Brian Burley, grow a pair.

Brian Burley is a candidate for Huntington Beach City Council in 2018. I was intrigued by his campaign when he first announced. After reviewing his campaign website, I began to have my doubts about his viability.

It was a big nothingburger, filled with vague generalities, sweeping pronouncements and half baked ideas.

See for yourself… Click here to check out Brian s Website.

Still,  I figured I would give him time to flesh out his positions and develop as a candidate. So far, nothing on his website has changed.

Anybody that knows me, knows the only thing I hate more than a politician with a bad plan is a politician with no plan.

Apparently Burley is going to take a page from the Swan faction playbook and try to develop false narratives, whisper campaigns and unsubstantiated allegations that they can quickly hide from before moving on to the next one.

Burley tosses off this piece of poorly written garbage in response to a few recent local events, thinking he can just toss this grenade out and walk away…


I posted what I thought were very valid questions in response….


Burley pulled a bitch move and deleted my questions without responding.

So I reposted the screenshot….

Burley then responded by blocking me.

Its a long time till Nov. 2018 Brian.

Grow a pair or step aside and let the big boys play. Right now, your just takin up space…and while your at it, you may want to actually develop some real plans instead of alluding to them in “politico-speak” …

The age of baby kissing, hand shaking, smiling do nothings is over. I’m on a mission to elect real leaders with fully formed and developed plans and policies.

Apparently you didn’t get the memo.

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