Vern, Vern! You’ll Never Learn!

Everybody’s favorite liberal hypocrite Vern Pat Nelson just couldn’t seem to resist getting behind the wheel after pounding a few too many. The Sledge Research department is finalizing the details for  release in the next few days.

In addition, the Sledgehammer will be crashing Vern’s Pretrial desposition and reset next month in an attempt to score an interview.

Stay tuned for further developments here at

“A light in the darkness. A sentinel scanning the horizon for opportunity and danger. A resolute steadfastness in the mission.”

Oh wait, that’s from some other douche-bags blog thing…sorry.

Sucks to be you Vern.

See you at your pretrial deposition.

5 thoughts on “Vern, Vern! You’ll Never Learn!

  1. Hes a fucking menace to society. Cool his ass in state prison for a while. Odds are once Vern gets out…he will make a fucking beeline to the liquor store and jump right back on the fucking nighttrain….this asshole is going to.kill somebody soon

  2. Isn’t he the sanctimonious windbag who likes to judge people based on their political ideology? Maybe if he was as concerned about public safety as he was posting attack pieces on that shitty blog of his he could control his bad behavior a bit better. Well time for a nightcap. Vern care to join me? I’m driving.

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