New in the Sledge Mart!


$23.99 in the SledgeMart

Sledge Graphic artist Shaniquwa just released this awesome shirt design commemorating “Historic Wintersburg”.

We are sad to announce that this design has been discontinued due to lack of interest.

3 thoughts on “New in the Sledge Mart!

    1. Sorry the ten gallon hat is not available. The woman who wears it uses it when she sticks out her hands for money and hopes that the sheer size of her hat will encourage a larger donation. Please check the sledgemart often. Our awesome graphic designers are working night and day to produce unique items that we know, you will love. In the meantime, check out the Hell No thong or come back for the Victor Valladares signature model Sledge Translate-o-Matic Bullhorn. NO MATTER WHAT LANGUAGE YOU SPEAK INTO IT, THE OUTPUT IS IN SPANISH.

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