A Public Service announcement, from HBSledgehammer.com

In an effort to assist the HBPD in dealing with recent complaints, I have decided to make this printable form available to all who need it.


Dont ever say im not helpful…

7 thoughts on “A Public Service announcement, from HBSledgehammer.com

  1. And Kimba, when the benefactors step up…you will recieve a special shirt…”Staff” over the front pocket area and a Kimba original on the back…patience grasshopper…rome wasnt built in a day!

  2. Staff rebates Kimba!…it all goes to the staff meeting beverage fund.
    Your humble editor is supporting a large contingent on a meager paycheck…..but good times…are just around the corner Kimba…thanks for all your hard work! The Kimba collection…will debut by weeks end…

  3. Kimba forgives. I even forgive you for making me purchase my own T shirt. There is quite a plethora of Assholes to choose from.

  4. Kimba, Glad you asked… the sledge editorial staff was so overwhelmed by the number of stupid things last week on social media that their brains Short circuited from the sheer and utter stupidity on display and they suffered a breakdown. Ok…. ill be honest iii i just couldn’t summon the rage for yet another beatdown..all of the assholes have left me exhausted…but hey… Theres always next week!

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