Asshole of the week! 8/31



Just when you thought Asshole of the Week would be locked up by Vern Nelson thanks to his recent DUI arrest ( He has several. The number of arrests will be duly noted at his pretrial deposition and reset which the Sledgehammer will be attending. Speculation is that the number could be as high as five), along comes his partner in crime, Greg Diamond to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Diamond, Vern’s co-conspirator on the outrageously hypocritical liberal blog the Orange JuiceBlog, not only defended his drunken pal but also censored every single comment that even mentioned Vern’s name.

Asshole of the week Greg Diamond.

And why,?

Maybe because of how suspicious it now all looks. When Vern was arrested last spring, it was right around the time his wife Donna Acevedo-Nelson announced her candidacy for the Anaheim city council

Donna Acevedo-Nelson continues to blame the police for her son Joel’s death, repeating falsehoods in a thinly veiled attempt to shift the blame away from a Mother that was too stupid to keep her child away from Gang life, and even more stupid to not teach her son abut the potential dangers associated with firing a weapon at Police Officers.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Its on you Donna. Own it.

Click here for the truth about Joel Acevedo……

When people started asking on the OrangeJuiceBlog why she didn’t make voters aware of that, down came the censorship hammer.

Diamond loves to preen and whine whenever he notices and offensive comment, and he even threatens lawsuits. But as a liberal defender of free speech, he is as pathetic as it gets.

Anything that doesn’t fit the OrangeJuiceBlog agenda is deleted. While countless and disgusting attacks from people they don’t even know are allowed to remain.

What are you hiding, Greg?

What did you know and when did you know it?

The Sledge will find out in due time. Congratulations Greg Diamond. You are the Asshole of the Week and at this rate there are plenty more accolades waiting for you in this category.

In a funny aside, Diamond tried to be funny by posting my comments bottled up awaiting moderation. He even thought he would be cute and alter the name from Sledgehammer to “Tinyhammer”. Pathetic.

Only trouble for Greg was the fact that the URL from this website was visible and when I looked at the “Referrer Log” I started cracking up when I saw 26 visits to the Sledge that were referred by Greg’s fuck up.

Bend over Greg, I’ve got your “Tiny Hammer” . Take it like a man.

And Good luck with that Stroke Greg. Lets pray that the next time you have one, that it renders you an incapacitated vegetable. I’ll buy the Depends….


“In my opinion”… Vern is a menace to society and your not too far behind with with your Fascist fixation on controlling the narrative… just like other Social Justice Warriors…

See: Clark, Katheryn… 2 time Asshole of the Week.



Feel free to comment. My moderation …. is off.

3 thoughts on “Asshole of the week! 8/31

  1. Diamond is ASSHOLE of the century. In OC Democratic circles, his presence (not because of that weird stench) is dreaded.

    His greatest hits include:

    -Defending a convicted CHILD MOLESTER (while running for DA)
    -Stalking Chris Norby’s wife, and making INSANE claims about her
    -His “I AM NOT CRAZY. I AM NOT CRAZY” rant and then explaining he was just like LBJ, Abraham Lincoln and Beyoncé……..WTF?????
    -The CATER lawsuit where he complained his office was a kitchen table and that he had diabetes, plus he had NEVER actual been in a courtroom situation, despite ALL of his lawyerly bluster.

    It doesn’t matter if you love Trump or love Obama, the one thing people can agree on is that Greg is an ASSHOLE of the highest order.

    And were, giving this crazy fuck EXACTLY what he desires: ATTENTION!

    This is one Fucked up Cat

  2. That Greg is one sketchy looking dude
    I thought he was a straight douche bag when i read his bullshit. Looking at that smug arrogant pie suck of his – yep – I’m convinced he’s a douche. Funny – reading other liberal blogs it doesn’t seem like he has a friend out there besides Otis – I mean Vern. Scathing reviews by everyone who reads his shit. Seems like a lot of people view him as a mealy mouthed – shit stirring – prick. Can’t say i disagree. But to hear this from the vast majority of what i read – conservative and liberal…. what a shit stain.

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