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Who was the awful one again Nancy?

Nancy Duremdes is a pathetic liar.

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Which Brings Us To Janice Unger-Ugland and her cell phone grabbing adventures…

The following is an excerpt from Chris Epting’s blog, “Surf City Chronicles…”

“This morning at the Breitling Air Show here in town, before many people had arrived, my son and I were sitting in a private tent. I think we were the only two people in the entire tent at that point, though there may have been a few others. Imagine my shock when I looked about 100 feet away and noticed Ms. Ugland, camera trained right on me and my son. Now, she has every right to take pictures. Of me or anyone else. It’s a public event. But I also have a right to ask why she she makes a habit of photographing me and today, given that I felt she was intruding on my son and I, decided to ask her directly (she quickly ditched the camera when she caught me looking at her). It also felt weird and stalker-like.

I approached her and asked why, creating a video record of the moment with my iPhone – reason being I do not trust these people. She turned her back on me, refused to answer, and as usual pretended she wasn’t doing anything, and her husband chimed in that she was simply taking pictures of the booth.

The “booth?”

That is absurd.  A plastic white tent where my son and I were sitting alone in the front row of chairs? Give me a break. Plus, why did he answer for her? How did he know what she was shooting? To me it was clearly a lame cover up. They knew what they were doing. This is who they are. She actually decided that my question required that she go find security, and when I stopped taping and asked her again why she makes a habit of photographing me, she snapped, getting wild-eyed and furious, unleashing a barrage of angry, unhinged profanity. I will not repeat the expletives she yelled, but I do feel bad for any kids at the show that may have heard her outburst. So much for the hippie act.”

Ugland is a bullshit artist just like most of her associates.

Lying by omission is still a lie.

Before Epting had posted anything,

Janice decided to attempt to control the narrative and posted this online…


One of Janice’s friends praises her “preemptive strike”, without realizing that Janice simply isn’t telling the whole story…

or frankly doesn’t give a shit that she’s not…

That’s common with Janice and her associates.

smart move jamie

Here Janice dismisses the comment of someone who calls out her bullshit, accusing the individual of posting under a false profile.

leave m alone

Here’s the videos.

You decide if Janice is once again pulling a bitch “Victimhood” move.


The Uglands made derogatory comments, alluding to their “Local” status…which I found exceptionally comical and smug…

Earth to Uglands… You can be an HB Local,

and still be considered a Kook“,

which the two of you most assuredly are…

Tom Ugland or Wilbur Kookmeyer?

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Apparently both Nancy and Janice feel it is OK to assault someone, complain about it on social media and lie by omission, leaving out the pertinent fact that they were in fact, just as aggressive as they accuse Epting of being, despite Janice’s whole Peace and Love Hippie persona that she tries to project…

What a bullshit artist. She conveniently omits the fact that her husband …

Mr. Local

already acknowledged that Janice was shooting photos of Epting.

The Tarvin Family & hangers on weigh in…

Janice is a member of the “Tarvin Family”… HB’s answer to the infamous Manson Cult.


Click here for more info  on The Tarvin Family…

Her fellow Tarvin Family members and a few hangers on and various Assholes weighed in with words of comfort for the poor victim.


3X Asshole of the week! Click Here!

big barbbrannon

No doubt Jen supports Victor Valladares, who verbally and physically assaults women…


Anderson is another liar…

paula jean

Paula Jean has been known to lie about the location of her residence and her identity…


Here’s the hangers on and an HB asshole of the week winner..

Heres Christine Watkins, who lost her shit when I posted a pic of her pounding a bottle of Jack Daniels on FB ..


She reacted very poorly & proceeded to try and Dox me with some old out of context shit from my past that she probably got from Poindexter or Janice...

By the way, Christine was tossed out of the military for drug use.


Here’s Asshole of the week for 8/19,

Judy Gustafson, who thinks Anal Sex tips for young teens are a great idea.


Click for more about Judy’s major award…

And what would a post about Janice be without a word from her son Derek, who’s failure to launch is well known…living with his mom and dad well into his thirties.

Stay Classy Derek!



Epting was right there, Derek.

If Pops wanted to have a go, he had every opportunity.

#EpicFail.… kinda like you.

By the way, my money would have been on Epting….no doubt he would have dropped the old man like a rock in about 3 seconds.

Pops is probably about as tough as you Derek…the only fight the both of you’ve probably ever been in is over the remote control, when you want to watch the Teletubbies after too many bong hits and the old man wants to watch Rachel Maddow. 


Derek nabbed a substitute teaching gig over at ABC School District no doubt due to moms cozy, crony relationship with Gina Tarvin. How else would explain this loser in a classroom? Would you want him teaching your kids?

Pfttt. It only shows how little our school districts actually care about a kids education. Sledge Graphics dept created this awesome new T shirt to commemorate Derek’s classy bitch move on our Congressman.

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This song pretty much sums up my perspective on this entire cast of pathetic characters.

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  1. That group that flocks like sheep to their master, Tarvin, is a bunch of degenerates. It’s bad enough when you have a group of radical lunatic morons, but when they can’t control their emotions, in my opinion their “substance” uses, willingness to break the law, not pay child support, willing to encourage lawless behavior, tattle tale on where the police are working (So dumb), abuse taxpayer expenditures AND be involved with the development of our children… just wow. People need to wake up and remove these fools from power at the next elections. Just horrendous people.

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