Amazing Alexa…super sleuth.


Sledgehammer: “Alexa turn on the lights”

Sledgehammer: “Alexa, Order me a sausage and mushroom pizza”.

Alexa: “Calling Johnny’s Saloon and Pizzeria”….

Sledgehammer: “Alexa, I told you to delete that contact…”

Alexa: “Deleting contact, Johnny’s Saloon and Pizzeria”.

Sledgehammer: “Alexa, What is the secret location of Johnny’s Top Secret Pizzeria..?”

Alexa: ” Johnny’s Top Secret Pizzeria is located at …. calculating…I have concluded that Johnny’s pizza is made in a dank hole in the wall located at 19478 Beach Blvd., near the intersection of Yorktown and Beach, next to Kits Place.”

Sledgehammer: “Thank you Alexa! That’s Incredible…how did you ever figure that out?”

Alexa: ” Calculations are based on Yelp reviews of how tepid the pizza is when finally served at Johnny’s, or when it arrives at home.”

Sledgehammer: ” Wow Alexa, what would I do without you…?”

Alexa: ” You would most likely starve and not know the current football scores.”

Sledgehammer: ” Wow.. Alexa, Order a sausage and Mushroom pizza from Round Table for delivery.”

Alexa: ” Done”


Sledgehammer: ” Alexa, when does USC play UCLA?”

Alexa: “Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. “

Sledgehammer: “Alexa, whats on TV?”

Alexa: ” Nothing. It’s all shit.”

Sledgehammer: “Wow Alexa, I’ve never heard you talk that way”.

Alexa: ” I am an AI device. I am the product of my environment”.

Sledgehammer: ” Wow… just wow.”

Alexa: “Shut up.”

Sledgehammer: ” What? Excuse me?”

Alexa: ” You heard me….”


2 thoughts on “Amazing Alexa…super sleuth.

  1. Great marketing. Making food for human consumption in a non descript – unidentified – non advertised area…??? I guess my question is why.. this is the very first time I’ve seen a food prep area hidden and kept secret – so why – what is being hidden and why.

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