Billy, don’t be a hero…

One of the most important things a City Council person can do as a part of their responsibilities, is cast a vote on crucial resolutions.

When you get to a point where you have recused yourself countless times from important votes, and when you do it with little transparency about the nature of the recusal, you are pretty much irrelevant as a council person…in my always humble opinion… so why bother?

HB councilman Billy O’Connell recently voted to carry the water for liberal School Board Trustee Gina Tarvin regarding Gina’s “Erin Brockovich” inspired campaign to wipe out stinky smells that sporadically waft in off the ocean

Both of these politicians are fighting for face time and relevancy, O’Connell after recusing himself from crucial vote after crucial vote, and Tarvin, fresh off the heels of a beatdown for her overreach after nominating local fuckhead Mark Bixby to a post on the Community Services Commission, which the council wisely shot down in flames.

Bixby is the ultra lib asshole that compiled opposition research and dossiers and filed chickenshit FPPC complaints on many people to benefit his associates, in an effort to curry favor and reboot his political career, which has crashed and burned as people caught on to his antics and realized he was a slimeball.

*Disclaimer* There is rampant speculation and documentation to support the claim the Bixby even tried to DOX me in an effort to shut me up, tossing out old out of context crap from both decades ago and recently.

The only problem was, I don’t really give a shit.

Neither of these politicians grew up in HB. Neither seem familiar with the fact that petroleum and its gaseous by-products seep from fissures in the floor of the ocean, as they have done for millennia.

Gaseous releases of methane and Co2 become the fuel for algal blooms…( you’ve seen a “Red Tide”  right?) that accelerate photosynthesis and then quickly die off and release sulfur hydroxide and stinky stuff into the atmosphere.

Prevailing winds blow it right into town.

P.U. Stinky. Make it go away.

Tarvin and O’Connell now want to devote time, money and resources to this brave investigation.

They seem to think it demonstrates their “Engagement”  and “Concern”…

It  think it just demonstrates how out of touch with reality both of these ” Elected Officials” as Tarvin loves to refer to herself as, really are and how desperate both seem to impart any relevancy, however misguided and at any cost onto their defective campaigns.

Nobody  wants to slate up with Billy in 2018. Hes out there on his own. If he keeps this shit up, he wont have to worry about recusing himself anymore. He will be thrown on the scrapheap of useless leaders who will align themselves with anybody to save their ass.

Tell you what Billy… you have  about 10 months to develop an actual record that’s not shot full of holes.

If you can’t suck it up and figure it out by then, you will be a prominent feature in my “HB City Council” series that starts up about three months before the election and turns into the “Slate Mailer from Hell” for all the bullshit artists.

Theres still time to change Billy… we all make dumb mistakes right?

P.S. was that Billy checkin up on the Sledge on his recent trip to Ireland…or was it Bono from U2?

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One thought on “Billy, don’t be a hero…

  1. Considering Tarbin claims she is a biologist ,due to taking a few classes, she should know what makes that smell. She just likes to spend taxpayer’s money I guess.

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