Asshole of the Week 10/27

If you were looking for yet another lib loudmouth to take the prize this week, that will be addressed in yet another piece that is still in the works.

Look for it soon…

Since Asshole of the Week has become such a staple of what we do around here, I decided to invoke executive privilege and award this weeks prize to none other than my older brother Ed.


I get together on many Saturdays to watch USC football games with my 85 year old Dad who lives up in the South Bay. My bro makes the drive up from his pad in Oceanside and usually picks up his bud Frank along the way. 


We got together last Saturday to watch USC take on Notre Dame.

Not only did the game suck, with SC playing some of the worst football they have played all season, to top it off, my brother absolutely refused to share his awesome pizza from Stuffed Pizza. I threatened to post about here and in typical Johnson fashion, he didn’t give a shit.

What an asshole. Even my Pops was astounded by his behavior.


Thats Ok asshole… this week I’m stopping at Beef Palace


and pickin’ up some Ribeyes.

Guess who’s not gettin’ one?


Mom always liked me best.

4 thoughts on “Asshole of the Week 10/27

  1. That asshole is going to regret it.
    Maybe you should come up to the South Bay for the UCLA / SC game…Gary Simpsons spirit will no doubt be demonstrating some mirth…

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