White Privilege.


Greg Diamond of Orange Juice Blog referred to my writing as a “White Power” Site.


Liberals always love to construct bizarre narratives with no basis in fact.

People that know me, know full well my problem lies with Illegal Immigration irregardless of the racial aspect of the problem.

The fact is, the true racists are people like Monica Brasov- Curca, who sees “White Privilege” under every rock and behind every corner.

Curca was the asshole whose group chalked the name of a cop killer on the sidewalk at the HB Pier, as if he was as worthy enough to commemorate in his death as the cops he had killed. She quickly walked it back after having her ass handed to her in the arena of public opinion.

She has a particular disdain for Huntington Beach.


Monica suffers from ” White Envy”. ” White Resentment”.

“White.… well lets just call it what is ... Hatred

Heres some recent quotes from Monica on social media..



Heres a pathetic cuck, overwhelmed with “White Guilt” groveling to this pompous cunt..


And some recent images she commented on…


Hey bitch, heres some “White Privilege” for you to think about…






Union Civil War Dead. Died freeing the enslaved.





Here’s some white folks who were privileged enough to be murdered by “People of Color”.


What a fucking privilege.

Heres some Irish “Indentured Servants”…what a privilege.

e6b13b959dd373abac7d32ec09d27e5a7642879_origwhite_20.gifIrish slaves.jpg

Monica, go crawl in a fucking hole and pull the dirt in on top.

YOU… are a fucking racist.

◇◇◇ SledgeUpdate◇◇◇

Curca is now claiming that this fake profile was part of my original post.

Ive never seen this before. I have never used the term “Non-Binary” in my life. Certainly had I created it, it would have been much funnier and profane. My guess is that Curca created it herself to generate some victimhood points…its a common liberal tactic…see Sharpton, Al / Tawana Brawley…nice try Monica.

Fake “Hate Crimes” perpetrated by liberal frauds…Click Here…


6 thoughts on “White Privilege.

  1. I have often said, I don’t feel comfortable at DPOC meetings with “Crazy Greg” Diamond in attendance. His severe mental illness frightens me and others, I know. I have proposed metal detectors or at least wands based on Greg’s unstable nature.

    Now that the TRUTH regarding Victor Valladares violent nature, criminal activity have come to light, I believe we (DPOC) should put some security in place. Congressman Lou Correa, a champion of Latino causes has said (and told DRUNK VERN), that his security team advised against him visiting Vern and Donna Nelson’s apartment complex, based on concerns that Mexican nationalists (Yesina) were a threat. Consider this the Latino Congressman, the US Capitol Police consider it dangerous, but everyone else is RACIST.

    “Crazy Greg” and “Criminal Vic” are right, and everyone else is wrong and racist.

  2. Monica you are one fucked up Bigot. Someone needs to knock your white privileged teeth out! It’s people like you that have divided this country. 😡

  3. Hey Monica
    You are a fucking cunt. Stop victimizing people of color. There is no such thing as white privilege, All people are equal and treated with respect. It’s plantation cunts like you that keep people of color down. I hope your white guilt consumes you. You are a waste of space. Go away!!

  4. Monica and this Diamond douche are race baiting assholes that seem to only exist to tear down and divide. They are cancers on society. They need to fade into the shadows of the trash heap of history. 100 years from now people are going to look back at their ramblings and think, how could a bunch of hateful shitheads like dickless diamond and chairman Mao-nica have had any kind of input into civilized society. Fuck them, the average citizen shakes their heads and sees them for the worthless waste of oxygen they really are.

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