Assholes of the Week… 9/22


In yet another first for the Sledgehammer, Asshole of the Week has not one but two awardees, both equally deserving of the honor.

First up, Victor Valladares.

Taking his cues from his mentor Gina Clayton Tarvin about how to maintain relevancy and public face time at meetings,

Victor spoke eloquently recently at the last Oak View Task Force Commission  meeting about all the Dog Shit in Oak View.


As usual, Victor asked for City help in solving the shitty problem…

What a fucking tool.

Its a Shitty problem Victor, not a City one.

Hey asshole, why don’t you use your “Clout” and “Standing” in the Oak View Community to convince your paisans to just pick up their dog shit and throw it away?

I guess that could tend to be a problem in a community where half of the people wind up throwing the trash from their visit to the food truck in the gutter and walking away.


But at the end of the day, I know that Victor has run out of issues and is scratching for relevance and meeting face time, just like Gina, after she had her ass handed to her by the City Council recently with the attempted Bixby appointment  ( trying to reboot his dead political future…) and the council booting all the school districts off of the Parks commission when they grew tired of her overreach.

By the way, Briscoe as an alternative to Bixby?

Who the fuck thought that was a great idea? LOL..

( Probably Briscoe….)


Look, everybody knows I don’t like Victor.

Why is that you say?

Because hes a bullshit artist. A deadbeat dad, a wife beater, a drunk driver, a convicted criminal and an unapologetic champion of other criminals, posing as the savior of the latinx community in Huntington Beach.

In addition, he seems to be chronically unemployed or under employed and stiffs his Ex-Wife for the money he owes her. He berates his Ex-Wife for daring to have friends he dosent care for and attempts to blackmail her by insinuating that he is going to out her for past behaviors.

According to his Ex-wife, his word is absolute shit and he frequently violates promises made.

He physically assaulted his Ex-Wife (although she declined to press charges… but the medical records and photos of the bruises survive..along with he testimony of the victim.)

Hes got plenty of time on his hands to play the concerned community activist, yet supporting his two boys that he totes around like props when he has custody, is a secondary concern.

It is my understanding that he is now makin pizzas for Johnny Nosich over at Johnny’s ” Top Secret” Pizza Lair over on Yorktown and Beach.

That appears to be the extent of his career ambitions at the moment, other than a future career in politics.. LOL

It seems that no one even bothers to vet this Guy… from HB City Councilman Erik Peterson who appointed Victor to some commission he was forced to resign from, to Gina Tarvin, who utilizes Victors comUNIDAD as brown shirts and has been promoting him and advocating for him to the Orange County Democrat Party, who are somehow blinded by the color of Victor’s skin and see him as the

Great Brown Hope... LOL .

Victor ran for Community College Trustee, no doubt a Gina’s urging.. with no qualifications whatsoever and lost… he now wants to bring in attorneys to carve out a District so that he might gerrymander himself into office... like Victor proposed with Schenkman in HB before Schenkman’s dick shriveled and he backed off…

Trust me Victor... if your proposed ” District” extends beyond the boundaries of Oak View, you are basically fucked… wait a minute… you would probably lose EVEN IN THAT DISTRICT!

victor district

He cant pay his child support, but he can show up at a DACA rally at Ocean View High School with his bullhorn, calling good people filthy names for standing in opposition to his support of Illegal Immigrants and the unfortunate children they dragged with them when they entered the country illegally. 

Watch the video below to see Victor verbally abusing a woman, calling her foul names and acting like a fucking asshole.

Stop with the “Undocumented” bullshit.

They violated US Immigration laws. They are criminals period.

A rapist is not an ” Undocumented” gynecologist.


Victor’s response to all this is to say ” Oh they are out to get me… Its all lies…”


Lets have a look at part of my stash….

I cant wait for the OC Democrats to put their energy and money behind Victor… only to watch me unleash the rest of my files and testimony of his Ex wife out into the public domain 6 weeks before the election. Go for it boys…

You have all been gamed by a con man.

Speaking of con games, that brings us to this weeks second Asshole of the Week, Gina Clayton Tarvin. In her best Erin Brockovich moment, Gina pleaded with the Huntington Beach City Council  on 9/18 to do something about the occasional foul smells that waft in from the Ocean…LOL. Hey Gina… I got some news for you.

Petroleum is a natural product. It seeps from the ocean floor in both liquid and gaseous form. But you wouldn’t know that because you are a kook, not a local girl.

Anybody that grew up in Huntington Beach remembers taking some paint thinner to clean the Tar off your feet after a visit to the beach.

The City was founded on Petroleum.


Its not a problem the city can solve . But you knew that.

Your impassioned speech was nothing more than Gina Tarvin, struggling for political relevancy after the Bixby beatdown.

Gina loves the face time and the legitimacy it imparts. Its all just more bullshit.

One of my Graphic Designers made this awesome t shirt which will be on sale soon…

Another Instant Classic.


In sure you will get to the bottom of this Gina… after all you are an “Elected Official” .

In the meantime, enjoy this fine song by G-Unit.

2 thoughts on “Assholes of the Week… 9/22

  1. SLEDGEHAMMER – This is Fucking Great!
    Vern Nelson and “Crazy Greg” Diamond have been propping up this asshole for a while now.
    Victor Begged, literally begged for money, for bus fare to attend a CAL DEM event in Sacramento, a young women, who happened to be Latina, who was paying HER OWN way through UCI, Which she earned through her grades, confronted Victor, he became violent, called her a “sell out” and a whore, and then “Bitch Boy” VallaDares went back to begging for money.

    To be clear, when I say begging, this shithead passed that silly hat around, race shaming people.

    I am a proud member of the Democratic Party. I do not condone this shit. Nor do others. Fran Sdao and Florice Hoffman along with the leaders of the local establishment better be careful. Supporting Drunks, Wife Beaters, Bankrupt Lawyers will lead them EXACTLY where their opponents want.


  2. That Victor! What a POS. I shared a meal with this guy. We were told to support him . I can’t in all good conscience support someone with a long criminal record. He should get a job and support this children. Not good. He does not represent family values.

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