Just say no… To yet another stupid appointment.



The Huntington Beach City Council will be voting to approve the appointment of Oscar Rodriguez to the Huntington Beach Environmental Commission to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of a former appointee.

It’s on the “consent calendar”…the catch all, ez-pz, “rubberstamp” agenda.

Somebody needs to pull this off the consent calendar for discussion and a vote.

In a seemingly strange case of Deja Vu’, Councilman Erik Peterson appointed Victor Valladares to a post on the Citizen Participation Advisory Board, an apparently unvetted appointment ( possibly at the urging of Valladares political mentor, Gina Tarvin) from which Valladares was forced to resign from in disgrace after brandishing a Trump Pinata bearing a swastika.

Click to read about Valladares resignation.

Peterson’s odd appointment only served to impart legitimacy on Valladares that he didn’t deserve.

Oscar Rodriguez is cut from the same cloth. Both Valladares and Rodriguez are principals in “Oak View commUNIDAD”…which exists to promote the interests of HB’s largely illegal immigrant population in the Oak View Barrio. Oscar is in fact the “Goofy Sidekick” to Valladares straight man.

He is primarily an illegal immigrants rights activist first and foremost and participates in left wing groups such as Indivisible 48 and Resist.

Rodriguez flew his drone over pro Trump rallies at Mile Square Park to film and document those who participated.


Rodriguez joined in harassing congressman Dana Rorabacher along with other crybabies who demanded Dana meet with them so they could emulate all the other Soros sponsored disruptors.

This is yet another attempt to elevate and legitimize someone who does not respect Federal immigration laws nor the law enforcement officers charged with enforcing the laws on the books. A vote to approve Rodriguez is a vote to advance that agenda.

Rodriguez’s association with Gustavo Arellano and Valladares alone should be enough to cause a councilperson to reconsider this appointment.

Oscar was also kind enough to give Arellano a staged lead in to an anti- HB, Racist rant on the Tom Leykis show. Too bad his Obamaphone couldn’t carry the signal, no doubt HB sledgehammer would have an even better clip to show why Rodriguez is not worthy of this appointment.



There is a year to go before the 2018 elections.

Council-members that vote to approve this nomination, will be held to account.

Certainly there is a more moderate voice appopriate for this commission.

Your Call Council members..

and please don’t forget, the Slate Mailer from Hell”.

Lest you think nobody ever stops by the ol’ Sledgehammer for a visit,

think what you like.

You might be wrong.

Some people actually read this stuff…and quite a few…agree with me.


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