot prove Briscoe was behind it. But feel free to draw your own conclusions.

He’s just lucky I didn’t follow through on my plan to schedule “meetups” from various left wing factions and people with really odd kinks at his house.

Think you are funny John?

Dude…you haven’t  seen funny until you piss me off. Not recommended. 

The Council is faced with the dilemma that befell the South Park kids when they were forced to choose between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich as the new school mascot, due to PC pressure over the existing “Offensive” mascot.

Council members, don’t let Tarvin cram either of these poor choices down your throat. You don’t have to choose between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich offered up by OVSD.

Please do not allow OVSD to engage in yet more calculated overreach.

Demand a reasonable alternative and tell both of these Bozos to get lost.

NoBozos (1)

Tell Tarvin to de-politicize the appointment and find a moderate candidate, instead of one of these clowns.

And while you are at it, ask yourself the following question…why are reps from local school boards allowed to vote on issues outside their purview on the Community Services Commission anyway?

Why not give them a seat on the planning commission as well?

Limit their authority to that which is germane to their level of partcipation…the parks in their portfolio only.

Do not rubber stamp any appointments.

Do not “Go with the flow”.

That’s not what you were elected to do. You were elected to make wise decisions on behalf of all the people of this City.

365 days till election day in 2018.

Everything you do and vote on is under the microscope and will be  reviewed, dissected and reported on in the months just prior to the election.

Think on it.

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