Q & A with Chuck Johnson. Part 3 of a multi part series.


Sledgehammer: Hey… thanks for sitting down with us again… you’ve been kinda busy!

Chuck Johnson: Wheres the Pizza and the Super Big Gulp? Quit holdin out…

Sledgehammer: Right here…

Chuck Johnson: What the fuck is this? You stopped at Johnny’s Saloon and bought one of those dough slabs? I cant eat that fucking thing. I’ll be constipated for days.  Toss it out in the backyard. My dog might eat that fucking thing… Jesus… you are useless.

Sledgehammer: OK so tell us what you’ve got comin’ up….

Chuck Johnson: New Feature coming on the  Sledge …HB Sock Puppet Theater… we are working on that. Ill be taking the best arguments on HB social media, and the stupidest things local politicians do and turning them into Sock Puppet shows.

Dont tell anybody, but I hired this homeless guy named Rufus that is living behind the gas station by my house to crank out these things. I give him a couple smokes and a tall boy for every one. Its a win-win.


This was the first test bed vid we did to check to see how it works. Since it is the Sledge, we had to verify the ability of the software to use “Adult Language”... and sure as shit.. no problem!

Imagine Michael Daly’s recent Save the ducks Rant on HBCF as “Sock Puppet Theater”. Katheryn Clark and Victor Valladares as Sock Puppets…the possibilities are endless.

This shit will be epic, I  tell you… epic.

Sledgehammer: Thats ridiculous.

Chuck Johnson; You have no sense of humor.

Sledgehammer: Neither do you apparently.

Chuck Johnson: Out. Get Out.

Sledgehammer: But..

Chuck Johnson: Get out of my office.



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