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Opinion: Victor Valladares needs to come clean on his relationship with crime. Gina Clayton-Tarvin needs to come clean on her relationship with Victor Valladares.

For the last several weeks I have been reading as much as I can find about Victor Valladares and Gina Clayton-Tarvin. As I’ve written on this blog (the first blog posts I have ever written) I believe, as a Democrat, that our local OC party has no business supporting Victor Valladares until he can provide a thorough breakdown of his criminal past. He has dodged and lied and made fun of the requests and so at this point I think he has told us all we need to know. He is a selfish, immature person who seems to thrive on attention. He is not interesting in telling the truth. I watched some video of his ex-wife at a school board meeting and her speech left me heartbroken. In my opinion there is no doubting her candor.

Which brings me to Gina Clayton-Tarvin, the Trustee President of the Ocean View School District. The video that I saw included some accusations against Clayton-Tarvin as far as her relationship with Valladares. Not only did she not seem to offer any sympathy for the haunting and harrowing descriptions offered by the ex-wife, she seemed completely self-centered and simply interested in dismissing the claims. Clayton-Tarvin has become very close with several local candidates leading up to the next election. I think at this point it’s time for her to let us know specifically what her situation is with Valladares. It has been publicly written that Clayton-Tarvin’s husband is currently divorcing her. That’s none of our business of course, except if her relationship with Valladares is somehow part of the divorce. Whenever elected and appointed officials have any kind of relationship, it needs to be examined under the harshest light. Is there money involved? Are there favors involved? There may be nothing to this at all. Let’s hear what Clayton-Tarvin has to say about this. She may never offer any sympathy for the victim who spoke at the meeting. That’s her business. But she can’t simply deny the accusations and expect everybody to simply believe her.

Postcript: Sullivan references Breannia Lalama’s brave admission of abuse at the hands of Valladares at an OVSD meeting, confronting the enabler and cohort of her ex- husband.

I have posted it below for context. Please listen to the voice of a woman who suffered greatly at the hands of an abusive ex-husband that now continues to deny all, while smiling and acting as though this conversation never happened.

Tarvin adopts the same strategy and engages in pathetic denial of a brave woman that has the strength and integrity that Tarvin attempts to project, but sadly, will never possess.

Denial of the truth is no different than attacking the victim yet again.

Tarvin is as despicable as her protege. – Ed





There are numerous stories these days about triggered progressive millennials calling anybody with an opposing viewpoint a “Nazi”.

Or a “White Supremacist”.

When that fails, they fall back on the tried and true, ever handy, “Racist”.

The left is again, trying to engage in revisionism, and actually destroy the meaning and significance of what these terms actually mean or represent, just as they thought defacing or removing monuments to history, would somehow magically alter that history, history that requires study to interpret and learn from.

The Left has already stolen “Gay” from the lexicon, never to be  used again in it’s centuries old meaning. Let’s not allow the Left to alter or dilute the meaning or significance of any more words in our language.


Perhaps the lack of an understanding of what exactly a “Nazi” is, can be traced to a lack of real History studies in Universities anymore.

The real study of History has been replaced with the works of revisonists like Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, in addition to a massive array of bizarre alternate tracks such as, “The Physics of Star Trek” at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus” at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., or perhaps “United Kingdom: To Hogwarts, Harry: An Intensive Study of Harry Potter Through the British Isles”, offered at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, M.I. (Thats just a tiny example of what passes for University level study in the US anymore…)

As a public service, allow me to help you clueless millennials develop an actual understanding of what exactly a Nazi is ( or was), so that you might not sound like such an idiot in future, and insult actual REAL victims, of REAL Nazi’s.

As you will find out, Real Victims still exist, and have a REAL problem with  the dilution of the significance of the word when used as a throwaway buzzphrase.

Real Nazi’s.

If time permits, we will move on to “Fascists”, “White Supremacists” and perhaps even “Racists” in the near future.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Nazi: National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus), more commonly known as Nazism (/ˈnɑːtsi.ɪzəm, ˈnæt-/), is the ideology and set of practices associated with the 20th-century German Nazi Party.

Many claim that the Nazi’s were not Socialist because Nazism rejected the Marxist concept of class conflict and opposed cosmopolitan internationalism.

Yet the Nazi’s were Socialists in the true sense of the word, because Nazi’s sought to convince all parts of the new German society to subordinate their personal interests to the “common good” and accept political interests as the main priority of economic organization, while employing socialist concepts such as Wage and Price controls, and centralizing the means of production through oversight of the distribution of raw materials and control over which firms produced goods, while monitoring output.

Get over it Lefties, The Nazi’s were very much indeed, Socialists.

Nazi Militarism:

Nazi leaders were anxious and determined to throw off the financial yoke and humiliation of the post World War 1 restrictions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles.

Germany began secretly rearming (Aufrüstung), in violation of those treaties, almost immediately after they were signed, and escalated on a massive scale after the consolidation of power by the Nazi’s in 1933.

Adolf Hitler would go on to boast on September 26, 1938 in the Berlin Sportpalast that after giving orders to rearm the Wehrmacht ( the German Army…), he could “openly admit: we rearmed to an extent the like of which the world has not yet seen.”

At the time, the Wehrmacht was the most modern fighting force on the planet, fielding the finest hardware available.

As an aside, they also had, without a doubt, the coolest uniforms going…

Of course, that was always a German tradition…

What followed was the largest geographical scale of war ever known to mankind, involving more than half the planet, resulting in the deaths of millions upon millions of combatants and civilians. ( Assisted of course, by the hapless Italians and the Asian “master race”, the Japanese.)

Nazism and “White Supremacy”

Many Millennials equate Nazism with the concept of “White Supremacy”, without quite understanding the fact that Hitler and the Nazi’s had a very limited view of what and who constituted the “Master Race”.

It was limited to a very specific subset of white people, those whom Hitler considered “Aryan”, or Nordic/Germanic whites.

Most of the”Neo- Nazi” “fans” in the US, whose numbers are incredibly small, despite the mainstream media push to shape public perception otherwise, would not qualify for “membership” in Hitler’s “Master Race”.

As far as the rest of the “White folks” out there during World War 2, they were fair game for the Nazi’s and were murdered and maimed by the millions.

The vast majority of the millions of victims and casualties of the Nazi violence, were indeed, White Europeans and Caucasians. The concept of lumping “White Supremacy” in with Nazism is intellectually lazy and intellectually dishonest.

But that never stopped a progressive millennial from throwing out those words  and engaging in lazy and intellectually dishonest dialog.

Progressive millennials continue to distort and dilute the meaning and significance of these words and slander the memory of those who fell victim to the evil socialist ideology of the Nazi regime.

The impact of language revisionism and ignorance of History.

The demographic of the facility where I work is comprised of elderly folks, primarily Jewish, many in there late 80’s and 90’s. The majority of these residents tend to vote the progressive party line, for reasons I will never quite comprehend.

But that is certainly their prerogative. I enjoy healthy debate with quite a few of them, the nice part about that being the fact that folks in their 90’s don’t engage in the vitriol of their younger progressive  counterparts and tend to argue strictly on facts and experience.

I sat down in the library at the facility on my lunch break recently with Sam Weiss 89 , and Helena Wolińska, 87. Both were Polish survivors of the Holocaust. Weiss still bearing the faded tattoo applied after he was shipped to the Treblinka concentration camp, surviving only because he was young and healthy enough to be selected for slave labor.

Both lean progressive in their political views. I asked them what they thought of the repeated use of the term “Nazi” by their younger progressive counterparts and how it made them feel. I was surprised by their frank ( and, in one instance, expletive filled) responses.

Chuck Johnson : So tell me, what do you think of the way that young progressive throw out he term “Nazi” nowadays? Don’t you find that kind of offensive after all you suffered in the 30’s and 40’s?

Wolińska: “Are you kidding? Of course I find it offensive. These kids don’t have any idea what they are talking about.They throw that word out without any reference to what it represents, and yes, I am deeply offended.”

Weiss: Those kids are a bunch of loudmouth assholes. They wouldn’t know a Nazi if one punched them in the face. Its disgraceful how inconsiderate and uninformed they are…”

Wolińska:” I think the way these words are bandied about, De-emphasizes what they really represent and cheapens the memory of those who perished at the hands of the Nazi’s…”

Weiss: ” I think the behavior of many young liberals often embarrasses the rest of us who hold liberal viewpoints. I think it only demonstrates their lack of maturity and ability to understand the world that they live in…”

This exchange only served to validate what I already knew.

That the morons who go around throwing out meaningless political buzzwords that they don’t quite understand, do lasting damage to the integrity of the meaning of the word itself.

Trouble is, I think that they lack the ability to comprehend that, and if they do understand the ramifications of their words, they simply don’t care.

Post Script:

In the sixties, the Windansea surf club used to dress up as Nazi’s and ride wheeled sleds through the drainage tunnels under La Jolla.


From “Mac Meda Destruction Company”- Link…..

“Back in the early 1960s, everyone in California knew there was something different about the La Jolla’s WindanSea crowd and surfers like Curren, Mike Diffenderfer (RIP) Tiny Brain Thomas, Billy Graham, and Butch Van Artsdalen (RIP).” Pat Curren and Mike Diffenderfer were known to hang at the Birds Rock’s  Sip and Surf and Red Mountain Inn and Tiny Brain Thomas was a bartender at Maynards. Sure there were others, but nothing like the ones mentioned.

920x920.jpgRakestraw and Curren had similar trends, both were regulars at Maynards and many times shared temporary living quarters at jail, so much so – Rakestraw used to write Curren little messages on the jail walls.

Mac Meda started the  phrase “Surf Nazis,” where they would dress up like Nazis  and ride down the storm drain on their Flexy Flyers that started at the top of  Bon Air Street.  What a bitchen thrill that was!!!

Mac Meda was also known for their satire Mel Brooks style Nazi parties where they would burst into local restaurants, have Nazi parties in the bunkers up on Mt. Soledad  and even become guests at the Jewish fraternities at U.S.C.


One time the La Jolla elite got scared, thinking there was some new Aryan group that was infiltrating their community. They called the FBI.

Jack was then working in the Post Office when his supervisor came up and said, “Uh, Mac…the FBI is here to talk to you.”  So he sat in a car with two G-Men. They asked him if he and his friends were trying to overthrow the U.S. government. He then told them they were just having a good time on their flexy-fliers,  screaming down a dark drain pipe and shooting out at WindanSea.

The FBI started laughing and said something like, “It does sound like a good time.”

“The most rebellious group of people I ever met,” said legendary big wave surfer  Fred Van Dyke.  “They were like wild animals!”

These guys were hardly Nazi’s. They just knew how to have a good time.

Nowadays, they would be fired from their shitty jobs and pilloried on social media.

No doubt Sam and Helena would think these guys were assholes, but at least they would laugh about it…

The good old days, indeed. – ed.


A Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Brian Burley is a declared candidate for Huntington Beach City Council in 2018.

When he entered the race, I was interested in his candidacy, due to the fact that Burley was a dark horse with no presence in City affairs, up until he declared for the 2018 Race, identified as a Republican and appeared to be unaffiliated with any of the  factions currently dominating “Conservative” (or pseudo Conservative, as the case may be…) thought in local politics.

HBSledgehammer will outline the details of  those “Factions” and the players, in an upcoming piece.

After reviewing Burley’s website, observing his initial forays into the social media quagmire and watching his first nervous attempts to speak at City Council  meetings, I published a piece on Burley and my impression of him as a “Nothingburger” candidate, one with no real plan, other than getting elected.


Burley comes to the table with a USC degree in the political arts. USC must be a training ground for aspiring politicians, having spawned Matt Harper.

Click here for “Brian Burley, Grow a pair….”

I make no secret of the fact that I have no love for politicians who lack real world private sector problem solving skills, having learned the concepts from textbooks and lectures.

People that spend their entire post university lives, moving from political position to political position, without having to endure the financial consequences of their political decisions or failures to drive change.

Burley is too young at this point, to have suffered much real economic damage at the hands of stupid politicians, having been a student at the height of the last economic meltdown, and has accumulated little in the way of hard knocks related to decisions made by our “Elected Public Officials”. But I guess the same could be said for Harper.

 I like Matt Harper.  He’s bright and funny and votes the conservative line. I’ve known him since he was a high school kid, a budding “Alex P. Keaton”, riding on a HB 4th of July Parade Float.

Now he rides in the parade in one of the classic cars that all of the local Pols fight over, both cars and parade position.

I once spoke with him a while back out back on the patio at a mutual friend’s Christmas Party while a lovely young lady I know was playing this on the Steinway in the living room…

After some casual conversation, my parting shot to Matt , was that if “I didn’t see his name in the paper on a consistent basis, pushing conservative issues, then he wasn’t doing his job.”

Haven’t seen much in the paper Harper. Get busy.

This was the same Christmas Party where I gave Congressman Dana Rorabacher an elbow in the side, figuratively speaking,  for voting for Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House, while standing at the punch bowl…only to be thwarted by one of those ” Fake Call” apps on Rorabacher’s Smartphone.

Rorabacher wasn’t having any of my shit, figured out how to get rid of me and wisely avoided me.

In hindsight, I would have done the same thing myself…after all, it was a Christmas Party…

Lets get back to Burley.

There is little doubt in my mind that Burley took offense to my characterization of his candidacy as that of just another smiling baby kisser, without any plan, other than getting elected.

Apparently Burley wanted to rise to the challenge I threw out, and recently released his platform,


Click here to download it …

Bravo Brian Burley.

Thank you for attempting to articulate your positions.

Burley publishes what he refers to as “30 Positions, Proposals, etc…”.

A combination of policy statements, positions & proposals.

It seems to be an outline of where he stands on a variety of issues.

So far, he is the only declared candidate to actually articulate where his head is at.

While I may disagree with many of Burley’s “proposals”, the fact that he put the effort into spelling out just what he represents demonstrates that he has, at least, some substance, and has taken the time to educate himself on a variety of the issues we face as a City.

As Burley mentions, his competitors, one of which, I am not in 2018, despite the gadfly rumor mill,  “will nitpick his plan.”

I am still waiting for Ron Sterud, the only other declared “Conservative” candidate at this point in time, to elucidate his positions. For now, he seems content to smile, shake hands, and stress his background as a financial planner and all around “nice guy” as being  unique qualifications for the position.

Don’t forget, Bob Citron had a lot of people convinced he was “good with money”. Certainly many thought Bob was a nice guy, before he drove Orange County into bankruptcy in 1994.

At this point, Sterud appears to be sticking to a strategy of having his Proxy reps on social media, attack the incumbents that don’t belong to his faction, by repeating an ongoing nonstop mantra, accusing them of  baseless charges of “Corruption” & “Cronyism”, and plotting to bolt his campaign, in a slate, to that of Incumbent, Erik Peterson, in much the same way Sterud attempted to do with Councilwoman Lyn Semeta’s 2016 campaign.

I think it would be wise for Ron Sterud to run on his own merits and perceived strengths. I feel it would demonstrate his belief in the quality of his candidacy. Running on the accomplishments of another is kinda wimpy if you ask me…

But then again nobody asked so…

Back to Burley.

If you have a problem with people scrutinizing your plan, then don’t bother to release it.

Let’s nitpick it… just for fun,

Shall we?

1- I am against unsustainable High Density Development.“I will not vote or support any project that leads to more High Density Development (HDD). Let the market and the people dictate what kind of housing they want in HB. Residents must be aware of projects such as Hilltop and the redevelopment of the Magnolia Tank Farms. I am not against development; it is essential that we construct more housing to benefit the economy. I will prioritize low-density and medium-density projects where it makes sense. Our infrastructure was not ready for the recent HDD projects including Bella Terra and Pacific City….”

Brian, are you familiar with SB35?

Apparently not.

Click here for more details.

Local control, even in “Charter Cities” is a thing of the past, thanks to those awesome “Elected Officials” in Sacramento.

If Burley’s “Anti – HDD Council Majority” screws up and can’t figure out how to navigate the post SB35 minefield, we will wind up with the State in charge of our housing development decisions.

The fact that Burley is unaware of the tenets and mandates of SB35 is troubling.

“I oppose HDD” may soon become,

Um, Sorry, I brought State Control to our City’s development decisions  due to my obstinance, ignorance and inability to figure out the reality of the new mandates….Save us Michael Gates!”

Blanket Opposition to HDD makes for a great Campaign slogan / platform… one that many candidates will use to dupe the uninformed, who have no clue what the State Government now has in store for ALL cities, Charter Cities included. Perhaps they are uninformed themselves.

The lower the density, the higher the price of the housing product. HB is built out. The only place to go is up.

As I have stated previously, unchecked growth solely for the purpose of growth…is the philosophy  of cancer.  

Well managed, mitigated thoughtful growth, is a sign of leadership. That growth can include well sited and mitigated HDD projects if they are done correctly. A simple knee jerk “Anti-HDD” stance sounds great but signifies ignorance in light of SB35.

The best we can hope for, in my opinion, is representatives that will demand proper mitigation, prior to, or concurrently with, project development and insist on architectural excellence, instead of the Hansenite, rat mazes championed by the 2010 City Council  that emerged in the HDD Blitzkrieg that ensued, with mitigation efforts, an afterthought.

2. I am in Favor of Reinvestment in our City’s Infrastructure. 

I think its safe to say that we all would like to see increased spending on infrastructure. No Brainer. The challenge is how to accomplish it, without sacrificing something else.

3. Proposal: Raise Infrastructure Spending from 15 percent to 17 percent of General Fund Spending.

“I am calling for an increase in infrastructure spending from 15 percent of the General Fund to 17 percent of the General Fund by the end of my first term (FY 22/23). This will be a steady increase of 0.5 percent per year.”

Burley’s proposal to boost spending from 15% to 17% of the cities General Fund, makes no mention whatsoever of what programs that 2% will come from, as a percentage.

It has to come from somewhere else, Brian.

Burley also fails to mention whether this will be accomplished by amending the City’s charter, which will result in a decrease in flexibility, in years when the budget may require some flexibility. 15% is just fine.

The real task is to identify where to spend the existing mandated 15% of the budget  in the most effective way.

4.Goal: Complete 100 Percent of Projects Identified in Capital Improvement Project

“In FY 2016/17, 86.7 percent of all CIP projects were completed. According to the proposed FY 17/18 budget, the goal is 85 percent. I endorse that our City should not cut corners. Our city needs to make it a goal to complete 100 percent of all CIP projects and my infrastructure spending increase proposal will help us do just that.”

This appears to be Burley’s lack of real world experience showing through. 

Certainly 100 percent is indeed a noble target. As stated, Burley hasn’t identified which parts of the budget will be cut in order to accomplish this noble goal. 

Nobody is “Cutting Corners”. 

That is simply ludicrous.

An 86.7 percent completion rate is outstanding in a public sector environment, where insane Union Job rules of firms operating under the City Mandates for Prevaling wages and PLA’s , drive up the cost of doing just about anything in this City.

You want to get more done for less money?


Ban all Project Labor Agreements.

Click here to learn more about banning PLA’s…

5. Goal: Improve Traffic Technology 

“According to our city’s Public Works department, the city oversees 140 streetlights citywide and of those only ⅓ are connected, synchronized and can be seen by a computer in City Hall. We must set a goal to get all street lights synchronized which can lead to less wait times for residents at stop lights.”

Fact: Based on data from six separate studies, the costs of synchronizing  traffic signals range from $2,500 to $3,500 per signal per update. 

Burley is proposing to synchronize all of the lights, at a potential cost of up to almost $400,000. This proposal is obviously the outgrowth of his technology background, and the belief that technology solves all problems.

Frankly, I don’t mind waiting at a well timed light on a non arterial street for a few minutes if we can save that kind of money. It’s seems to be a “Chicken in every pot” feel good throwaway proposal. That’s just my take.

6. I am in Favor of a More Secure Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP).

“According to Assistant City Manager Lori Ann Farrell, five years is the standard for “long-term” budgeting in our city. After searching for the budgets and revenue estimates for the next five years, I found that our most recent LTFP only covered through FY 2020/21. This is only 3 FY from the current FY we are in. If we are not even planning five years in the future, then we definitely need a culture change in City Hall. We must install a more secure long -term plan.”

7. Proposal: Budget 30 Years Ahead of Time.

“I call on our city to establish a tentative 30-year budget to help us plan future General Fund expenditures. This will be a template for each financial year through 2050. The Council can add amendments on what should be included in the plan. I will add amendments for funds described in HB2050. These funds will be a Rainy Day Fund, Homeless Initiative Fund, Infrastructure Reinvestment Fund, and a Pension Pay down Fund.”

Again, Burley’s detachment from real world experience renders him unable to understand why, Cities don’t budget that far out ahead. 

5 years is standard in the corporate world. 

The City should have a 5 year budget plan. 

One that is just that. A plan.

A guideline.

Not a rigid document from which there is no deviation.

Since Burley has yet to experience the joy of a recession as an adult, having been in school at the height of the most recent severe downturn, he seems unable to fathom the fact that your whole world can change in a matter of months, and the best laid plans get blown straight to hell.

Its hard enough to budget for the current year, let alone a year 30 years hence.

A 30 year plan is largely a symbolic exercise in a Charter City, and not worth the investment in time required.

In the HOA environment, reserve studies plot those expenses well into the future, but it is a useless document that fluctuates based on real time funding levels and realities, as HOA’ s are free to move and redeploy reserve funds as needed, subject only to a vote of the Board of Directors.

Heck, even the “Five Year Plans” popular in the former Soviet Union and China… never quite worked out…

Burley’s “Chicken in every pot” feel good initiatives, again, fail to say just how they will be financed.

This is the stuff I rail on. Politicians who propose a bunch of feel good solutions without having a clue as to how they will be paid for. Much of it is utter nonsense.

Burley appears to be literally trying to tick off every box on the awesomeness checklist.

For Instance:

8. Proposal:Establish Homeless Initiative Fund

“Our budget calls for two dedicated police officers on the issue of homelessness. These officers are tasked with responding to reports as well as getting homeless individuals in touch with non-government organizations that can provide help. Two officers are simply not enough. This fund will make up 0.25 percent of the budget. The Council can decide where the resources will be allocated at a later time. I am advocating for more specialized police officers that can keep residents safe while still getting homeless people the help they need.”

 The people of this city are already impacted enough as it is. 

The state has amassed over 7.5  billion dollars since the passage of Proposition 63, a 1 percent tax on millionaires passed by voters in 2004 to fund Mental Health services. Where did it go?

Why are we not demanding the State help fund programs for the homeless? A problem they largely created through enaction of yet more stupid legislation?

The majority of the homeless are mentally ill and / or addicted. 90 percent refuse help.

How about we just enforce the existing laws and stop wasting our time trying to “help” a group of people that do not want our help? 

Burley wants to lock up another mandated percentage of the budget(which is already pretty much spoken for in Charter resolutions) in a feel good initiative to “help” the homeless, again, without describing what the percentage will be deducted from, in the existing budget, as he will do yet again in the awesome proposal below…But hey.. its sounds good right?

Johnson, how could you be so heartless?”

I can hear it now. I’m not heartless, just a realist.

9.Proposal: Establish Rainy Day Fund

“During times of recession the first reaction of government is to lay workers off or cut services. I am proposing a Rainy Day Fund in our budget so that we don’t have to make these types of cuts when recessions take place. Our city currently has an economic uncertainties reserve but those can only be used if revenues drop by 5 percent or if there is a serious disaster. This fund can be used w hen revenues are down by a number that is less than that five percent. I am proposing that this fund makes up 0.5 percent of the budget. It will be phased in slowly starting in FY 19/20 with it making up only 0.05 percent of the budget in that year.”

Burley is about to send me off the rails with this ridiculous statement.

This is precisely why we need to demand proposed plans and policies from prospective candidates…so that we can find out how truly uninformed they are…

During times of recession the first reaction of government is to lay workers off or cut services.” 

Easily the stupidest thing so far in this platform, again highlighting how out of touch with reality Burley is.

Again Mr. Burley, what gets cut to fund this percentage? The pie is only so large, sir.

When the shit hit the fan in the great recession, how many City Employees were laid off, Brian?

Read this Brian Burley and tell me how the city reacted in the last downturn.

Google the following search term:

“City of Huntington Beach Lays Off Workers.”

Tell me what you see… all references to Private Sector Layoffs.

It is appears from your proposal that you want to appease the City Employee Unions by making their positions “Layoff Proof”.

Yet another one of Burley’s Al Gore style “Lockbox” proposals.

download (3)

City officials had to “struggle” to tell the “Poor City Employees” that they would have to forgo a salary increase?

When private sector workers were losing their jobs and their homes?

God forbid our “public servants” lose their jobs when revenue declines…

Here’s my alternative to your proposal, Brian.

When City revenue falls, City departments cut their budgets and issue pink slips…just like in the “real world”, Brian.

The cold, hard, real world.

You know, the world where politicians are immune from the impacts of their actions or lack thereof…

We already have the equivalent of a contingency fund. We certainly don’t need another, especially when it comes in the form of some mandated percentage that has to be shaved off of some other section of the budget.

Brian, again, you only get one pie to eat and its already 3/4 gone.

Last time I checked, all the pieces, when sliced in any configuration, add up to 100 percent. Check it out:


10. I Am in favor of paying down unfunded pension liabilities.

That’s great. Most people recognize the fact that these pension liabilities will slowly strangle the city.

Click here to read “A Slow Death’ for more information…

I agree that we need to adopt a strategy to increase funding of pension liabilities, but in the end, it is pointless until we slow or stop the growth in these liabilities by moving City employees of all types  to a defined contribution, 401k style plan and stop the bleeding.

Burley’s proposal  is sadly, incomplete. He left out the most important part.

Absolutely no mention from Brian Burley on where he stands on this situation, which again, leads me to perceive him as more concerned with the welfare of the City Employees Unions and less so with the citizens who foot the bill.

Thus, we get the following proposal, that like the others, ignores the concept of a single pie that’s already 3/4 eaten.

11.Establish Pension Pay down Fund.

“As a Councilman, I will call for the establishment of a Pension Paydown Fund in conjunction with 30 years of financial yearly budgets. This fund will start out at 0.5 percent of the budget, and become much larger as time passes. By the end of FY 43/44, my budgets accumulate over $ 453 million in this fund, assuming a six percent rate of return. This is below the recent Callers rate reduction from 7.5 to 7 percent.”

Again, Burley offers no substance on what he intends to do to staunch the bleeding, only how he intends to pay the hit man.

” This fund will start out at 0.5 percent of the budget, and become much larger as time passes.”

How much larger Brian? And as usual,  no word on what part of the budget takes the hit to pay for this proposal.

“By the end of FY 43/44, my budgets accumulate over $ 453 million in this fund.”

Brian, what happens to our budget after The Great Tidal Wave of 2028?

The Great Earthquake of 2036?


Yeah. Kinda like Burley’s assumed rate of return and the ability of the city to fund this proposal at the levels cited.

I like the fact that Burley placed it below that of CalPERS. Especially since CalPERS just sets whatever hypothetical expected rate of return they feel like, then demands the city pony up when they miss their  “projections”.

Certainly we need to fund our liabilities. No question about it. But this issue requires far more thought than what you have proposed in order to come up with a realistic, workable solution, one that includes fundamental changes in how the City funds the retirement of it’s employees.

Remember Burley, Just one pie is all you get. Most of it is spoken for already Brian.

You are now dealing with only what remains after expenditures mandated in the City Charter.

Discretionary spending, Brian. Thats all that remains.zzz

If you give a massive slice of the remainder to the “Bumpus Hounds” of the Employee Unions, somebody is going hungry.

Lets pause for a moment for a quick lesson in slices of a pie…

OK. Lets get back to Brian Burley’s “HB2050″…

12. I am Against the Poseidon Desalination Project

“I am against the current Poseidon Project. We should not sign on to a long term contract when this technology is not ready for prime-time yet. I am also against it because desalination plants have a history of raising water bills and threatening marine life. Option 5 of the Orange County Water District even goes as far as to suggest replacing groundwater with Poseidon water. This is a bad deal any way you look at it and a desalination project such as this is not in our best interest. I am in favor of improving water collection and preservation as an alternative measure. We need to end our dependency on other cities and states in terms of importing water. Huntington Beach should be a leader for other cities to follow when it comes to ending this dependency. Once desalination technology is efficient and effective, we should reconsider implementation. Partnering with other neighboring cities that are implementing desalination should also be a key component of desalination projects.”

Large scale Desal is currently in widespread use worldwide. 

The largest plant, Ras Al-Khair in Saudi Arabia, produced 1,025,000 cubic meters per day in 2014.

 Kuwait relies exclusively on desalinated water for all of its needs. In 2014, the Israeli facilities of Hadera, Palmahim, Ashkelon, and Sorek were desalinizing water for less than $0.40 per cubic meter. 

As of 2006, Singapore was desalinating water for $0.49 per cubic meter. The city of Perth, Australia began operating a large scale reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant in 2006. A desalination plant now operates in Sydney,  and also in Wonthaggi, Victoria, Australia

Not ready for Prime time yet?

Give me a break, Brain Burley.

“I am also against it because desalination plants have a history of raising water bills and threatening marine life.”

Read ” What’s out there? ” for my take on the whole Poseidon debacle…

We live in the equivalent of a desert, Brian Burley. 

The offshore ocean environment included. 

However, we sit on a massive aquifer and with the 10 City Owned wells and 4 Huntington Beach reservoirs, we have the ability to be completely self sufficient.

The ” Environmental” argument is bogus, readily apparent to any surfer who has opened his eyes underwater. 

The only concentrations of marine life off of Huntington Beach, are near piers, jetties and other man made structures, such as the Sanitation District’s 10 foot diameter sewage outfall.

Stingrays? Clams? Sand Crabs? Plenty to go around. The ones that die off in the brine plume will be eaten and become part of the “Circle of Life”.

Why no mention of the HB Shitpipe, if you are so concerned with environmental degradation?

I oppose Poseidon as negotiated, because we have the ability to negotiate from a position of strength and cut a fantastic deal with OCWD. 

One that puts the costs of Desal squarley on the backs of the people this water is really intended to serve, Ladera Ranch, Rancho Mission Viejo…gated communities that prefer not to see all that messy infrastructure.

Get us off the grid. No imported or Desal water for HB. Just the inexpensive water that lies under our feet. All the water we need.

Thats what we need to negotiate with OCWD if we are stuck looking at an industrial facility right across from the beach on prime coastal real estate for the next 50 years. We hold the final card.

Without a conditional use permit, they cant flip the switch to start the plant up.

This is yet another bandwagon “Hot Button” issue in Huntington Beach. Candidates think opposition to Poseidon will be a popular stance, without realizing that they are reacting to the vocal minority that dominate local social media forums.

13. I Support our Small Businesses

“I believe our City should do everything in its power in order to foster a business friendly environment. This includes limiting regulations and attracting job producers. I am also in favor of lowering fees im posed on small businesses. Our business environment needs to maximize our tourist economy while also making Huntington Beach an attractive destination for technological jobs and manufacturing jobs.”

Finally something we can agree on. Bravo.

14. I am Against Community Choice Aggregation

“At this time, I cannot support Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). With the current information available, it is unknown if residents could save considerably in energy costs. I am weary (sic) of CCA as I don’t think it is a great idea for the City of Huntington Beach to become an intermediary in providing energy. We can barely maintain all of our current services. More research must be done before such a dramatic change in energy transactions is made.”   

“At This Time?”

How about just plain “No” Brian?

CCA is based on dubious claims of environmental benefits, and appears to be the mutant offspring of the California energy crisis of 2000- 2001, when market manipulation by “Energy Traders” like Enron, stuck it to the California ratepayers hard.

My opinion?  Hell no!

You have to think twice about this?

Of course that was 16 years ago, so your lack of knowledge regarding energy scams can be partially forgiven, I suppose. You never got hammered by the corporate criminals.

15.Goal: Renegotiate Garbage Collection Rates.

“I endorse the goal of renegotiating garbage rates with Republic Services. Rates increased to $20.57 per month this year and will likely continue to rise as long as we are in this contract with Republic Services. The current contract puts Huntington Beach at having the fifth-highest waste rates of the 11 cities that contract with Republic. It is essential that we guarantee a top two rate or that we get out of this contract so that we can shop for a better deal for residents.”

Burley conveniently ignores the fact that previous ineffective “Elected Officials” negotiated a really shitty contract.

I am a Contract Administrator by profession. I laughed when I read the Rainbow/ Republic contract, because it was just so bad and one-sided.

But, as the Clash sing in “All the Young Punks”, “a contract is a contract when they get em’ out on you”.

There are specific legal requirements  regarding contract termination, this contract having an insane clause that requires an 18 year notification for termination, unless Republic is in breach. 

However, other clauses give them ample opportunity to cure any breach. 

In other words, it is almost a contract in perpetuity, unless they can be found in breach and fail to cure the breach.

Great Job City Officials!

Sounds good though Burley. And perhaps that’s the point of this proposal?

16. I am against districting.

“Districting will strip all Huntington Beach voters of six votes. Opponents say that districting gives minority groups a stronger voice, but that simply is not the case for our community. Our city has great geographic diversity of minority populations and districting will simply hurt all voters instead of helping a few . It is important to mention the other negative externalities of a districting system. Special interests will likely have to spend a lot less money to have an influence on district elections. Council members will undoubtedly make backroom deals with fellow members on votes that can improve their districts. We don’t need the “you scratch my back, I ’ll scratch yours” mentality that comes with districting.”


17. I am in Favor of Improving Public Safety and Combatting (sic) Rising Crime.

“I believe our reaction to rising crime needs to have a three-pronged approach

that includes diagnosis, prevention and evaluation. Diagnosis- Our Police Chief mentioned that we have had slight crime increases in each of the past four years. He described this as one to two additional crimes a week. For further diagnosis on the increase of crime and what our city does, I believe we need an independent review of everything our city does in terms of public safety. Prevention – While we need officers patrolling all around our city, from my perspective, we haven’t done a good enough job at putting officers in our crime hot spots. I would prioritize having enough officers patrolling parts of our city that are more susceptible to crime. This issue is partially because of the low number of officers we have available. Police Chief Handy mentioned that we are operating at bare minimum numbers in terms of Police Officers on patrol. When an officer must go to book someone,no one is available to take that officer’s place. Evaluation– Transparency is important. Residents currently must do their own research to find out the facts, such as that this year has seen the highest amount of officer-involved shootings in the last decade. The city should streamline data for public consumption and our city should report to the people on the results of the changes being made to address public safety concerns.”

Really Brian? an “Independent Review”?


Political Science majors tend to be enamored of “Task Forces”, “Commissions”, “Independent Reviews”, etc.

They usually wind up being a collection of pointy heads pontificating and bloviating and result in little real change.

I think the Chief of Police has his finger on the pulse of whats happening and is doing his best at deploying his resources in an efficient manner.

I would prioritize having enough officers patrolling parts of our city that are more susceptible to crime.

We already maintain substations in high crime areas.

I think Burley’s proposal is just another expensive waste of time and resources.

If Burley disagrees, perhaps he should pursue the job of Police Chief.

Let the professionals handle the task of  implementing Law Enforcement.

We don’t need to politicize it any more than it already is, with Council-members micromanaging the process.

The job of a Councilperson is Governance, not Management.

18. Proposal: A Call for an Independent Review of Public Safety

“I am calling for an independent review of everything our city does regarding public safety concerns. An impartial and credible group should conduct this review. The outcome of this review should show our shortcomings when addressing the issues of drugs, homelessness, theft, drunk driving, assaults and shootings. After this review , I want our Council and Police Chief to acknowledge our problems and thereafter craft a proper plan on how to prevent crime and make Huntington Beach a safer city.”

How about a “Consent Decree” Brian, if you think our problems are so severe?

Give me a break.

Again, Let the professionals handle the task of  implementing Law Enforcement.

We don’t need to politicize it any more than it already is and we don’t need Political Science majors running the show.

What exactly would this “independent review” cost the city Burley?

Again, The job of a Councilperson is Governance, not Management.

19.Proposal:Restore Police Department to Pre-Recession Numbers by 2025.

“Our Police Department currently has 222 sworn officers.Before the Great Recession, there were 237 sworn officers. Police Chief Handy has asked for four additional officers a year. We should set a goal of 237 sworn Police Officers by 2025. This goal will give our Police Chief more flexibility and manpower to confront the rising crime in our city.”

Brian, there is a standing job posting on the City website.

The Police Department is always recruiting.

Yes we need more Police Officers and no, a City Councilman is not going to expedite the hiring process through dictates, proclamation and sheer force of will.


20. I Support Police Chief Handy

“At the time of this proposal the Huntington Beach Police Officers Association (POA) and Police Chief are not on the best terms. When I asked Police Chief Handy how this would get resolved, I did not get a clear answer. I understand the politicization of this topic currently. Our Police Chief wants our officers to wear cameras for accountability as do most residents including myself. The POA has concerns about adequate resources for fighting crime. Both sides are understandable and should be equally valued. If I am fortunate to serve on the Council, I will give our Police Chief a chance to address the problems we face. But if the political back and forth continues to overshadow the goals of our Police Department, all options will be on the table.”

Handy is ambivalent towards Illegal Immigration issues, refusing to cooperate with ICE and creating what is a de facto Sanctuary City.

In addition, his hands off approach to dealing with the homeless in Huntington Beach has only exacerbated the problem.

Not my favorite guy in Huntington Beach.

But Handy is open to changes in pension formulas and hiring new recruits from the academies, that are not vested in the abusive CalPERS system.

The POA is against body cams because it records their behavior and removes the ability to engage in activities like reprisal beat-downs behind shopping centers and openly hostile responses to things that cops tend to get pissed about.

But I think Body Cams are a good idea, if only for the fact that if a cop and is shot and killed in the line of duty, it might result in the apprehension of the killer, or show that a defendant is lying when he claims to have been the victim of excessive force.

Besides, a little Vaseline on the lens will fix that right up.

The Union thugs need a lesson in reality.

Consult with the OC Sheriffs Dept. and obtain an estimate for the cost of replacing the HBPD. We own the cars, the motorcycles, the aircraft, the facility.

The HBPOA merely represents hired staff. They can be replaced.  Easily.

Despite my lack of love for Handy, I would rather see him prevail then the Union Thugs.

21. I am in Favor of the Preservation of Open Spaces, Parks, and Beaches.

“Much like my position on High Density Development, I will do everything in my power to preserve the details that make Huntington Beach such an amazing place to live in. That is why I will make it my goal to preserve our open spaces, parks and beaches. I am

in support of the 17th Street Park and the Huntington Beach Playground on the sand. My proposed infrastructure spending increase will allow us to maintain some of the best parks around.”

I Agree. Preserve Open space and Parks.

I don’t think there’s much danger of losing a Beach.

Your “proposed infrastructure spending increase”  results in a reduction in some other area of city spending.

Please identify the part of the budget that takes the hit.

22. Goal: Huntington Beach Becoming Fully Non-Toxic

“Our city began a pilot program to test non-toxic pesticides in our parks earlier this year. In my opinion, Huntington Beach going non-toxic is a must. The use of non-toxic pesticides will realize long -term economic savings and improve the health of our residents. As long as we can control costs and ensure safety of any alternatives, our City should work to become fully non-toxic in the future.”

Great. Why not. Sounds good.

Check off all the boxes, Brian.

23. I am in Favor of Local Government Reform

“I understand that some residents fear that changes to the way we do things in government will make things worse. I tend to think reform of the way we do things can make things better as long as we have the people’s wants and needs in mind first and foremost. If we don’t make any changes to the way we do things then things will only continue to get worse. It is often said that doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is the definition of insanity”.

Can anybody figure out what the heck Brian Burley is trying to say here? I can’t.

It’s like one of those statements politicians make at a debate that sound good at first until you realize that they have said absolutely  nothing.

24. Proposal: Call to Remove City Manager Fred Wilson

“With all respect to our City Manager, it is time for a change. Fred Wilson was in many ways the crafter of the debacle that was the City of San Bernardino bankruptcy, and that alone is reason to not allow him to lead our city. We need change at the top of our leadership structure and that starts with our City Manager.

I agree with Burley that Fred Wilson needs to go.

The only problem is he will no doubt be replaced after a “diligent search” ( that the city will probably outsource) with some other loser.

City managers bounce around from city to city on a regular basis, with each having been shown the door somewhere else.

That’s why they are available.

In my opinion. they are all hacks.

25. Goal: Impose Strict Term Limits on City Council and Mayoral Office Holders

“Currently we have pseudo-term limits. Council members serve two consecutive terms, then they take two years off and can come back for two more terms. This system is pointless; either we are going to have strict term limits or we are not having term limits at all. I am calling for stricter term limits to help put an end to the revolving door of special interest candidates. My plan is to enforce two four year terms. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Our current system allows special interest groups to harvest and it breeds a good ol’ boys mentality in City Hall. There is an overabundance of qualified candidates in our city. Unwillingness by Council members to change this system shows their lack of faith in the abilities of qualified individuals in our community. This will take a charter amendment. We should work to end this system and implement a more functional, credible term limit system .”

Good call. 2 terms period. Up or out.

How would you accomplish “Your Plan” Burley?

That is the real question here.

This requires consensus. 

26.Goal: Implement Mayoral Elections

“Another faulty system we have is that of ‘appointing’ mayors. We do not have Mayoral

elections, yet on our city’s website, it states that our mayors are ‘elected in (insert year)’. The people of the city should choose their own Mayor. I am calling for an end to this system of illegitimate Mayors. We need real elections in order to have real Mayors. I believe in the people’s right to vote. I believe in a government by the people and for the people. Those who want to be Mayor should have to campaign for it on a set of ideas and proposals – this is something lacking from our current system . Mayors should have two four-year terms and that is it. This will also take a charter amendment. We should strive to make our Mayoral position more than just a resume builder and ballot designation for politicians to exploit during their re-election campaigns”

I agree. Lets elect a real Mayor in 2020.

27. I am in Favor of Reining in Government Spending.

“With unfunded liabilities, a depleted police force, and other inadequate spending, there is a growing need to reduce spending. I am calling for more efficient spending from our city and that includes looking at different departments’ shares of the budget a

swell as excessive salaries.”

Burley just got done calling for an expansion of spending.

Granted, it was all bullshit, so I am inclined to think this is more of the same,  although I agree with the principle.

28.Goal:Pay Decreases on City Manager and Assistant City Manager Positions.

“Our City Manager makes over $260,000 and our Assistant City Manager makes over $200,000. These positions could easily be paid $160,000 and $100,000 respectively and our City would still draw strong candidates. I f we are going to continue to pay this much for our City Manager, then maybe we should hire someone who did not oversee the bankruptcy of another California city. Cutting the salaries to the numbers suggested above would save our city over $2million over a decade.”

Brian now wants to branch off into Human resources territory and set what he feels are appropriate salary levels.

Why stop there Brian? Lets just revamp the whole city salary schedule. They are all overpaid.

I find a City Council candidate that wants to micromanage HR decisions, highly problematic and troubling.

Council members Govern, Brian, they do not manage.

29.Goal: Police and Fire Spending Below 50 Percent of Budget by 2050

“The Police and Fire budgets in the proposed 17/18 budget total 54.7 of the budget. I believe that our Police and Fire should maintain increases in dollar amounts in the budget, but the percentage of the pie needs to get smaller over time so that we can have a well-balanced budget. That is why setting the goal of getting our Police and Fire combined budgets under 50 percent is a goal we should set out to achieve.”

Ludicrous. Somehow, the paradox of “increases in dollar amounts” vs. The ” percentage  of the pie”, escape  Burley.

I guess if you wish for it, it will happen.

30.Goal: Prioritize Hiring of PEPRA Employees.

“CalPERS reforms came in 2013 in the form of California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act (PEPRA). PEPRA set caps on pensions of “$118,775 for New Members participating in Social Security and $142,530 for New Members not covered by Social Security” for 2017.  While these pension caps are still high, it is in our city’s best interest to hire employees that will fall under PEPRA pension as their pension costs are much more affordable than classic CalPERS costs.”

This statement tells me everything I  need to know about Brian Burley.

He has no backbone for demanding fundamental change  and throwing off the yoke of the Public Employee Unions.

All that effort wasted Brian.

To end on that note, was everything I needed to hear, in fact if you had simply started with that assertion, I could have tossed “HB2025” Straight in the trash and done something productive.

“HB2050 is the most sophisticated platform any Huntington Beach City Council candidate has ever run on..”

Brian Burley,  you are simply delusional. It’s full of holes.

We already have our share of delusional politicians and candidates.

I’m glad we have an opportunity to see what you represent.


Frankly, im not the least bit interested, nor impressed.


Congratulations. You have climbed the ranks from Nothingburger  to Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


Looks good, smells good.


No meat whatsoever.


Feel free to respond Brian. You have me blocked on social media, but my comments run wide open, without moderation.



A Slow Death.

Allow me to preface this piece by saying that I hold police officers in the highest esteem for the crappy job they do, dealing with a non stop parade of violent criminals, bloody altercations, obnoxious, disrespectful citizens and wimpy police chiefs that are largely political creatures.

That being said, there are numerous myths related to cops, with regards to death rates and ages that influence pension formulas for cops and their families.

The following was posted recently on HBCF, a community forum on Facebook comprised primarily of Huntington Beach residents.


HB Cops are engaged in ongoing contract negotiations with the City and are attempting to flex their union muscle to oust Rob Handy, who while not my favorite guy in the world due to his hands off approach to illegal immigrants and the homeless, deserves thanks for his willingness to address the pension liability issue in the city.

No doubt the author is the spouse of a cop, one who stands to benefit from generous pension formulas, as the spouses of cops continue to receive the cops pension when he passes away. In fact cursory investigation turned up evidence to support my assertion.


The writer is repeating the pervasive myth that the life expectancy of cops is far less than the average. She cites no facts, but simply repeats what is no doubt published in the HBPOA Union newsletter as “fact”.

A simple check of the CalPers actuarial tables is all that is required to debunk this “fact”.

Many of the figures I will quote are in fact out of date and are taken from the 2009  book “Plunder” by former OCRegister columnist, Steven Greenhut, a book that should be considered required reading for anyone interested in the truth about pension liabilities and the time bomb they represent to every HB Citizen.

download (1)

Paholski is simply repeating the “findings” of the Police Policy Council, a police advocacy organization, one that cites”job stress and sleep deprivation” and the “high number of Workman’s Comp Claims”  among other factors that back up their “findings”. 

Many American workers have high stress jobs and suffer from sleep deprivation.

As far as the Workman’s Comp Claims, Cops and Firefighters have long figured out how to game the system, miraculously discovering a disabling injury exactly one year from retirement, thus getting an extra year off and protecting  half their pension from taxes.

If Police Officers and firefighters died as early as Paholski States,  there would be no unfunded liability problem.

But according to the CalPERS actuary, police and firefighters actually live longer these days, which isn’t surprising given that the earlier people retire and the wealthier they are, the longer they tend to live.

Here is the CalPERS life expectancy data for public safety members (police and fire, which are grouped together by the pension fund):

  • If the current age is 55, the retire is expected to live to be 81.4 If male and 85 if female.
  • If the current age is 60, the retiree is expected to live to be age 82 if male and 85.5 if female
  • If the current age is 65, the retiree is expected to live to be 82.9 if male and 86.1 if female.

Let’s not even talk about the Officers and Firefighters who retire at 50, with the insane “3 percent at 50” rule, a rule that has only boosted the pension crisis into overdrive and accelerated the ticking clock on the Pension time bomb, while officers that retire at 50  go on to start a whole new career in their “retirement “.

Don’t even get me started on all of the “Spiking” scams, referred to by the Unions as “enhancements”… using the final year of employment as the basis,( with that long delayed promotion kicking in, due to the good old boys network) including overtime ( a major cause of that ” sleep deprivation”…) and unused vacation and sick pay in the formula…among other crazy stuff.

Isn’t it bad enough cops actually get paid to put on and take off their uniforms in the bizarre “Donning and Doffing’ Union work rule?

Really? Your kiddin me right?

Greenhut’s observation from “Plunder”…

Police and Firefighters have an oftentimes tough and dangerous job, but many Americans have oftentimes tough and sometimes dangerous jobs. This needs to be kept in perspective. Public officials need to deal in reality rather than emotionally laden fantasy when considering the public policy ramifications  of pensions”.

Let’s examine data from the Bureau  of Labor Statistics regarding Fatal Occupational Injuries by Occupation. The following data ranks occupational deaths by Job Description and area:

  • Transportation and Material moving – 26%
  • Construction and extraction-19%
  • Management -11%
  • “Other” comprising less than 1 pct.- 9%
  • Installation, Maintenance and repair- 7%
  • Police and Firefighters- 6%
  • Farming, Fishing and Forestry-5%
  • Sales and related jobs-5%
  • Production Occupations-5%
  • Building and grounds Cleaning-5%
  • Office and Admin support- 2%

Not quite what you expected?

Now is the time to confront the 500 lb. Gorilla in the room and demand fundamental change from all city employee unions.

It’s time to switch to the defined contribution retirement plans that the public largely receives, and stop the bleeding.

Failure to do so will only result in a slow death to the City’s ability to function, in much the same way that the United Auto Workers bled GM dry, resulting in millions of Americans who held Stock in GM, including many elderly retirees, left with worthless pieces of paper.

Step up City Council. Stop kicking the can down the road.

I will lend you a Sledgehammer, no charge…because that is what it takes to make these guys come to the table and bargain seriously.

Maybe even a flamethrower at this point as the union employees are dug in and refuse to emerge from their protected bunkers to negotiate a realistic solution.


If HBPOA doesn’t like what’s on the table, open up discussions with the Orange County Sheriffs Department & explore alternatives  to the strong arm tactics of the Police Union.

It could always be worse. You could be patrolling Santa Ana or Compton.


The Company You Keep.

Harley Rouda was a registered Republican, who gave at least $9,200 to Republican congressional candidates from 1993 to 2007, and nothing to Democratic candidates during that period.

Rouda donated $1000  to John Kasich in the 2016 Primary campaign.

He has now switched party affiliation and appears to be the Democratic front runner in the 48th District, a seat occupied by Congressman Dana Rorabacher, who has represented Huntington Beach faithfully since 1989.

I always tend to doubt the integrity and question the motivation of party jumpers. Political affiliations tend to be based on deeply held beliefs that are not easily expendable.

Rouda is one of  a whole slew of “Dana Slayers” lined up to take him on, convinced that this is “finally their chance” to flip his seat.

It is the stuff of epic comedy, as Rorabacher will no doubt retain his seat yet again, in what will probably be a closer fight than usual for Rorabacher.

But Dana will be returning to Washington DC, to represent HB at least until the end of the first term of President Trump.

None of these pretenders has what it takes to bounce the much loved Rorabacher, in spite of the predictions of the pundits. 

The pundits did such a good job with the 2016 Presidential election…no?

Rouda is out on social media, attempting to taint Rorabacher with the usual liberal narrative. “White Supremacists” , “Russia”..blah blah blah…

Check out this recent tweet by Rouda:

20171125_012733.pngRouda is not referencing me in his tweet, but a writer with whom I share a common name.

No doubt he will think it clever to claim I share an ideology with this writer…progressives tend to go that route when they are left holding the bag and have nothing …look no further than Greg Diamond at OJBlog…  Cue the noise…

Note Rouda’s clever parting shot.

You know, I tend to agree with Rouda’s assertion that you can tell much about a person by the company they keep.

In spite of his assertion in his “official bio”, where he pumps up his progressive cred and mentions that he is involved in fighting domestic violence,20171125_074158

Harley Rouda keeps company with none other than Huntington Beach wife beater, habitual drunk driver, animal abuser and sexual abuser, Victor Valladares. 


Click to  read Kristen Sullivan’s piece on Valladares…

Click to read my rebuttal to Valladares blanket denial…

Apparently, Rouda bought into the charismatic energy of the smiling sociopath and delegate to the Democratic Central Committee…

Here’s Rouda getting cozy with Valladares at a recent HB City Council meeting, where the two chummed up and discussed who  knows what…perhaps the best way to push your wife down a flight of stairs and get away with it…( details soon on HBSledgehammer).


Rouda was probably introduced to Valladares by Gina Clayton Tarvin, Valladares mentor, a woman who carries on the Democrat tradition of Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstien in trying to discredit women brave enough to come forward and tell the truth about the secret behavior of sexual abusers and predators.

Click here for more on Tarvin’s new low in HB Politics…



Certainly Rouda can’t plead ignorance of the facts…no doubt one of the almost 18000 HBSledgehammer viewers , the vast majority of whom are 48th District voters,had to tip him off that Valladares and Tarvin were HB’s Toxic twins…


Indeed, Harley Rouda, you certainly can tell a Lot, about the company a person keeps.

Word on the street is that OC Dem ladies have already gotten wind of Rouda’s continued association with HB’s Toxic Duo and will have much to say about it!

Bravo Ladies!

In other news, 48th District Dana Slayer, and shameless panderer Boyd Robert’s also stands with the wife beater, Victor Valladares.

Roberts is a nothingburger so HBSledgehammer frankly dosen’t much care either way about who he chooses to support.


*All commentary expressed herein is scrutiny of public officials or declared candidates for office and remains, fully protected first amendment speech*





A new low in HB Politics. Gina Clayton-Tarvin accuses battered wife of lying from the dais.

At a meeting of the Ocean View School District on Tuesday November 14, 2017,    Gina Clayton-Tarvin basically accused the Ex-Wife of Victor Valladares, Breannia Lalama, of being a liar, joining Victor Valladares in his cowardly attempt to dodge personal responsibility for his behavior.

Valladares is Tarvin’s protege. She has mentored him and is attempting to elevate him in the ranks of the Orange County Democrat Party, and has introduced him to benefactors that finance his various activist adventures.

I will not comment on the nature of Tarvin’s relationship with Valladares. I certainly have no information on why Tarvin’s husband Derrick filed for divorce from Gina Clayton Tarvin on April 19, 2017. Perhaps the two issues are related. Time will tell.

Click here for public records on this case that she will no doubt have sealed shortly.

Breannia Lalama

After Breannia Lalama bravely recounted her experiences being physically, sexually and verbally assaulted by Valladares and mentioning Tarvin’s unusual relationship with her ex-husband, including the fact that she was listed as a potential character witness against her in a custody hearing, and that Valladares had said that Tarvin would be watching his kids during one of his custody periods when he was out of town, instead of simply returning them to their mother, Tarvin issued the following heavily nuanced  statement from the dais, effectively calling her a liar: 

Lastly I’d just like to say that there was a lot of spirited public comments, and while I appreciate the um, willingness of people to come forward and speak, unfortunately sometimes what they say is untrue.”

Read between the  lines… she just called her a liar. Her statement at this point is directed to Brianna Lalama’s entire speech, recounting years of abuse at the hands of Valladares.

“And um, I deny what was said about me, it’s just flat just not true.

Note the key word…”And”. She is separating the two statements she has made. She has just called Breannia Lalama, a battered woman, a liar.

And it’s unfortunate that I have become a target in this town just for the mere fact that I’m a Democrat. And I think that many of you probably heard, that many of the speakers came and said the word Democrat”.

“You probably heard that. There were like 4 of them that said it. Democrat. Democrat. Democrat. Democrat. Liberal, union, you hear there’s a theme.

Her behavior seems to be right in line with other Democrats…click here to contrast and compare…

“I’m a target because of a political affiliation and that’s unfortunate. So, in any case, no matter what, everyone has the right to come and speak, in a civil manner, but I just don’t agree with what you said.”


Tarvin listed as a “Character witness” for Victor Valladares, along with Mentor and supporter, John Briscoe and “Republican” Patricia Singer…

Wait….didn’t she just make this statement…..

“And um, I deny what was said about me, it’s just flat just not true.

I keep promising the readers to refrain from profanity. I’m sorry. I just can’t.

Gina Tarvin is an asshole.

Blowing off a battered woman to detract from her own involvement in the overall picture.

Then having the gall to deflect…. by (Like Valladares…) blaming it all on a “right wing” conspiracy against “Democrats”.

Where have I heard this before?

Oh, from Victor Valladares!.. dodge, deflect…unfuckingbelievable, lady…

She should be censured for this behavior by the rest of the Board of Trustees and news media outlets notified of her stance and her comments.

It’s not political Gina. Its not Democrat or Republican.

Its a fight against assholes in government.

Self absorbed, narcissistic, arrogant, lying assholes.

That’s what this is about. You will never get it, will you?

Postscript… please be patient while I continue to compile and go through all of the eyewitness accounts to Victor Valladares behavior regarding the abuse of his ex-wife. At this point, the are too numerous to review.

They will comprise part of my rebuttal to his 2nd pathetic blanket denial.

In the event that you still find issues with Chuck Johnson, please note:

I Still…have been kind enough not to shame Victor Valladares for his Kim Jong Un haircut. That…would be a cheap shot….

Shame on you Gina Clayton Tarvin. You are a loathsome creature.

“All crimes are paid”…

We mean it man…..

justice for


A Rebuttal to Victor Valladares recent statement.

I will preface this piece with the admission that I am certainly no role model for acceptable behavior. I have many instances in my life of behavior that I am ashamed of.  But then again, I’m not the one trying to pass myself off as a leader. That being said, let’s move on to my response to Mr. Victor Valladares. -ed.

Editors note: In Order to establish the context of this post, I have updated it with the words of Victor Valladares Ex-Wife as a way for the reader to fully understand the nature of this post. They are published directly below:

“About two days after last Halloween, he was drunk again and got mad at me and in front of his two sisters, now 21 and 17 years old. He said to me he would cut my throat and watch me bleed out quicker than the cops could come to save me. He has thrown my kitten off a two- story balcony and his sister also witnessed that.”

“He got naked and was begging me to sleep with him. I told him no, over and over again, he started to get mad, I had my car keys in my hand with my finger in the loop. He grabbed my wrist and twisted it and started ripping the keys out of my hand. I started hitting him to let go of me but he just got stronger. After he got the keys he said that I wasn’t going to leave and demanded me to get his clothes for him. I told him to get them himself and that’s when he made a fist and made a gesture that he was going to hit me. I jumped up and ran for the door and he jumped up and grab my arm and pulled me back.”

“He has abused me verbally for over four years. Has called me a fat whore, a nasty bitch that is nothing but a nasty slut, a whore, cunt, bitch and many more things. He has threatened to kill my father in front of people.”

I will stop momentarily to display a video of Victor Valladares arguing with his Ex Father in law. Note the behavior of both men. The snarky attitude of Valladares speaking with the concerned father of his ex wife, who obviously has reason to despise him. It is obvious who is seeking conflict. His father in law tries to disengage and walk away. Valladares bird dogs him and plays coy with his questions. Much respect to the Father in law for not pounding him into the pavement. Perhaps that was Valladares objective…

“He put his forearm on my neck and told me I better tell him everything as he was pushing down with his forearm on my throat.”

“He has made many threats to me all while he is under the influence of beer. He has said he will never stop drinking and has been drinking for six years plus. He has a bad drinking problem. I get scared when he is intoxicated because he is mentally unstable and I don’t know what he’s capable of.”

“I’m asking him to move out and immediately check into a sober living program for his drinking. And not to harass stalk or follow me at home or my parents house.”

“I called the police. They came out and Victor wouldn’t open the door. I ended up driving to my dad’s house. In the morning he didn’t remember much because he was drunk the night before. He drinks every day and heavily and gets mad if I don’t have sex with him.”

Victor Valladares released a statement November 10th’ 2017 categorically denying the validity of the information presented by a guest contributor, Kristen Sullivan and published on HBSledgehammer.com, November 8th 2017, regarding his involvement in various forms of abuse inflicted on his ex wife.

Click here for Kristen Sullivan’s Post on Victor Valladares for an understanding of this dispute..

Here’s Victor’s response;


As expected, he deflects and denies all allegations, effectively painting both myself and his ex wife as a liar.

First, some background. This piece was written by Kristen Sullivan, a Democrat, who requested equal time to refute some of my assertions in the past and who is concerned  with the way her Party has come off the rails.

She submitted the piece regarding Valladares to me for review on November 6th, 2017 with no backup.

Naturally I was interested in publishing it, but refused to do so without the necessary backup to affirm her allegations.

I sat on the piece for a day, until I received the documentation necessary to substantiate the allegations and reviewed the documents in question. All of the authors records were obtained through public records searches.

After review, I deemed the piece fully vetted and elected to publish it.

I went as far as to confirm the details verbally with those affected.

The truth is an absolute and complete defense in any potential libel suit.

Victor is a public official. The First Amendment to the Constitution holds a special place for scrutiny of public officials.

It is not a “Hit Piece”.

As a father of three kids, I’m concerned about those who might be in leadership positions in the future and be in a position to enact policies that would create a negative impact on the lives of my kids.

Valladares is in no way qualified to lead.

His socialist political agenda is at stark odds with my own.

It’s not a “GOP” thing.

Certainly anybody that has read my work knows I have no compunction  about going after “Republicans” when they go off the rails.

It’s not a “racial ” thing. I embrace racial and cultural diversity,  despite the false accusations of my detractors. My issue is Illegal Immigration and the negative impacts it has on society and inept leadership that creates increasing hardship on California families.

I believe Valladares is a sociopath, pure and simple.

I’d like to take this opportunity to deconstruct Victor’s obviously  ghostwritten statement line by line.

No doubt, Victor put out a call for help in trying to spin this whole thing away.

The words on his statement are the words of consensus, drafted in concert with his supporters, vetted and approved for release after much agony, in a last ditch attempt to save his credibility.

Be aware, they are ultimately the words of a liar, one who is willing to throw his ex wife and the mother of his children, under the bus in a last ditch effort to salvage the wreckage of his personal behavior.

Please consider this…

The Statements of  Victor Valladares Ex Wife were given under oath and duly signed under penalty of perjury.

Far more convincing than the words of an individual releasing a “Statement” on a social media platform, designed for self promotion … One with no legal repercussions regarding the accuracy of the statement offered.

Facebook…is not a replacement for real life. Do not be fooled.

Go back and read the words of his ex wife. They reek of authentic details, offered up in resignation from someone resigned to the fact that they were married to an abuser and decided they have had enough.

Victor Valladares carefully crafted response stinks of desperation. The desperation of a cornered rat, fighting for an opportunity to escape a hungry house cat. The words of a desperate liar, caught in the act.

Judge for yourself…

Let’s have a look at his “response” and evaluate it.

It’s come to my attention that a vicious campaign to attack me is being comducted”.

Incorrect. This is a campaign to expose Victor Valladares for what he truly is. In my opinion, he is a sociopathic bully, unfit to lead.

In a reprehensible act of cowardice, a local Huntington Beach Resident who blogs under the pseudo name “Sledgehammer”….

Incorrect. My name is Chuck Johnson. It appears after every post that I write and publish. I’m not hiding from anyone. Hbsledgehammer.com is the name of the website, not the author.

who attempts to pass himself off as a “writer”…

I’m not attempting to pass myself off as a writer. My work speaks for itself. Feel free to enjoy it or despise it. I really don’t care.

and self proclaimed provocateur…”

One man’s provocateur is another man’s champion. It’s all a matter of perception. 

has written absolutely false, libelous and defamatory lies about me, my ex-wife, and our dissolution of marriage and subsequent custody issues…”

Incorrect: I have published nothing but the truth. I stand by every word I’ve published.

If anyone were guilty of that charge, it would be Victor Valladares by his inference that his ex-wife’s charges are false.

Victor is hiding behind a “her word vs. my word” defense and is displaying a loathsome defect of character consistent with his other behavioral problems.

Most people would tend to find this behavior reprehensible, with the exception of Victor’s associates and supporters, who tend to adopt an attitude that anything is fair, as long as they accomplish their goals…

“The ends justify the means”…

Make no mistake. This “Hit Piece” which attempts to defame my character is nothing more than a political smear”…

Incorrect: As I previously stated, I am the father of three kids. I’m concerned about those who might be in leadership positions in the future and possibly be in a position to enact policies and legislation that would create a negative impact on the lives of my kids.

I cannot stand idly by and watch as a person I consider to be a sociopath, ascends the ranks of political leadership, enabled  by people that are unaware of or simply do not care about about the serious defects of character displayed by Victor Valladares. 

By alt-right agitators who even the Republican Party disavows.”

Alt-Right” is a meaningless designation coined by the liberal media. It is now used in the hopes of  inferring a sinister intention on the part of the intended sluree and is employed whenever a progressive wishes to attempt to discredit someone with a conservative viewpoint.

It joined the ranks of “Neo-Con” and “Fascist” as a useless political buzzword after the 2016 election.

I have not been “disavowed” by anyone in the Republican Party with the exception of the RINO’s and fence straddlers that would sell their soul to get elected, the same ones that I go after and will continue to go after.

I know the “Republicans” Victor speaks of, and they will continue to hear it from me.

Political parties are meaningless and somewhat indistinguishable from one another anymore.

I just don’t care for unqualified leaders of either party, being elected to positions where the poor, politically motivated decisions they make, impact my family and myself in a negative way.

This person has continued to harass my family, my neighbors and my community on an almost daily basis. This is completely reckless.”

This is categorically false. Other than a recent telephone conversation when I inquired about a jailed illegal immigrant whom Victor was championing, I have had no contact with Victor Valladares, his neighbors nor the “Oak View” Community, if that is what you are referring to, in quite some time.

My “Community” is Huntington Beach.

Apparently Victor Valladares’s  “Community” is limited to the “Oak View” area.

The last face to face encounter Victor and I had was at a HB City Council meeting months ago, when Mr. Valladares followed me out to the back deck of the HB City Council chambers when i went outside to take a call and have a smoke and Victor   proceeded to start a loud argument.

And as far as “Reckless” goes, getting behind the wheel of a car while drunk, as Victor Valladares has done on multiple occasions, resulting in multiple arrests, rises to the top of what I or most people would consider “Reckless”.

 “What is the most heart breaking of all, is that [IMO] my ex-spouse who I still care about as a human being and respect as the mother of my children is working with this man to attack me.”

Victor claims to “respect” the “mother of his children”…yet she testified under oath that he called her foul names, physically and sexually abused her.

Victor Valladares  continues to harass her for daring to communicate with me.

She has the right to associate freely with anyone she chooses.

Valladares is frantic with anxiety over the fact that the only link to the truth behind his past and his behavior has bravely chosen to speak out about his defects of character and decency and has made numerous attempts  through threats, veiled or otherwise, and coercion tactics in an attempt to silence her.

Just as he uses threats of litigation in an attempt to silence my voice. Just as his mentor Gina Tarvin has done in connection with critical posts on social media. He has learned much from his mentor.

Valladares  should just consider himself fortunate to have such a dedicated and loving mother for his children. The only one who has attacked anybody…….is Victor Valladares which you shall see below.

“Her actions to conspire with this man are all documented…I have not done what she ssedly(sic)… “said under oath”

Why the “Quotation marks Victor?”

Here is where Victor Valladares crosses the Rubicon.

He has crossed the line of no return and has now publicly accused his ex wife of lying in a desperate bid to silence the truth, gambling all on her continued silence and the potential for people to consider the source.

Certainly not a bet I would be willing to make, considering the nature of Valladares accusations.

He is so defective that he is willing to throw his ex wife under the bus.

Valladares’s verbal abuse apparently continues…only now on a “social media” post.

Victor has elected to go “all in” and accuse his wife of lying. Not a wise move. The possibility of potential blowback is so severe, that again, it reeks of desperation.

Let’s hope Victor’s “Documentation” is better than the documents I will publish below.

Remember Bill Clinton? And the classic …” I did not have sexual relations with this woman”…

Harvey Weinstein. Anthony Wiener. Bill Cosby. Victor Valladares. 

It would be laughable, were it not so pathetic and false.

She never pressed charges because she knew they were false. The OCDA’s office could have and would have charged me irrespective indeed if there were a crime to prosecute. There wasn’t one.

This is a blatant logical fallacy.

“They did not charge me with a crime, therefore no crime took place.”


I inquired to an attorney friend of mine and received the following response…

” That assertion is ludicrous… The District Attorney is not required to prosecute people for crimes they are alleged to have committed. It is a discretionary function of his or her job. “

I think it’s safe to say from from the testimony of Victor Valladares ex wife that he is an unpredictable, alcoholic sociopath given to fits of drunken rage. Most women would probably fear a response.

Many women live with their abusers, afraid of the consequences that befall losing a breadwinner on a woman’s children and the economic uncertainty of a husband in jail.

Still others suffer from low self esteem and begin to think It’s their own fault for  being abused.

I tend to think It’s readily apparent why she refused to press charges and I think those not blinded by Victor’s charisma would see right through Victor’s statement.

No doubt the DA’s  office would refuse to prosecute a case in which the primary accuser refuses to testify, even if they have enough evidence to do so.

They evaluate cases on their ability to win them before an indictment. 

Without the primary witness, the case would be difficult to prove and not worth investing time in by a D.A. ‘s office already overburdened by thousands of cases

“This has yet to reported to the family court, but now will become a subject of legal action..”

Yet another threat.

Victor just can’t keep from shooting himself in the foot.

Again, Victor’s Ex Wife has every right to communicate with anybody she chooses. Unless there was a gag order in place on related issues, Mr. Valladares  past behavior is fair game and germane to the issue of custody.

I’m aware that at one point, Victor Valladares went so far as to list John Briscoe, Erik Peterson and Gina Tarvin as character witnesses in a custody hearing, with the hopes that their standing  as “Elected Officials would somehow lend credibility to his arguments.

I believe that Victor never even bothered to ask Peterson, on the assumption that he personally had enough clout to do so without asking.Briscoe and Tarvin, would probably comply with his request. They are his enablers and champions. Peterson seems to have wisely distanced himself from Victor, the monster he helped create by naming Victor to a city commission without adequately vetting him.

I’m not sure how that all worked out. No doubt I could find out if I so choose to do so.

 Victor’s Ex Wife and I have had minimal communication. The “conspiracy plot” exists only in  the anxious  mind of a man who is terrified of the reality of his past and the possibility of it coming to light, just as it is now. His reaction is hardly surprising.

I will be more than happy to testify on his Ex wife’s behalf regarding what we discussed. The vast majority of it pertained to her new infant son, who was a difficult pregnancy and not made any easier by her ex -husbands  self centered behavior.

What I do admit to having, in the past, a problem with drinking and DUI’s.  I regret this, have been punished for it and have paid my debt to society, as I should….”

Let’s look at that statement light of what Victor’s Ex-Wife had to say about it. She described his drinking problem. It is pretty apparent that Victor  Valladares displays the behavior of an alcoholic.

If you ask anyone who is an alcoholic or has been involved in a relationship with one, the only cure is total abstinence.

Yet Victor still is actively drinking.


A common delusion that many alcoholics possess is that somehow, they are different from other people and have the ability to control their drinking and that they “have it under control”.

Victor seems to think that he has found the magic cure for alcoholism and now can drink like an “Ordinary Gentleman”.

Apparently  Victor Valladares has not learned a thing from the 12 step programs he was no doubt mandated to attend  as a condition of his sentencing for multiple DUI’s.

His behavior is eerily  similar to that of his friend and mentor, Vern Pat Nelson, Editor of the Orange Juice Blog, who is facing a sentencing hearing soon for a felony 5th DUI and has been accused of sexual harassment by Anaheim Mayoral candidate,  Lorri Galloway. Nelson also issued a predictable blanket denial.

Click Here for more on Vern Pat Nelson and Victor Valladares.


” I vehemently deny any and all of these charges made by this blogger  and intend to assert my rights to undertake litigation to stop this pervasive “character assassination”

Why, of course Victor  denies any and all charges.

No doubt he thinks this is  a “He said-She said” situation and his charisma and charm will carry the day.

Hes been able to fool people for quite a while already… why would he think he couldn’t pull it off again?

Regarding ” Litigation” ?

Bring it. I have all the documentation to prove my case ( and more), and as stated, the truth is an absolute and complete defense to any charges of libel,…if he can find an attorney stupid enough to take his case, then go for it. It will be a pleasure to dismantle his pathetic arguments.

Just make sure you let him read this first.

All the way through.

“No matter which party you belong to, you know that this sort of depraved behavior and out of control behavior needs to stop if we are to move forward together as one in this country. Please continue to stand with me for what we know is right.”

Look no further than the video below for a fine example of depraved and out of control behavior. After watching that,and reading about his treatment of his Ex wife I’m not sure I want to stand anywhere close to Victor Valladares. Leave me out of your “togetherness”.

Valladares is trying to walk into politics backwards. Most politicians develop a degree of personal success before venturing into politics. Valladares has no professional skills to speak of. Its obvious he wants to be on the public payroll as a politician as a career.

Let’s take a look at some of Victor Valladares  recent behavior. I will let you decide whether he exercises sound judgement and  whether or not he displays the qualities one looks for in a potential leader.

After reading the documents posted below, the testimony of his ex wife and observing Mr. Valladares lack of good judgement, Ask yourself if this is the type of “Leader” you want for your kids at any level? City, State or Nation…?

Who the hell would be stupid enough to post a video like the one below on their Facebook page? 

The fact that the video below was quickly  deleted from his Facebook page was perhaps the only example of sound judgement he has offered.

Unfortunately for Victor, there is an army of people that are more than happy to provide everything required to paint an accurate picture of reality, unlike Victor’s “Alt-reality” version.

The video you will see below was shot at a Seattle gay bar, R Place November 10th, 2017.  Victor Valladares  features prominently in the initial footage.

I have no comment on Victor’s sexuality. Certainly that is his own prerogative.

I won’t  even comment on his Kim Jong Un haircut. I’m no hairstyle shamer.

Most people are smart enough not to broadcast themselves shirtless especially when it involves a simulated BJ from a fat ugly drag queen while half naked male dancers are watching from the wings.

Perhaps Victor was just there for the “Great music”.

Victor’s recent trip, was probably financed by his sugar daddy, Doug Applegate, who in yet another strange twist of fate, is now facing charges of his own… Click here for details.


Victor Valladares at RPlace, Seattle Washington, November 10th, 2017. Now apparently using Kim Jong Un’s barber.


Is this the type of absolute lack of prudent judgement that you want in a leader?

Below you will find the documents sent to me by the author of the piece in question. Read them and form your own opinion regarding who is the liar in this case. I think you will arrive at the same conclusion I did regarding who is truthful.

For anybody that wants to discredit the source, you only continue to discredit yourselves if you choose to continue to support this man.

If this is the best the Democrat party can do, surely it will be a cakewalk to retain and win new seats for the GOP.

I still have some files that I am sitting on lest this prove insufficient to convince even the most ardent admirer of Victor Valladares.

I’ll ask the question one more time. Is this the kind of leader you want in your children’s future? Or your own for that matter?…I’ll pass.

And whats a HBSledgehammer post without a good punk song? You thought I forgot?

All statements are the opinion of the author.



It’s time for the Democratic Party of Orange County to reject Victor Valladares.

Physical Abuse. Mental Abuse. Sexual Abuse. Animal Abuse. Alcohol Abuse.

Not long ago, I wrote on this blog that I felt it was important to Orange County Democrats that “rising star” activist and Central Committee 72 AD member Victor Valladares finally address his lengthy arrest record. He has yet to do so publicly and to my knowledge has not shared any specific details with party leaders. When the topic is brought up he seems to do little more than attack the messenger, or outright deny that there’s even any evidence of an extensive record.

In February 2014, he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. That arrest also included a resisting public officer charge and he pled guilty to both of these crimes. Within just a year he had violated probation, was taken into custody, and placed on three years probation. The records also show that in May of 2015 he was sentenced to 60 days in jail and then placed in an 18-month multiple offender alcohol program.

He’s now on probation until August 2019 according to these court records. He has also been forced to attend victim impact counseling. There is more in regards to the drinking, there are other convictions, but for me, nothing as serious as case #130005854. These are the domestic violence charges, filed by his former wife, in 2013. One incident in question took place 6/23/13, and the report was filed the next day.

These are some of the direct quotes from the report:

“About two days after last Halloween, he was drunk again and got mad at me and in front of his two sisters, now 21 and 17 years old. He said to me he would cut my throat and watch me bleed out quicker than the cops could come to save me. He has thrown my kitten off a two- story balcony and his sister also witnessed that.”

“He got naked and was begging me to sleep with him. I told him no, over and over again, he started to get mad, I had my car keys in my hand with my finger in the loop. He grabbed my wrist and twisted it and started ripping the keys out of my hand. I started hitting him to let go of me but he just got stronger. After he got the keys he said that I wasn’t going to leave and demanded me to get his clothes for him. I told him to get them himself and that’s when he made a fist and made a gesture that he was going to hit me. I jumped up and ran for the door and he jumped up and grab my arm and pulled me back.”

“He has abused me verbally for over four years. Has called me a fat whore, a nasty bitch that is nothing but a nasty slut, a whore, cunt, bitch and many more things. He has threatened to kill my father in front of people.”

I read his ex-wife’s words and I want to cry. They haunt me. I lose sleep over the thought of a mother who is so petrified that she can hardly function.

“He put his forearm on my neck and told me I better tell him everything as he was pushing down with his forearm on my throat.”

“He has made many threats to me all while he is under the influence of beer. He has said he will never stop drinking and has been drinking for six years plus. He has a bad drinking problem. I get scared when he is intoxicated because he is mentally unstable and I don’t know what he’s capable of.”

“I’m asking him to move out and immediately check into a sober living program for his drinking. And not to harass stalk or follow me at home or my parents house.”

“I called the police. They came out and Victor wouldn’t open the door. I ended up driving to my dad’s house. In the morning he didn’t remember much because he was drunk the night before. He drinks every day and heavily and gets mad if I don’t have sex with him.”

Let those words sink in.

Jose Moreno, Jeff LeTourneau, Greg Diamond, John Briscoe and other men that mentor and help groom Victor, did you ever vet him? These are public records. What kind of “men” are you?


More importantly, given the brutality of these words, what about all the women that support Victor? I’m talking to you Connie Boardman, Lorraine Pinsky, Margaret Friedman, Monica Brasov-Curca, Nina Chapman, Lorena Ortega, Mirvette Judeh, Farrah N. Khan, Diana Carey and especially Gina Clayton-Tarvin. Let’s give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you know nothing, which I highly doubt. What do you say now about these charges?

I have learned that the victim in this case ended up not pressing charges. Why? Because she feared for her safety. There are photos in the case file that show some of the bruises.

With charges of physical abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse and even animal abuse, in my opinion it’s time for OC Democrats to outright reject Victor Valladeres on all levels. Community leader? This is outrageous. If he was a Republican, many of us would be going crazy over the lack of provided information on his background. We can’t have a double standard. We need to demand these answers equally, from both sides when people decide to step into the public arena of politics.

Maybe he will say she is lying. That is what he says about everybody there criticizes him. But she made the statements under oath. If she’s lying, that would be perjury, which is a felony which could carry major jail time. Would she really risk being separated from her children to make up the stories? And what about the photos of her that were taken the day after she reported the incident? Did she make those up too?

She swore under oath that these things happened. Is Victor willing to swear under oath that they didn’t?

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.26.11 AM

To get a real sense of this person, just look at the images he posted recently. Think about what his former wife said about his beer drinking and his behavior. Think about the 18-month alcohol program he just finished. Think about the DUI offenses. And then look at what he choose to post just a week or two ago.

Can this person be trusted?

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.29.54 AM


Heres a handy link to this post in Spanish…. Click here for the Spanish Version.

(all information obtained through freely available public records)

Editors note: This piece was fully vetted for accuracy and truthfulness. If Victor Valladares wants to challenge any of these assertions for accuracy and honesty, an invitation stands.

If it can be proven that any of these allegations are false, I will gladly issue a retraction and an apology.

But that will never happen.

Deflect. Deny. I will answer your Facebook post line by line.

You’ve got my phone number Victor. 

Call me anytime.

You are a liar. Flat out. I have proof. You can spin it any way you like Victor. And watch your credibility crumble…like your ex wife did under your blows. The sad part  about your threats of litigation…when I countersue  and win a judgement,you don’t have shit to attach.

You can’t even pay your child support.

So just like Schenkman and his dick shriveling with his threatened districting  lawsuit you tried to initiate before the blowback became too intense,  you will slink off into the shadows of obscurity. 

If you think you have a chance at prevailing in a lawsuit,  by all means…bring it.

The truth is an absolute and complete defense. I’ll sleep easy tonite Victor.

You?  Not so much.

By the way, stay out of gay bars and drag shows in Seattle. And by all means, don’t get a simulated blowjob from a fat drag queen…

Somebody might send me the video.

Oh heck…what do you know…

They already did! Imagine that.

You’re such a liar…

Para Bellum.


Click here for….How to spot a liar.