Some people are more terrifying than others…But not to Gina Clayton-Tarvin.

Gina Clayton-Tarvin claims she was “Terrified” and “Fearful for her life” in her perjury filled request for a TRO that she filed against me. Yet somehow psychopathic leftists… are OK. Mr. Bob Barnett, a washed up attorney, issues a veiled threat against “CE”… we all know the track record of the “Tarvin Family” with regards to successful lawsuits. Bob, is delusional, just like his buddy Gina, the queen of hypocrites and pathological liars everywhere… (maybe that’s why she seems so cozy with him this past weekend).


This is the same psychopath that issued death threats against a standing congressman.




In Addition to calling folks “pedo niggers”


He calls some of his opponents “Retards”.









Such an upstanding progressive..

Death Threats, Using inappropriate terms for folks and lying about them WHILE GOING AFTER THEIR JOBS….

Yet Tarvin, a campaign rep of Harley Rouda, seems to have no issues hanging out with this psychopath. But I suppose that would make sense for a pathological liar.

As Harley says, you can judge people by “The Company You Keep”...

Click here for  “The Company You Keep”….





The Tarvin Files.

Gina Clayton- Tarvin went on a Kamikaze mission, to shut me up, with a perjury filled document, obviously prepared with the help of co- conspirators, in what is often referred to as a SLAPP suit. ( Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation).

She tried to dress it up in an ill fitting suit of victim-hood and lies, per her usual modus operandi.

On May 9th, 2018, I appeared in court to defend an attempt by Gina Clayton-Tarvin to obtain a permanent restraining order against me for a variety of charges, many of which had to have been provided to her by co-conspirators, due to the fact that Clayton-Tarvin had me “Blocked” on Facebook and would be unable to see my commentary.

Tarvin also filed a companion suit, alleging “Harassment”, “Libel per se”, & “Intentional infliction of emotional distress”.

Some of her “Charges” of “Threats” in the TRO were beyond ridiculous, and blatantly amounted to identifiable perjury. Her initial filing was filled with intentionally crafted inflammatory language, designed to obtain the desired result, which was a Temporary Restraining Order.

In one instance, she went so far as to scrape a comment from a Facebook conversation between myself and 2 friends,and frame it as a “threat” against her.

The level of disingenuous evil was on full display, and easy to identify.

She attempted to rush me into court with little time to prepare.

I complied with all of the requirements of the TRO, including surrendering my firearms to he HBPD for temporary storage pending the outcome of the hearing.

Tarvin called all of the media outlets and crony journalists that she has on speed dial, to trumpet the fact that she had obtained a TRO.

Most people fail to realize that the defendant. in an attempt to obtain a TRO has no chance to rebut the claims until the hearing date.

The Judge is always forced to err on the side of caution, and since Tarvin’s intentionally inflammatory claims painted me as a psychotic madman, Judge Timothy Stafford granted Tarvin’s request for a TRO.

It’s kind of sad that our justice system has a mechanism for people to remove 1st and 2nd amendment rights without due process, for even a short period, while the defendant awaits his or her hearing date, but it is what is.

I suppose it’s always better to err on the side of caution, so I bear no malice against the Judge, who was hoodwinked into granting the TRO, one which Tarvin promptly used as a media device to paint herself as a terrified “Victim” ,

And one which was promptly reported on by her hack for hire journalist friends, such as Gabriel San Roman at the OCWeakly and Priscilla Vega of the LA Times/ Daily Pilot and Alma Fausto of the OCRegister. ( I was surprised that they did not hand the piece to Tarvin’s Lapdog, Greg Mellen.)

Since I am not stupid enough to walk into combat without ammunition, body armor and reinforcements , I requested and was granted a continuance from the original April 18 Hearing date to May 9th, 2018.

I was able to study the filing in depth and rebut it so that my attorney could comprehend what seemed a bizarre case to begin with, and begin formulating a solid beatdown to the insane claims presented in Tarvin’s filing.

On May 9th, I prevailed in this sad, pathetic episode, and the Judge denied Tarvin’s request.

The following morning, she withdrew her Civil harassment case. That was probably a wise move, because it was so weak, that her attorneys must have confronted her afterwards and advised her that they would refuse to represent her, probably fearing sanctions from the Judge for a ” false filing” which would subject them to penalties from the Courts.

Either that, or Tarvin simply realized that the jig was up, and that she would get legally annihilated by my attorneys and myself, and be on the hook for thousands more dollars.

I was actually surprised to see her pull the suit so fast, since Tarvin is so arrogant and believes that she is somehow anointed, that I was convinced she would be willing to enter the Colosseum for another Gladiator show, one that would result in a quick and brutal loss to the pathological liar that is Gina Clayton- Tarvin.

Find below the documents related to this case. I will list them chronologically by name and purpose.

Tarvin’s Initial filing of a civil suit, unredacted:

Summons and complaint – Tarvin vs. Johnson

Tarvins Filing for a Temporary Restraining Order, unredacted;

TRO – Filing Tarvin Vs. Johnson

I complied with the Courts demand that I surrender my firearms until the hearing date, and filed a ch800 form with the courts, losing my second amendment rights to a perjury filled sworn declaration by Tarvin.

Property Reciept – Firearms- HBPD

The TRO Hearing date allowed me little time to prepare a response so I filed for a continuance:

Tarvin Vs. Johnson – Continuance

My attorney asked me to rebut the filing. The Filing consists of a series of Amendments at the end of Tarvins TRO filing. Find Below my analysis and rebuttal for review by my legal counsel in order of response to the amendments. Every word I say, is absolutely true. These were prepared by myself in order to provide the context and truth to my counsel.

These documents….represent the absolute truth of the case. I challenge anybody to demonstrate otherwise.

Rebuttal to attachment 3b

Rebuttal to attachment 4

Rebuttal to 7a and 7b

Rebuttal to 7a 4 and 5

Proof of any claims in these rebuttals is available upon request. Also, if you care to challenge what I assert…..

email me at : surfcitysledgehammer@gmail.com

We filed CPRA Requests with the City of Huntington Beach Police Department.

2018-04-17.PRA Request to City of HB Copy

We finally obtained the following documents in return, indicating Tarvin knew full well, that her charges were not deemed credible threats. She even tried to use a joke that I wrote to Mayor Mike Posey, who was visiting John Moorloch, asking him not to consider endorsing lunatic John Briscoe, as if that had anything to do with anything…


My attorney began crafting our formal response, which was submitted to the court.

Response to Request for Restraining Order

My attorney also prepared an Anti Slapp filing, and submitted it to the courts, which will be heard by Judge Timothy Stafford in June…. The same Judge Tarvin Called “Reckless” after her beatdown. Thanks Gina!

No doubt Stafford will take that comment into account when he decides whether or not to whack you over the head for thousands more in legal fees in June 2018, dumb ass…

Tarvin Vs. Johnson Anti-SLAPP Motion

In a nutshell, The Judge realized Tarvin was a nutcase.

He blasted her attorneys for bringing a weak case to the court, and gave me a beatdown because… you know…”We should all be nice..” lol.

Verdict? Case Dismissed. Just as I knew it would be.

The Following day, Gina Clayton- Tarvin withdrew her even more ridiculous civil suit. Since I am preparing to leave to go out, I will return to finish this piece, with the breakdown of the civil suit, annihilated line by line, (Just so Gina Tarvin will know the level of damage she would have sustained, had her attorneys not told her to drop the case, either because they knew it was too weak or weaker than the TRO, or they, like many people, had grown sick of her lies, and were too embarrassed to represent such a head case, under threats of an Order To Show Cause why the civil “harassment” suit should not be dismissed out of hand for false filing, and both attorneys and client sanctioned and fined.

Nice Try Gina… better luck next time.

Your Participation Trophy is in the mail… and remember…

“It’s all for the kids…”



A Pathological liar…

Gina Clayton-Tarvin continues her campaign of pathological lies…one that will no doubt result in yet another court date. This time, I will be in the plaintiffs chair..Good Luck Gina!

You are going to need a miracle to escape the impending financial doom coming your way…just sayin…


Gina Clayton-Tarvin Sued me and all I got was this stupid T-shirt…

stupid tshirt.jpg

In an absolute kamikaze mission, Gina Clayton- Tarvin strapped herself into a Baka bomb, destined for a one way attack into legal oblivion.

Pulling down the shoulders straps in her Baka Bomb, Tarvin walked in to court May 9th to do battle with me and my supporters.

She pulled the release lever and launched her mission… one from which she was guaranteed no return.


Tarvin need not learn how to land.

There was no returning from this attempt to shut down HBSledgehammer and that “Psycho” Chuck Johnson.

Desperate people take desperate measures. Somehow, despite the crocodile tears and the Oscar worthy performance, Tarvin ran into a wall of cannon fire, once my wingman Chris Epting hit the stand.

Epting fought off a perplexed judge, then managed to unload a brutal volley that left Tarvins Baka bomb smoking, spinning and falling.

He was quickly followed on the stand by myself, and despite my insane effort to control my rage, no doubt some of it managed to show thru and I simply proceeded to dismantle her case, line by line, exhibit by exhibit.

I pumped a few more rounds from my cannon at her attorneys and her aircraft and banked hard right as Norm Westwell flew tail positon and brought up the rear…Westwell put even more holes in her flaming, falling aircraft.

My attorney then managed to hit her with a massive wall of first amendment flak from which she could not escape.

Her suicide mission ended as it should… with her weapon falling harmlessly into the sea, with all of us cackling and laughing about what a crappy pilot she was, and how easy it was to shoot her down.

Her high command must have seen that that they were up against far harder targets than Tarvin had let on, and promptly ended the second phase of Tarvins offensive and dismissed her ridiculous Civil “Harassment” suit the following morning.

The Judge actually chastised Tarvin’s attorneys for the terrible case they presented, gave my attorney a subtle beatdown for his lack of prep and calling me “Mr. Wilson”… ( promptly corrected to Mr. Johnson… told me to ” Just be nice…” or some shit like that..He apparently wasn’t a fan of my dark humor, nor my foul language…


He then informed Tarvin and Myself that he didn’t want to see either myself nor Tarvin in his courtroom ever again… so Gina… behave yourself.

I won’t. Not a chance in hell.

But Gina, you had better behave amd stop it with the bullshit lawsuits… No doubt Stafford will remember you and just tell the bailiff to get this lying sack of shit out of my courtroom before my head explodes from having to listen to your lies and tales of victim-hood.

Anybody out there think that I’m going to play nice?…. Bwhahahahah!

Not a chance. It only get worse from here on out. Briscoe, Souders, Singer.. get out there and start taking your swings in the on deck circle.

You are all part of the problem. a problem I’m now even more dedicated than ever to solve.

Think of it as a public service.

My next release will include all of the court documents related to this case. Judge for yourself.

Develop a clear picture of what just went down may 9th. You are going to have to wait while I structure it perfectly, in chronological fashion, so that you develop a solid understanding.

But by the time you are finished reading what will no doubt be a long piece, you will have all the tools required to understand Gina Clayton- Tarvin…. and why I fight so damn hard against her… so damn hard, that she tried to sue me out of desperation, to shut me up.

The Sledgehammer counteroffensive has been in the planning stages for quite a while now.

The advisors are quietly amassing the battle plan. It involves numerous pending battles.

Perjury. Conspiracy. Malicious Prosecution. Defamation.

And yeah… intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Ever read the “Art of War” by Sun Tzu? I have.

It sits on my nightstand. I read it a lot. I highly recommend it to anyone. The man is a genius.

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”

“Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.”

“Be extremely subtle even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.”

Sun Tzu~ The Art of War.

Gina, whoever convinced you to walk into a minefield with a blindfold on, did you no favors.

You and I will be intrinsically linked for life… or at least as long as your working career… you will see that deduction check after check for “Garnishment”.

And I will save it all in a special account so that my son and i can surf Costa Rica for two weeks straight once he hits sixteen. Thanks.

See you again in court soon. And don’t worry…. It wont be C-66 with Stafford. You can try out the waterworks on a whole new judge.

But no doubt, the result, will be much the same.

See you at the next OVSD meeting!


Time for truth…

Im decompressing this morning….enjoying a smoke and a cup of coffee at my favorite table to write at over at Harrys… I have much to say about my court battle yesterday…Trust me…its coming….i just need to settle in with my laptop and it will flow like water…be patient readers…i promise a world of fun!

Tarvin apparently yanked her bullshit “defamation” suit…no matter…shes still going to pay my attorneys fees…

And if Ms. Clayton -Tarvin thinks thats the end of this…think again Gina. Im in discussions with a gentleman who worked in the DAs office for 20+ years and identified the elements of perjury in your filing and offered me a knowing smile. Then comes comes malicious prosecution. Then we move on to a “real” defamation case, before closing with a intentional infliction of emotional distress.

I think its time for truth Gina. All the crocodile tears in the world won’t save you now….lawyer up bitch.


I don’t owe you anything.

I thought I knew all it took to bother you
Every word I said was true that you’ll see
How could it be I’m the only one who sees your rehearsed insanity
I still refuse all the methods you’ve abused
It’s all right if you’re confused let me be
I’ve been around all the pawns
You’ve gagged and bound
They’ll come back and knock you down and I’ll be free
I’ve taken all and I’ve endured
One day it all will fade
I’m sure
I don’t owe you anything
I had no other hand in your ever desperate plan
It returns and when it lands words are due
I should’ve known we were better off alone
I looked in and I was shown
You were too
I’ve taken all and I’ve endured
One day it all will fade
I’m sure
I don’t owe you anything
I’ll stick around and learn from all that came from it

My War.

On D-Day, June 6th 1944, thousands of brave allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy to begin the process of ending the tyranny and 5 year murder spree of a madman.

Many brave and scared young men died in a hail of bullets and artillery fire from ammunition and bunkers built by slaves and Jews condemned to a sinister fate. God rest all of their souls. Job well done boys. I can’t wrap my head around the sheer bravery and balls it must have taken to push forward once the door to landing craft crashed down into the water and and withering fire ensued..

May 9th, 2018 is D-Day in My War. A war against an unqualified tyrant that occupies local office. One that has schemed and plotted, and left a massive wake of devastation and division in the process of attempting to climb the political ladder. One that is a pathological liar that believes she is beyond reproach and criticism for her actions and words.

Im walking point in this mission.

I am surrounded by an army of people that have pushed me forward…and given me the strength, courage and resolve to forge on in the face of evil. I won’t name names. You know who you are. A deep…deep, heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you. I am ever grateful for your support and always will be.

My attorney may not like to see this post. Frankly, I don’t really care. I possess a level of confidence and a commitment to justice that will only help me in this battle. No one can take that away. No one.

The stage is set. The offensive hardware is nearly in position. The guns have been cleaned, checked and sighted. The battle plan is still in the final stages of preparation, but is garunteed to create an overwhelming victory.

The aftermath of the opening salvo will no doubt result in on ongoing meatgrinder of continued opposition from the enemy. We are prepared for the long haul. The supply lines run deep.

The final victory will be bittersweet.

In the end, we will emerge, dirty, unshaven, tired and exhausted. But will will celebrate our shared struggles and savor the results.

On May 9th ,when I give the final order to commence firing , I will rain down hell on earth. And I won’t stop until we blow up the monuments to Ego and Lies that we have been fighting for a while now.

Hunker down boys…Synchronize your watches. The clock is ticking…

Welcome to My War.


Goin’ Surfin…

So my 13 year old son has decided he wants to learn to surf. I don’t think anybody can even comprehend how much joy that brought me…. something I’ve thought about and dreamed of for years.

The opportunity to help him progress quickly…to help him avoid all of the same mistakes I made. The opportunity to teach him about design elements of surfboard construction. The opportunity to teach him about the impact on waves, from tides, swell direction, bottom contours and all the rest…

The chance to go on some road trips to different places north and south..The chance to teach him about the history and legacy he inherits from all of the HB surfing greats that have gone before him.


The opportunity to teach him proper wave etiquette…the chance to travel with him to some faraway destinations and experience that….the chance to explain the finer points of style so he doesn’t become some spastic kook flailing around and learns to incorporate some elements of style and grace into his surfing…

I get to watch his upper body grow strong from endless paddling. I get to watch him begin pushing his boundaries and taking off on larger and larger waves…I get to be there when he finally works up the physical endurance, ability and confidence to push over the ledge and drop into a massive bomb that may hurt or kill him…

And if I’m still up to it by the time he is ready….I get to drop in on him and stuff him deep in the barrel while I laugh my ass off…that… will be FANTASTIC!

And perhaps even be there to pull his unconscious ass up onto his board and force all the water out of his lungs and revive him. after a massive beatdown in some waves of consequence .

After that, I will do what my old man used to do to me…just tell him…”Your OK…get back out there …don’t be a pussy! ..LOL

I think I’m most looking forward to an early Autumn day in the near future when we can score an evening glass off session with the sun slowly sinking….just sitting on our boards talking bullshit while waiting for a set, while a pod of dolphins cruises by 10 feet away…

Welcome to surfing son. May it bring you every bit of joy and learning experience it has offered me. You take your place in a long history of HB boys who decided they wanted to turn the ocean into their personal playground.

You are going drag the old man out of retirement and help me to help myself in ways you will never know.

I’ve been waiting for you kid…lets do some summer dawn patrols before I go to work this summer…

Overjoyed? Are you fucking kidding me? That’s an understatement…


Smash it up!

When I was a kid, my Dad was my baseball coach and sideline advisor when I played tackle football.

Old School…My Father was not one to offer sympathy and believed in “Playing Hurt”. If you came off the field whining about getting your bell rung, he would check your pupils for 2 seconds and say ” You are OK… Get your ass back out there. Don’t be a pussy.”


If you suffered an ankle sprain, the old fucker would break out the tape and wrap it like the seasoned pro that he was, smack you in the helmet and repeat the mantra… I can hear like it was yesterday…

” You are OK… Get your ass back out there. Don’t be a pussy.”



For those who are unaware, I was bitchSLAPPED by a true bitch. I wont bore you with the long speeches…I was asked to stand down for a while and sit on the bench.

I’ve never been a fucking benchwarmer.

With the blooming California conservative push back in full bloom, I’m not sitting idly by and watching from the sidelines while everybody else has all the fun.

Fuck that.

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play….

We’ve been cryin’ now for much too long…

Smash it up!



HBSledgehammer University: Online Syllabus-ETHICS 104 – SLAPP Lawsuits.

Welcome to HBSledgehammer University:

Online Education. ETHICS 104- SLAPP Lawsuits.

Professor: Miss Smith. 714-536-9303 email: mssmith@HBsledgehammer.edu


We have prepared this syllabus for your use.

In this class, we will cover the fundamentals of what constitutes a SLAPP Lawsuit.


Next we will cover why SLAPP Suits are filed Including:

  • Attempts to silence political critics
  • Attempts to intimidate political critics
  • Confusion over the intent or direction of a statement.
  • Inability of a public figure or business to accept the fact that they are disliked
  • Inability of a public figure or business to effectively accept open criticism
  • Paranoia
  • Mental Illness
  • Being a total asshole
  • And Finally, Bat Shit Craziness

The class will then review important case law pertaining to SLAPP suits including:

  • HUSTLER MAGAZINE, INC. V. FALWELL 485 U.S. 46 (1988)
  • Scott v. McDonnell Douglas Corporation (1974) 37 Cal.App.3d 277, 288.
  • Fox Searchlight Pictures, Inc. v. Paladino (2001) 89 Cal.App.4th 294, 308.
  • Barrett v. Rosenthal, 40 Cal. 4th 33, 41 n.4 (2006
  • Ampex v. Cargle, 128 Cal. App. 4th 1569, 1576 (2005)
  • Franklin v. Dynamic Details, Inc. (2004) 116 Cal.App.4th 375, 385. 
  • Chaker v. Mateo (2012) 209 CA4th 1138, 1148.
  • Ghafur v. Bernstein (2005) 131 Cal.App.4th 1230,1238.

Finally, we will cover ANTI SLAPP law Including:

  • The severe financial consequences of filing a bogus lawsuit
  • The embarrassment of having your ass handed to you in open court
  • The potential for the intended “Victim” of your SLAPP suit to mock you mercilessly
  • The feeling of abject failure resulting from having your SLAPP suit tossed by a Judge within minutes of reading the complaint.
  • And a recap of the additional fees and costs that the Plaintiff will pay as a result of a gleeful attorney for the defendant taking the case on contingency.



She’s come undone…

Republished by overwhelming demand!

Evidence of Gina Clayton-Tarvin’s continuing struggle with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, was on full display over the weekend on Facebook’s Huntington Beach Community Forum.

For those of you unfamiliar with this disorder, the following description, from Psychology Today, seems to fit Clayton-Tarvin like a glove.

I will highlight in red, those symptoms that seem to be most prevalent, when it comes to Clayton – Tarvin’s behavior…

“Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Individuals with this disorder exhibit a lack of ability to empathize with others and an inflated sense of self-importance. 


The hallmarks of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are grandiosity, a lack of empathy for other people, and a need for admiration. People with this condition are frequently described as arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding. They may also concentrate on grandiose fantasies (e.g. their own success, beauty, brilliance) and may be convinced that they deserve special treatment. These characteristics typically begin in early adulthood and must be consistently evident in multiple contexts, such as at work and in relationships. 

People with narcissistic personality disorder believe they are superior or special, and often try to associate with other people they believe are unique or gifted in some way. This association enhances their self-esteem, which is typically quite fragile underneath the surface. Individuals with NPD seek excessive admiration and attention in order to know that others think highly of them. Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder have difficulty tolerating criticism or defeat, and may be left feeling humiliated or empty when they experience an “injury” in the form of criticism or rejection. 


Narcissistic personality disorder is indicated by five or more of the following symptoms:

  • Exaggerates own importance
  • Is preoccupied with fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence or ideal romance
  • Believes he or she is special and can only be understood by other special people or institutions
  • Requires constant attention and admiration from others
  • Has unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment
  • Takes advantage of others to reach his or her own goals
  • Disregards the feelings of others, lacks empathy
  • Is often envious of others or believes other people are envious of him or her
  • Shows arrogant behaviors and attitudes “

Tarvin was no doubt feeling cocky after the “HBHuddle” Democrat 48th Congressional district debate, basking in the adulation and ass kissing she no doubt received, while attending the debate proceedings of a bunch of liberal clowns that don’t have a chance in hell of unseating Dana Rorabacher, despite the forecast of the pundits that did such a great job of forecasting the 2016 Presidential race.

Tarvin, riding high on a crack-like hit of attention….

 published the following on HBCF, no doubt looking to extend her day in the spotlight:


Apparently Tarvin still continues to feel that she is beyond reproach, and continues her insane campaign to discredit and shame local author and celebrity, Chris Epting, who has made it his mission to hold Tarvin’s feet to the fire.

What ensued was a massive beatdown by Forum respondents who have seen through Tarvin’s persona, and have decided they don’t like what they see.

Tarvin’s ensuing meltdown  resulted in an accusation of “libel” and the predictable bitch move to shut down comments, only to reopen them to allow her minions a chance to salvage her dignity, after which she promptly closed comments again.








In a moment of epic comedy, Tarvin chimes in that HBCF is guilty of libel, only problem is, she was too quick on the draw, and posted a link to South African law, and made herself look like a complete  ass.


Tarvin gets her ass handed to her yet again, over and over…platter

4south african4south africa 3



In a hilarious move, Tarvin cites the results of a joke poll that was posted by HBCF Admin, Michael Daly, as if they were certified public election results...LOL!

She is searching in desperation for a way to control the narrative, on a post that she started, that blew up in her face.


She also continues to advance the narrative that this is all due to her political affiliation... she apparently still fails to realize that a lot of people…

just think shes an asshole.

poll moe

poll again

Tarvin loses it and accuses the Forum Moderator of libel for disagreeing with her assertion, upon which she promptly has her ass handed to her by the Forum Moderator:

Yvonne Beatdown.jpg

Mauro  hands Tarvin her ass yet again!


I could go on for days with the screenshots.. Tarvin did get some love from the usual sycophants…

Ultimate Tarvin bootlicker, Brian Swezea weighs in about his dreams…LOL

brian dream

And ever faithful Tarvin Idolizer, 

Heather Dowland continues to offer up that agape love…


No doubt, hypocritical Heather thinks the media attacks on President  Trump  are all certainly justified.

Dowland wouldnt recognize me if I rammed a shopping cart into her at Ralph’s, yet she has no problem dropping my name at OVSD board meetings and attempting  to villify my family and myself.  Dowland represents the pinnacle of Teacher’s Union thuggery and hypocrisy 

Earth to Dowland… There is no case. Just like Gina’s attempt to silence Ray Herrera.

There is one thing, however, that may help…Here’s the best advice anyone offered Gina.

It’s a shame that her NPD gets in the way of the solution, but for what it’s worth, this would prove highly effective…



Perhaps someday, Gina Clayton-Tarvin will wake up and the realization will sink in…

Theres a whole lot of people that don’t buy her self serving, phony persona.

Theres a danger in surrounding yourself with liars and sycophants.

I guess, you eventually start believing them…


Ready when you are…

Excerpted from the New York Times…

“In 1988, the United States Supreme Court, in an 8-0 ruling, broadly reaffirmed and extended its rules protecting criticism of public figures as free speech, even if the criticism is ”outrageous” and offensive.

The Court overturned a jury’s $200,000 award to the Rev. Jerry Falwell for ”emotional distress” over a Hustler magazine parody that portrayed him as an incestuous drunk.

The decision was written in sweeping language by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, who has often taken a narrow view of the First Amendment’s protection of free speech. 

He said that ”graphic depictions and satirical cartoons have played a prominent role in public and political debate” throughout the nation’s history and that the First Amendment protects even ”vehement, caustic and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks.” 

Press groups and civil libertarians applauded the decision as a welcome protection for editorial cartoonists in particular and commentators in general.

The Court effectively shut off an effort to make it easier for public figures to muzzle criticism and satire.

Concern for freedom of speech has led the Court, in decisions beginning with New York Times Company v. Sullivan in 1964, to apply the ”actual malice” standard in suits by public officials and public figures seeking compensation for false statements that injure the plaintiff’s reputation. The decision today extends that standard to suits in which the injury alleged is not to reputation but to mental well-being.”

At HBSledgehammer.com, we vet everything that we publish.

Nothing false goes out.

We engage in satire and wide open criticism, of inept and unqualified public officials, in the public interest.

To those politicians that suffer from mental illnesses, such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Paranoia, and feel that any critical comment is “harassment”, Libel, slander etc…. I’ve got news for you.

Chief Justice Rehnquist held in 1988, that even ”speech that is patently offensive and is intended to inflict emotional injury” on public figures is protected by the First Amendment if it does not include false statements made without regard for whether they are false.

Don’t ever forget it. We don’t.

We are HBSledgehammer.com

And we stand in open defiance of anyone who would silence our voices.

Bring It on. We’re Ready….


Surfing Orange County… North to South. A handy guide…

When we were young kooks growing up in what used to be known as California, surf sessions could span an entire morning, during which, you simply drove up and down the entire length of the Orange County coast, without actually surfing, until you threw up your arms and paddled out anywhere, because the wind was picking up.

This ritual was repeated by countless tribes of surfers, forever in search of something better than the cold gray dumpers that would await, when you pulled up to check Goldenwest St. or 17th St.

It was always assumed that some other spot would be better than the one you were actually looking at, when you paused to get out and check the waves.

Back then, we didn’t have WaveCams, or Surfline to tell us what spot was going off. The best we had was a call to the HB Lifeguard surf and weather line. The phone number is forever etched in my memory. 714-536-9303.

Knowledge accumulated over time, would give you the clues to decode where the waves might be the best. Swell direction and period, tide conditions, wind conditions, crowds and bottom contours were the equivalent of a sextant and astrolabe that caused you to continue onward, further South ( It was always South…) in your search for better surf.

Grab a cup of coffee…

Indulge me and click on the Sandals video below and let it play as we take a trip down the coast in search of better waves…

A typical wasted morning would often go something like this, North to South:

First Stop, Seal Beach

On the North Side of the Seal Beach Pier, San Gabriel River Jetty / Crabs will work on a big Southwest swell, and if you stay within the confines of the river mouth, wetsuits are optional, as the warm water released from Haynes Steam Plant warms up the water to 75 degrees, even in the winter time.

The North side of Seal Beach Pier is finicky and will show good on occasion… Right Place, Right Time.


On the South side of Seal Beach Pier, thick tubes result, when a big West swell moves in.

A large mushy A-Frame peak, that ends in a death match with the punishing shore break, will pop up next to the Anaheim Bay Jetty, ending in a bone crushing macker that will pile-drive you into the bottom and leave your wetsuit filled with sand, and your friends pointing and laughing as you are washed up on the beach, like a dying fish.

Next up, Surfside.

Surfside is an unpredictable wave, wholly dependent on the amount of sand deposited during the winter, either through natural wave action, or dredging of Anaheim Bay, by the Navy.

Because it was gated, we often drove right past, unless something good was showing, as we topped the bridge over the Bay and looked out.

The rest of Surfside tends to suffer the same sand starvation as Sunset Beach, further South and unless you live there, you miss out on the days when the right combination of tide, swell and sand fill results in fun uncrowded beach break.

In between the Surfside Jetty and Anderson Street, is a unpredictable low tide spot known as ‘The Hole”, which is really only something for the local boys to enjoy, since it is such a rare occurrence.

The dividing line between Surfside and Sunset Beach is located at Anderson street, which for some reason, is a collection point for sand, resulting in some peaky waves that are always a bit better than the surrounding area. Always hit or miss.


Sunset Beach works on a combination of a large Winter swell,  and low tide. When the sand fills in the outer sandbars, Sunset will go off, uncrowded and perfect.

The rest of the time, sand starvation and swell blockage from Catalina lead to crappy dumpers that only appeal to anyone who absolutely has to escape from the HB Crowds and is willing to suffer long waits for anything worth catching, if anything at all.

Catch Sunset on a good day? Don’t tell your friends about it.

Bolsa Chica

The sand begins to gradually fill in about a half mile South of Sunset Beach, resulting in the still unpredictable, but often good surf of Bolsa Chica.

Running the 3 miles from Warner to Seapoint Ave, Bolsa Chica works well on just about anything but rarely holds shape at size due to the intermittent sand replenishment. Outer sandbars will go off on the largest of swells, but will close out at a moments notice and offer you a solid beatdown.

Huntington Beach Cliffs.

Before the demise of street-side parking on PCH, this is where the North HB Crew called home.

The HB Cliffs work on anything. In the winter, the power can be deceiving.

Always a good time at HB Cliffs. Now, just walk in from the Dog Beach parking lot, if you can get a spot.

To Be Continued…


Scott Baugh. Evil Genius or Dr. Evil?

Scott Baugh’s entrance into the 2018 48th Congressional District race, has added yet another hilarious angle, to the epic comedy of local politics.

Just when OCDems were somehow convinced that they actually had a shot, at finally pushing Dana Rorabacher out of a seat that he has held for an eternity…

Rorabacher was first elected to Congress in 1989, back when a young and fearless pot smoking, hard drinking, HBSledgehammer editor, was dropping into Puerto Escondido bombs, while helping to turn South Orange County into an endless sea of tidy rows of matching stucco houses, with red tile roofs, while working for a myriad of home builders.

Your intrepid editor has since moved on, and no longer engages in any of those activities.***

Rorabacher, however, has maintained an Iron Grip on a Congressional seat that he has apparently superglued to his ass, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



There’s a reason Dana has held that seat for so long…

Because Dana is a surfer. He’s cool as fuck. He loves the US Constitution. He is on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs & the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.  He fought Communists in Afghanistan. He hung out with Ronald Reagan. He is a leader in the privatization of the Space Industry. He mocks the joke of “Global Warming” relentlessly. He flips the bird to the establishment on a regular basis. . He does a bong hit now and then. He likes to have a cold one. He’s Catholic. He’s fun at Christmas Parties. He has three awesome kids. His kids learned to play piano, right alongside my own.

His wife took the fall for an ingrate named Scott Baugh.

How many people can tell you that their Congressman surfs?


 I still find it inspiring that I could talk surf stories over a beer with my Congressman, and not be talking to a “Ho-dad”, even though I don’t think Dana would be dropping into any ‘waves of consequence” anytime soon.

 I take that back!

Here’s a top secret photo I obtained recently, from Hillary’s private email server, of Dana dropping in and stuffing Hans Kierstead deep in the barrel at Teahupo’o !

Nice Job Dana!


All this bullshit about Russia, is the same nothingburger distraction it has been from the beginning.

Now even Baugh, is repeating it. 


Huntington Beach is solid, dependable Red, when it comes to our Congressional Votes.

All the wine glass sniffing, smug, limousine liberals in Laguna Beach, who look down their noses at folks of my type, you know… that “Basket of Deplorables”… aren’t going to be enough to carry the day, let alone the shrieking progressive mavens of HBHuddle, nor the psychopathic stalkers of Indivisible 48


Stupid ass Harley Rouda, found himself on the receiving end of an HBSledgehammer “letter bomb” at the California Democratic Convention in San Diego, after hitching his wagon to the dynamic duo, Gina Clayton-Tarvin and Victor Valladares, thinking these asshats actually had their “finger on the pulse” of whats going down in HB.

Those that followed the link in this email, addressed to hundreds of party hacks, came away with the conclusion that Rouda was big on cash, big on flip flopping and party switching, and short on common sense, and endorsed Hans Kierstead.


All of the other “Dana Slayers”, will no doubt slink off forever into obscurity, but the fight between Rouda and Kierstead will rage on… all the way to the Primary. 

Both will be dogged relentlessly by your HBSledgehammer editor every step of the way…

Neither one of these ego driven blowhards will walk away. No Chance.

Speaking of ego driven blowhards….


Here’s one right here!

Just in time to punctuate my discussion of Mr. Scott Baugh!

Scott Baugh has been waiting quietly in the wings, like Prince Charles, for Dana Rorabacher to call it a day, for a while now, quietly amassing cash and resources for a shot at this seat.


  Dana, obviously re-energized by Trump’s Presidency, has decided to go out on top and stay put for one more term.

Like an impatient Prince in waiting, Baugh now has elected to engage in Regicide, and has exposed himself for the apparent self absorbed traitor that he is.

Unless, that is, it all a  ploy to deny a Dem a spot in the best of two runoff.

Which remains to be seen…

My Radar tells me, its not a ploy.


The Sledgehammer Crystal Ball  tells me that Baugh has finally lost his shit, dosent give a fuck, and sees a chance to strike.

All the more reason to despise him.

He knows that if it comes down to Dana vs. Baugh in the general election, that Baugh will gladly take the dirty win on the votes of the Progressives that hate Dana, progressives that would rather hold their nose and vote for an Establishment  hack, like Baugh.

If it’s not a ploy, then Baugh will add splitting the OC GOP to his list of accomplishments, which already includes being at the helm of the Party, during the largest contraction of OCGOP Party registration in history…

An “accomplishment” that resulted from an abject failure of outreach and education initiatives and an absolute failure to take advantage of new media.

NOT the changing demographics of the County, as Baugh will no doubt, insist…

Just Baugh’s lazy, Good Old Boy approach.

I will give you the only reason you need, to vote for Dana Rorabacher and send him back to represent our District in Washington….

We need to send Dana back, just to watch the heads explode on all of the smug liberals, who actually thought they were going to take Dana out, and “Flip the 48th”, and to demonstrate that despite the pontification of the pundits, and Baugh’s total failure to grow the Party, that we are still a serious force to be reckoned with.

That, alone, is reason enough to send Dana back to DC, for one last hurrah.

HBSledgehammer will continue this piece in a few days, with a full breakdown on Scott Baugh.

Who he was, who he is, what he hopes to become, and who his likely supporters are.

The Sober living homes. His Cronies. His Closet supporters.

All of it. 

Scott Don’t Surf…

***Maybe a few of those activities…


Sledge Album Review -Sugar ” File Under Easy Listening” – 1994.

I don’t care much for what passes for music these days.

Somehow, a guy wearing 20 lbs of gold chains, a fucking giant clock and a mouth full of gold teeth, boasting about the size of his cock and his handgun collection, dosen’t hold much interest for an old punk rocker like me.

There are a few hip hop acts I do like.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals comes straight to mind.

Anybody that can sample “Resevoir Dogs” dialog and drop it into a song about robbing banks while high,is alright by me. And they actually play musical instruments. I first heard these guys on BBC 1  on the car radio, when I was driving from Newcastle to London. They were big in England, but somehow never caught on in the US.

While searching for a piece of music to punctuate a piece I wrote recently, I stumbled back across a record that I really dug long ago, that I hadn’t heard in a long while.

Bob Mould formed Sugar, in the wake of the disintegration of seminal midwest punk band, Husker Du.

“File Under Easy Listening” was a solid collection of tracks that earned a spot in my CD changer and never got removed. The production values were tight on this album. My hat is off to the engineer that miked and captured the crisp drum sound.

Mould’s songwriting was literary and funny. Combine that with a crunchy guitar sound and I’m all over it.


Gee Angel”

Panama City Hotel”

What you want it to Be”

The song I used recently..”Believe What your Sayin…”

“Your Favorite Thing”

I will dispense with the lesser tracks..there werent many.

I’m glad I grew up when music was real…I ill take an old record over the new stuff coming out anyday…

Not that there arent some great new bands, but they seem so few and far between and most of what passes for music anymore is formulaic retreads of last weeks hit…



Sledge Book Review: “Its All About Me”.

Megalomania can have a profound effect on people. Some sufferers even begin to believe the lies they tell.

Some go as far as to create a false history out of whole cloth.

People such as Mary Urashima, who invented the “Japanese Mission Trail” to embellish the history, or lack thereof, of “Historic” Wintersburg  in Huntington Beach, California.

Which brings me to a review of a book recently released by Gina Clayton-Tarvin, entitled “It’s All About Me”, published by Shyster & Shyster.

The 245 page volume documents Clayton-Tarvin’s harrowing episode,”lying on the floor with 35 scared kids, while a gunman roamed nearby”.

But the book is also a source of history behind other events in Clayton-Tarvins’ life, for which no record exists, because “they just didn’t keep records back then”.

Thankfully, the publisher was able to find photographic documentation of many of the events cited in Clayton-Tarvins book, with the exception being the aforementioned “gunman” scenarios, which Clayton-Tarvin insists happened “on many occasions”.

For instance, who knew Gina Clayton-Tarvin was present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

Not only was she present, but Clayton-Tarvin shares the secret that she actually wrote large portions of the document.

And who would have ever thought that Gina Clayton-Tarvin was instrumental in opening up the gold fields of California?

Not only instrumental, but it is now known that it was in fact, Gina Clayton-Tarvin, who actually discovered gold in our State, leading to the expansion of California…

We all know Gina is a social justice warrior, but who knew she was at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement?

As Gina recounts in her fact filled volume, “When Martin Luther King needed someone to write speeches and rally the crowds, no one was aware that I was actually working behind the scenes to accomplish those goals. They didn’t keep those kinds of records back then. “I Have A Dream”…was all me…”

When Cesar Chavez was fighting for the rights of farm workers, Clayton-Tarvin was right there in the thick of things.

Her involvment in this struggle led Clayton-Tarvin to convince her good friend and behind the scenes lover and confidant, Barack Obama, to initiate DACA, legislation personally written by Gina Clayton-Tarvin.

In a fascinating slice of history, Clayton-Tarvin recounts her role in bringing peace to LA in the wake of the Rodney King Riots.

When Rodney King said “Can we all just get along?”

Pure Clayton-Tarvin genius.

I always knew Rodney King could have never written that line, especially after having his brains bashed in by the LAPD for smoking Angel Dust,leading Police Officers on an insane chase and being an asshole.

I often wondered who the genius was behind the scenes. Now the truth is known.

And who knew that it was Gina Clayton-Tarvin in the front seat with Al Cowlings during OJ Simpsons slow ride up the freeway?

Now it can be told.

I found this book a fascinating glimpse into the life of Gina Clayton-Tarvin and an interesting read.

The publisher forwarded me an advance copy of her newest release, entitled “A Teachers Guide to Megalomania”.

I am looking forward to reading this volume, right after we find the proof to Clayton-Tarvins “Gunman” scenarios, which will exonerate her from all of the “illigitimate” and baseless accusations that she is indeed…

a liar.


The Nutty Professor

Well, a few days have passed, and Smilin’ John Briscoe hasn’t popped up on Social Media to tout his carpetbagging candidacy in the 47th Congressional district against Party Endorsed Candidate, David Clifford.


Click Here for David Clifford’s Campaign Website…

Surprising, considering the fact that Briscoe gives Gina Tarvin a serious run for the money when it comes to self promoting political theatre.

The “Word Puppet Master”  knows there is an Army of folks waiting in the wings, prepared to engage Briscoe on any Social Media platform he uses to further this ill conceived run for office.

But that’s OK John… because you got this mastered right?

Can’t wait to read “every alliterative word sequence”…

brsicoe idiot

HBSledgehammer.com annihilated Briscoe’s

“simple alliterative word sequences…”

Click here to have a look…

HBSledgehammer.com is considering a quick run out to Long Beach and the surrounding community, to have a chat with some of John Briscoe’s tenants, just to get a feel for how the other half lives …

We may even see if John has some illegal short term rentals in Sunset Beach or HB we can party in before we send the data to the City Attorneys office about the party pads.

Not everybody knows  Smilin’ John was moonlighting as a marketing professor over at Cal State Long Beach.

Apparently, John was just a pretender, much like he pretends to be a Conservative Republican.

From the ratings of his students on Rate my Professor, It appears that Briscoe was just goin thru the motions and collecting a paycheck from the State.


If I spent thousands in tuition and got stuck with this great pretender, I would demand a refund.


Anybody want to hear a good joke?

While we wait for the final pieces of confirmation to roll in, proving Gina Clayton-Tarvin was lying through her teeth when she claimed to have “hunkered down on the floor with her terrified students with a gunman lurking nearby”, in order to embellish her calls for gun control, I wanted to share a hilarious aside that showed up in my inbox the other day.

Apparently, John F.Briscoe has pulled papers to run for Congress in the 47th district.


  Yeah, I know.

I’ll wait till you stop laughing before proceeding…



Ok… done now?

alfred and John
John Briscoe – Not Endorsed by the GOP.

This would actually be side-splitting funny, it were not so pathetically sad.

It seems Briscoe is in the grips of the same delusional hallucinations generated by the narcissistic personality disorder that his fellow OVSD Trustee Gina Clayton- Tarvin suffers from.

Perhaps its contagious.

After the economic meltdown of 2008, and the resulting damage my family suffered at the hands of useless, self absorbed, unqualified, ineffective politicians, I made it my new mission in life to call out the phonies and clowns that were part of the problem, and the upstarts that appeared to simply wish to continue the clown parade, regardless of their political affiliation

With regards to the GOP Pols that I called out, I was chastised by others for violating the unwritten law…” Thou shalt not criticize another Republican”.

F*ck that.

That is the kind of thinking that got us into the meltdown mess to begin with.

The old boy network of backslapping, baby kissing, sloganeering, do nothing douche-bags that would back candidates based on Party loyalty, cash on hand and the overall length of their ass kissing apprenticeship in the Party system.

There is already a strong GOP candidate running in the 47th district in David Clifford, a true conservative, running on a traditional platform.

David Clifford- 47th District GOP Candidate.Endorsed by the GOP.

Clifford is a non-politician….a blue collar business owner, that actually understands meeting a payroll and working his ass off to pay the bills.

One that actually lives in the district he represents, unlike the slimy carpetbagger, John Briscoe.

Click here for David Clifford’s campaign website…

Contrast that with John Briscoe, who runs a property management company that has been characterized online as that of a slumlord and appears to be guilty of petty retribution against those who bother to complain about conditions at the properties he manages and bedbug infestation, among other things…

Click here for a recent review of Crestwave Property Management.

Ugh! Bedbugs! Click here for another take…



John Briscoe is an embarrassment to the Republican Party.

His constant buffoonery and self promoting antics are difficult to suffer through and have grown intolerable.

His alignment with ultra liberal leftist Tarvin on a wide variety of issues, betrays the carefully crafted, “In God We Trust”, image he seeks to portray.

Briscoe has sued the City of Huntington Beach for employment records, because he wasn’t satisfied with the individual the City hired as an inspector, one that failed to deliver results aligned with Briscoe’s joint effort with Clayton-Tarvin, to garner face time and relevancy by conducting a slur campaign against Republic Services.

What would have happened if Briscoe’s crusade to find out the background of an inspector he didn’t like resulted in that individual’s termination?

The City would then be subject to a wrongful termination lawsuit.

OVSD and Briscoe have no right to second guess the Human Resources decisions of another public agency, regardless of there perception of the qualifications of a City employee.

The fact that he gloated about it and posted zany rants in social media bad mouthing HB City Attorney Michael Gates, a man that handed Briscoe his ass when both ran for OC GOP  Central committee, just reinforces the perception that Briscoe is unhinged.

OVSD was the agency that was stupid enough to site portables, housing pre-schoolers, directly across from a trash dump then demand that the dump fully enclose its operations, resulting in the aforementioned lawsuit.


If anybody needs further proof that John Briscoe is a nut job, one needs to look no further than this ridiculous email sent by Briscoe to Gina Clayton-Tarvin, blowing his horn about how “Literate” he is…

brsicoe idiot

Briscoe appears to be fully on board for OVSD’s attempt to interfere in a private party transaction between Republic and Public Storage Inc. A pet project of his co-conspirator Gina Clayton- Tarvin, to transfer the land to her friend and crony, Mary Urashima.

The resulting stalemate has left the blighted parcel in limbo for years.

Republicans believe in the sanctity of private property and resent government intrusion and such interference.

Briscoe, it appears does not hold these views and aligns fully with far left loon, Clayton-Tarvin, who has filled pages of this blog with her insane activity.

Thankfully, the Party has gotten wise to the real John Briscoe, and is creating some distance, in much the same way one moves quietly away from a smelly hobo who sits down next to you on a bus.

Clifford has what it takes to duke it out with Alan Lowenthal, who barely squeaked out a win in the 2014 mid terms, when turnout was low.

2018 promises to be an opportunity to take back a seat that was once a solid Republican stronghold and Clifford deserves all the Party support available, to make a solid go at flipping the 47th back into Republican hands.

No doubt Clifford will hand Briscoe his ass on a plate in the primaries and make the cut to the general election.


The fact that he has to endure a distraction from this unqualified, carpetbagging poser is unfortunate.

But when it comes to John Briscoe, It’s certainly not unexpected.

Trust me. CPRA Requests and personal encounters with Mr. Briscoe have resulted in a wealth of data that paints a picture of who this man really is.

If anybody would like a full briefing on the madness that is John Briscoe, feel free to contact me directly at surfcitysledgehammer@gmail.com

And if you are a Republican who endorses John Briscoe, you will earn an instant place in the honor roll of idiots that is…




One Magical Morning, or…Last Plane Out.

I woke up early, before the sun began peeking over the hills and made my way to the restroom, to relieve myself of the remaining aftermath of the previous night’s combat drinking mission that my travel companions and I had embarked on in Downtown Puerto Escondido.

Combat zone.

I walked to the balcony and stretched, my muscles tight and overtaxed from days of paddling for survival and absorbing massive beatdowns in the classic, bone crushing Zicatela beach break.

Zicatela Going Off…
Slotted Deep.

The 6 second stand up barrels somehow made the thrashing my body endured worth every second.

The morning breeze was blowing warm, straight offshore.

The unforgettable smell of burning cane and trash hung pervasively in the air.

Overnight, the south swell had obviously increased in size, from the sound of the waves cracking on the outer sandbar.

I grabbed my surfboard, some money and a towel and tried to roust my roommates for one last go, before our scheduled departure later that afternoon.

Somehow, I had managed to pack my bag the night before, although I had no recollection of that ever occurring…

My hungover travel companions simply stared at me, indignant from the outrage of waking them from much needed rest.

“Come on you guys.. Its big.”

“Can you hear it? ”

“I’m going out to La Punta… It’s gotta be clean there…the swell direction is perfect…”

The words, ” Fuck you… I’m exhausted…you go by yourself if you want”… emanated from a groggy voice from under the scratchy Mexican blanket.

” Just make sure you get back in time to make the flight out…and be safe dude. Don’t get hurt.”

Good Morning, Puerto Escondido

Daylight was beginning to peek through the clouds as I stumbled out the door and began the long walk out to the highway.

The town was beginning to stir and i could see some moving headlights slowly passing in the distance.

The air temperature was already approaching 8o degrees at sunrise.

I stopped briefly at a ramshackle bodega, and summoned the half sleeping shopkeeper.
“¿Puedes agarrarme un coco frío por favor?” I asked.
The shopkeeper retrieved a ice cold green coconut from the rusty old freezer and handed me a plastic straw.

Cold Coconut… It’s whats for breakfast.

¿Cuanto Cuesta? I asked.

“Cincuenta Centavos…”

I paid the shopkeeper and walked over to a tree stump a few feet away.

Grabbing a machete that had been stabbed into the stump, I carefully whacked a chip from the coconut, exposing the interior and inserted the straw.

The ice cold coconut water went down smooth and satisfying. Once the coconut was empty, I placed it back on the stump and chopped it in half with one hard blow. I used the chip that I had cut previously to scoop out and eat the gelatinous “spoon-meat” from the inside of the coconut.

Breakfast in the tropics.

I tossed the coconut in the trash can, grabbed my stuff and resumed hiking the remaining distance to the highway.

Once I had made it to the highway, I sat on the edge of my board by the side of the road and waited.

Within minutes, a Taxi driver stopped to ask me where I wanted to go.

” La Punta…”

“Tres Pesos”, he replied.


I nodded in agreement and the driver tied my surfboard to the top of his Toyota Corolla with a piece of rope.

I tossed my stuff in the car and jumped in the front seat.

I laughed a little inside, when I saw the remainder of a large joint of the potent local Oaxacan weed that the driver had been smoking, sitting in the ashtray and wondered to myself if he would offer me a hit.

He jumped in and we made the short drive out to the point in silence.

I paid the driver and retrieved my stuff.

The sun was now up and a 10 mile per hour offshore breeze blew steady.

I could hear the rumble of waves in the distance.

Making my way from the highway to the ocean, I paused briefly, after topping a small berm, to take in what would become for me, one of the most magical sights I had ever seen in my life.

Empty La Punta showing some size.
Clean South wrapping into La Punta

Perfect lefts, lined up and stacked deep, wrapping into the point.

Nobody out.

Nobody around for miles.

Water temp: 80 degrees.

Air temp : 80 degrees.

All mine.

I stashed my towel and money under some rocks with my flip flops and shirt and walked to the jump off point slowly, watching the ocean and timing the large incoming sets.

I waited for a lull and jumped in. The water felt like a silky bathtub. After a short paddle, I paused and evaluated my take off spot.

A few minutes went by before a set popped up on the horizon. I could see sizeable waves stacked 6 or 7 deep rolling in.

The waves were breaking much further out than they had on previous occasions, and long rides seemed very likely.

I had managed to misjudge the take off spot and was caught inside, with an ominous looking set looming in the distance. I dug deep and began paddling hard for the shoulder. Somehow I managed to slip easily out the back of two solid 8 foot lefts.

These were waves that people would be literally fighting over back home in HB, rolling by unridden.

Stopping to assess, I saw the 5th wave in the set looked extra clean and lined up. Digging in again, I made my way to the revised take off spot. My positioning proved correct and I stroked into the wave with only 4 or 5 hard paddles.

The drop was easy.

I carved hard off the bottom and turned straight up into the lip. Recovering, I dropped back in again and again, racing down the line through numerous hollow sections that quickly backed off and invited a roundhouse cutback or an S Turn.

This was a far cry from the typical crowded, cold HB dumpers that allowed for a bottom turn and a few quick moves before crumbling into shit.

Fun and Games in HB

Nearing the beach, I kicked out. I was exhausted…

From one wave.

I estimated that I rode that wave for a solid two minutes. Mind-blowing.

I felt like a kid at a skate park. The quality of these waves allowed me to surf as I had always dreamed. Anything was now possible.

On one wave, I managed to launch myself straight up and looked down to see I was airborne, seemingly floating 3 feet off the surface of the water.

Somehow I managed to pivot and fall on top of the lip of the broken wave and stuck the reentry.

The first “Floater” I had ever managed to land in waves of consequence.

In Flight

The cycle repeated itself over and over…Solid lined up wave after wave.

After an hour of flawless perfection, I looked around and noticed that I was still alone.

At that moment it became clear to me that this was a gift.

One of the most magical gifts that God could ever provide to one his children.

I slowly made my way back out to the take off spot, spent, smiling internally and externally….

Sometimes life sucks.

And sometimes, it is a magical experience.

You never know what they day might hold…

I surfed my brains out completely alone for another two hours.

I picked nothing but the best waves in the set, and let the lesser ones roll by harmlessly to end their existence on the beach.

At one point during that time, I sat on my surfboard waiting for a new set of waves and was blown away as I watched a Manta ray with an easy 10 foot wingspan, break the surface and breach hard, a mere 10 feet from where I sat.

bat ray
Holy Shit!

Wow ! Did that just happen?

In stunned amazement, my thoughts shifted to what exactly might cause a massive Ray to breach so hard.

What was chasing it?

My thoughts then drifted back to a Panga boat ride we had taken days earlier, to go snorkeling in the lagoon at Puerto Angelito.

The boat driver had slowed midway through the journey to point out a large Mahi- Mahi.

A Mahi Mahi that turned out to be a 15 foot Mako Shark that swam up to our boat and grazed the side of it, rolling up on it’s side and looking straight at me with a giant eyeball, while the boat driver laughed maniacally… my fingers attempting to dig into the fiberglass seat of the boat.

Fishing in the Florida Keys
Mire, señor, es un Mahi Mahi … No … ¡Es un Mako Tibron!

My nirvana was interrupted by an overwhelming feeling of dread.

A feeling that somehow , I was not quite as alone as I had thought.

I fought through the urge to leave the water, scanning back and forth for signs of a telltale dorsal fin which never materialized, and was rewarded with another few solid sets of waves.

After hours of straight up balls out solo surfing, I turned around to hear voices nearby.

2 guys, who turned out to be from Newport Beach, were paddling out into the lineup.

They approached me and asked ” How are the waves?” I simply smiled and told them it was “incredible.”

I told them that I had plenty, and they could have it to themselves. These 2 guys had traveled a long way, and now they could make their own memories.

Landing on the beach after a short paddle in, a Mexican kid of about 10 years old approached me dragging a cooler.

¿Cerveza senor?”

He popped open the cooler and handed me an ice cold Dos Equis Amber and a bottle opener.

I handed him he equivalent of 50 cents from the coin change in my wax pocket.

I retrieved my flip flops, my towel and my cash from my secret stash spot and I began the slow walk back to the highway, working on the cold beer.

Once I hit the top of the little berm en route to the highway, I paused and turned around for one last look.

I was sunburnt, exhausted and now slightly lit up.

I looked out to watch the Newport Beach guys for a few minutes, smiled and thanked God for the gift.

Life would be different from this point onward.

It dawned on me yet again that I was blessed that morning, and had been hit over the head by my Creator with the realization that perhaps many other such moments awaited me in the future.

They could be around any corner.

I made my way back to the the Hotel just in time, and found my travel mates packed and ready to go.

“You fucker, where the hell have you been?

We were going to fucking leave you here…our flight is the last one out today”…

” By the way….”

” How was it, dude?”

” Epic” was all I could say.

Somehow, the massive smile on may face told them just about all they needed to know…

We hustled all of our shit into a van and headed over to the worlds scariest airport, where the runway disappears and turns into the ocean, just as you lift off.

We arrived just in time to board with the turbines spinning up and support vehicles clearing the ramp

Mexicana had perhaps the most beautiful Stewardesses in the world. Their beauty was not enough to keep me from slumping back in my seat, closing my eyes and drifting off, with visions of clean lined up lefts reeling off endlessly.

Last Plane Out

I quickly fell asleep on the plane to Mexico City.

Once back in the home environs, surfing just didn’t appeal to me on the shitty cold days anymore.

I found it impossible to dig up the motivation to pull on a clammy damp wetsuit, and battle it out in 3 foot wind chop with a pack of knuckleheads from Riverside.

Fuck this. I’m going back to bed.

Memories can be comforting.

Sometimes, they can be life affirming.

I can never forget one particular magical morning…

Thanks God, you rock.

Portrait of the author as a young punk.

passport pic

Circa 1989, when these events took place…


*Edit…I tossed this vid below in. I love it for many reasons…First, the vibe nails the feel of a fun surf trip with good friends…Second, I love Jack Johnson’s music and Third, he surfs exactly like my old friend and surfing partner since the age of 13, Mike Davis….Exactly.

Miss you buddy.

Would have been fun to watch you tear it up in those big lefts…




Sledgehammer Women’s Battalions of Death.

Women’s Battalions of Death were all-female combat units formed after the February Revolution by the Russian Provisional Government in a last-ditch effort to inspire the mass of war-weary soldiers to continue fighting in World War I.





Click here for more on the Women’s Battalions of Death…

HBsledgehammer has a Women’s Battalion of Shock troops that are part of the Sledgehammer Army.

HBSledgehammer.com Women’s Battalion of Death.
First Recon Platoon.

BOD Redacted

Over the weekend the First Recon Platoon of The Sledgehammer Women’s Battalions of Death, armed to the teeth with iPhones and Starbucks coffee, infiltrated deep behind enemy lines in order to document the ridiculous Women’s Rally staged by HB Huddle.


Here’s Tarvin lying about the amplified sound permit…

This group was specifically forbidden from using amplified sound, yet they brought it anyway.

The Battalions of Death were successful in enforcing the terms of the groups Permit.

Once the brain dead cop found out the truth, he pulled the plug, just in time for the Queen Bitch’s big speech, where they were subjected to yet another 5 minute infomercial from Gina, the Queen of all victim-hood, describing how fucking awesome she is, yet again.


Asshat Oscar Rodriguez,

who bitch-stalked the non existent Gina Recall meeting,

was somehow offended that a group of WOMEN,

would attend a Women’s Rights Rally.


I would be offended that an asshole like Rodriguez,

who hangs out with Wife Beater Victor Valladares , was present,

as was Valladares.

I suppose this group of WOMEN would be excluded from any “Women’s Rights” this group purported to champion.

After all, they don’t hold the same “correct” viewpoint.

Thus, they were “Stalkers”.


Um.. Yeah. They were “Hiding” in plain sight…LOL.

I suggested that the next time they do a recon mission that they go undercover as a chola girl gang…


They weren’t having any part of it…

We are HBSledgehammer.com.

Were not going anywhere.

Get used to it.


A web of lies.

Gina Clayton-Tarvin spun a web of lies on social media over the weekend in a desperate attempt to extricate herself from her false statements at a Gun Control Rally she staged recently.

Referring to my blog as “illegitimate”, as if that would somehow nullify the message, Tarvin continued to refuse to give specific details about her “Gunman on Campus” false narrative.

She actually dug a deeper hole by narrowing the timeline and potential location for her claims.

The noose is tightening.

The research has intensified and no doubt, we will have a definitive answer soon.

I have all the time in the world to make sure my “illegitimate” blog publishes nothing but facts, as I have always done.

Snarky opinion ? Sure.

But when I bring the facts, you can believe they are fully vetted and provable, unlike Gina Clayton- Tarvins pathetic lies.

Think you are going to sweep this under the rug Gina?

Not a chance.


Lost opportunities….

I could have made a few bucks today over at City Hall in HB.

The Pussyhat /”Trump is Not My President” crowd, staged a “Womens Rally” today.


Turnout was pathetic, as expected, for a bunch of blather about “Womens Rights”…

We all know women enjoy the same “rights” as men…perhaps these “ladies” would like a few extra ones..

Hell. Why not?

Every other leftist faction demands a carve out to celebrate their shared victimhood..

It was sponsored by HBHuddle, the communist wing of the Bernie Sanders division of HB politics.

Republican Brian Burley is having a meet and greet coming up soon with HBHuddle.


Apparently he didnt get the memo…


At any rate, the Speakers included City Council candidate, Shayna Lathus, who is actually to the Left of asshat, Dan Kalmick, if thats even possible.

This bitch makes Connie Boardman look like Margaret Thatcher.


Then there was some “Womyn’s Studies” professor from Cal State Fullerton who has a PhD in applied queer theory…lol

Shayna and the cisgender nonbinary queer studies expert stuck to the topic and talked about “Woman stuff…” ..you know, the oppression of it all, the apparent disability of being born with a Vagina…that sort of stuff…

Thankfully, none of the speakers categorized a penis as a “Weapon of patriarchal oppression!”


Then came Gina Clayton-Tarvin, who did a 5 minute infomercial for Gina Clayton-Tarvin.


Had I been on top of my game, I could have made a fortune, selling my ” Gina Clayton-Tarvin Barf Bags…barf bag

The people in the crowd would have snapped them up like candy.

Oh well…you snooze, you lose, I guess…

Better luck next time…

I am woman! Hear me roar!


Time for Truth. Or, Victor Valladares lies through his smiling teeth…yet again.

How do you know when Victor Valladares is lying?

If he opens his mouth, you can be pretty sure what comes out is total bullshit.

Like this phony screed Victor posted below..


Taking his cues from Gina “Active Shooter” Clayton -Tarvin, Victor Valladares posted yet another lie filled narrative on social media.

Somehow he thinks he is going to rehabilitate his exposed public image by repeating total fabrications.

Joe Goebbels would be proud of his attentive student, Victor Valladares.

Valladares seems to be continuing his pathetic pattern of relying on the hope that his assertions cant be disproved, therefore he can claim whatever he likes…

Victor’s statement ” All of the horrendous and untrue accusations made against me by haters in an attempt to destroy my life and reputation were summarily denied by the judge. The truth is now known.”…

Is an outright fabrication…

King Victor has pronounced it…therefore it is so…

Witnesses corroborated the fact that nothing Victor mentions was ever a matter of dicussion nor a topic of consideration by the Judge.

Just to clarify…Victor appears to be referring to published accounts and exposés of his atrocious criminal behavior.

Behavior that includes the documented physical, sexual and verbal abuse of his ex-wife, Breannia Lalama.

Multiple drunk driving arrests. Charges of resisting arrest, contempt of court, failure to appear and commercial burglary.

Then there’s the stuff that comes straight from those who know Victor Valladares, his ex-wife, former friends and family members who happily recounted many episodes that never made it into the public record.

Forced sodomy,  Panic attacks. Forced 5150’s for mental instability and posing a threat to himself or others.

Engaging in Human Smuggling in assisting his relatives in entering the United States illegally, apparently more than once. A felony.

Losing job after job for theft, drinking on the job and failure to show up for work.

The genesis of Victor Valladare’s falsified social media post, is the aftermath of Victor’s court battle with Breannia Lalalma for custody of the children that they co-parent, that occurred March 1st, 2018

After Breannia Lalama, emboldened by the stories of other brave abused women calling out their abusers, went public with her story of years of physical, sexual and verbal abuse at the hands of Victor Valladares, “Vindictive Victor “ went ballistic and retaliated by  contacting Child Protective Services just in time for Christmas with a litany of charges that were summarily proven totally false, and laughably resulted in Victors kids ratting out Victor’s mom for abusive behavior while she was supervising them.

Valladares then filed with the Family Court for full custody of their children.

Allow me to repeat that…


Valladares dosent even have what most people consider a real job for the father of 2 small children. Thus , his inability to stay up with his child support payments.

He makes Pizzas for Johnny Nosich of Johnny’s Saloon fame.

Strangely, there is absolutely no record of his employment that the court can attach to garnish his wages.

This would seem to indicate that Nosich is conspiring with Valladares to cheat Breannia Lalalma out of her just due by paying Victor cash off the books in violation of State Employment Laws.

This is something that I intend to dig into further.

It matters not if Nosich subsequently terminates Valladares.

Video exists of Victor arriving and leaving the location where Johnny makes his crappy bar pizzas. Photographs exist of Victor in uniform on Johnny’s “Pizza Crew”.

Back to Victors Court date…

Prior to the March 1st 2018 hearing, Valladares engaged in all sorts of attempted trickery in order to fuck with Breannia Lalamas head.

He demanded that she meet with him in the days ahead of the court date, in order to reach some agreement prior to the hearing.

On the day of the hearing, Valladares tried to trick his ex-wife into not going to court by telling her he would walk in and drop the case. 

Valladares own attorney actually spent a bunch of time speaking with his ex-wife and told her to “NEVER EVER not go to court..regardless of what Victor says.”

Not that it mattered, because she was ready to hand him his ass…

Valladares, was trying to get FULL Custody of his kids, with his wife granted weekend visitation, and demanded that she drop the kids off to him, rather than forcing him to come  to her home, to fetch his kids when it was his turn to have them. ( He apparently has no car).

Valladares big win?

The judge granted Valladares an extra weekend with his kids, which Breannia Lalama had already agreed to, because she is the adult in the relationship.

That’s it.

And Valladares is stoked because it lowered his child support requirements slightly, which means that he will be slightly less in arrears month after month going forward.

Valladares will still have to take the bus or bum a ride from somebody when its his turn to pick up the kids.

Meanwhile, over at the Orange Juice Blog, brain dead Greg Diamond is celebrating Victors “Triumph”.

He refuses to believe that a petty little man like Valladares would ever consider dropping a rufie into his wife’s beer, waiting till she passes out, sodomizing her and showing her the video the following day.

Diamond’s journalistic integrity apparently doesn’t involve actually speaking to the victim and getting her side, something that can be easily arranged if so desired.

Diamond is also the asshat that still thinks I’m the right wing extremist and white supremacist, Chuck C. Johnson, who writes for Breitbart .

And asshat Victor tries to slime and manages to actually slander and libel Gracey Larrea – Van Der Mark, who is a commissioner on the Huntington Beach Finance Commission, by painting her as a “white supremacist” associated with the idiot knuckleheads in the “Proud Boys”.

Suggest you contact Greg Diamond Victor, and ask him to remove that bit of libel…you could both be on the hook for it.

As far as the repeated characterization of myself as a “white supremacist”…I could give 2 fucks. It’s always good for a laugh.

full redline

Victor always falls back on the racial argument when confronted by an American Patriot who despises Illegal Immigration.

He’s got nothin else.

As I’ve said many times before, when your whole worldview is colored thru the lens  of “Race”, when you see insidious “racism” as the motivation behind any ideological disagreement, then you are a fucking racist.

Congratulations on your “Victory” Victor.

Wait till the next round.

You are going to absolutely love it… Guaranteed.

And if you think I am even remotely close to being done with you, think again.

I have no problem with your “race” or your culture Victor. I just think you are a sociopathic asshole who should never be in any position of “leadership”.

You cant even manage your life.

By the way, I’m still waiting for your libel lawsuit Victor.

The one that will never come.

Because you and I both know the truth.

You are a miserable liar.

Click here for the Victor Valladares Lawsuit Update!….


I think it’s time for truth, Victor.

Again, you are a fucking non stop liar…


Standing tall, on the backs of the dead.

Editors note: I can’t go 7 days without Gina Clayton-Tarvin engaging in some ridiculous antics that suck me back in and compel me to document it. She’s starting to remind me of Lucille Ball in ” I Love Lucy”.

I’m actually beginning to think that Gina Clayton- Tarvin is attempting to wear me down, through attrition, in the hopes that I will be so overwhelmed, that I will simply throw in the towel and move on to new subject matter.

But watching her shoot herself in the foot repeatedly, is a fascinating exercise in mental masochism that never seems to get old, in all it’s fascinating glory.

Some people have no shame.

In the interest of advancing their political careers and agendas, some have proven willing to invoke the dead and fabricate complete falsehoods.

One such individual is… you guessed it…Ocean View School District Trustee,

Gina Clayton-Tarvin.

Tarvin has established an ongoing pattern of invoking drama and falsifying claims, in order to bring attention to herself and her causes.

She accused a citizen of “false imprisonment”, a felony, for asking her a question at a public event. She makes false claims of “death threats” against her. She wastes tax dollars on a personal armed guard at school board meetings, because she doesn’t like being criticized during public comments.

gina show.jpg

This episode, of what is known derisively by the local residents as “The Gina Show”, however, rises to the level of such outrageous disgrace,, that it will probably be impossible for even Tarvin herself, to ever match.

At 2:19 PM on February 14th, 2018, Nikolas Cruz pulled an AR series semi automatic rifle out of a black bag and began shooting students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

By the time he finished, 17 people, mainly kids, were dead or dying.

Like most mass shooters, Cruz was mentally ill.

The failures of law enforcement to act on numerous tips and the cowardly failure to respond at the actual scene of the crime while the incident was occurring, will go down in history as one of the single biggest failures of those entrusted with maintaining law and order in American history.

Yet the gun control lobby, and their supporters, like Gina Clayton-Tarvin, refused to acknowledge the complicity of those who failed these kids, and used the tragedy as yet another excuse to stand on the backs of the dead, and demand strict gun control.

On February 19th, Gina Clayton-Tarvin staged a rally at a park near Huntington Beach High School, in Huntington Beach, California.

She wasted no time in assembling a cadre of like minded social justice warriors and prop children ( including her own), in order to capitalize on the recent tragedy, and invited local broadcaster, KTLA to cover the event.

Tarvin loves media coverage and covets the face time.


Clayton – Tarvin was assisted by pro illegal immigration activists, Victor Valladares, a man whose history of criminal activity, and violence is now well documented, and Oscar Rodriguez, who held the same bullhorn that Mr. Valladares used, when he stuck it in the ear of Pro-American activists that he referred to as “racists” and “vendida’s”, at a PRO- DACA rally conducted during school hours at Ocean View High School, also in Huntington Beach.

Channeling her best Hillary Clinton, “landing under sniper fire,”

Clayton-Tarvin made the claim on camera that;

” I have laid down on the floor with my students for lock downs too many times in my career. I have huddled on the ground holding my breath in silence, lights out, with my heart pounding with 35 scared kids because there was a gunman on campus. This is real.It has happened to me……”

At 2:47 in, Tarvin makes the statement that she is present at this event, not as a concerned private citizen, but as an elected trustee of the Ocean View School District.

At the 3:50 mark, she describes her “Terrifying” encounter with lurking gunmen.

On February 21, 2018, Clayton-Tarvin proceeded to double down and issued the following statement on Social Media reiterating her breathless claims;


Theres only one problem with Gina Clayton-Tarvin’s breathless statement regarding lying scared on the floor while a gunman lurked nearby…

None of it appears to be true.

In order to attempt to verify Tarvin’s claims, I first scoured Lexis Nexis and Google for any mention of a gunman on a campus of the ABC Unified School District.


Tarvin works in the ABC School District, which encompasses parts of Artesia, Bellflower, Lakewood, Hawaiian Gardens and Cerritos. The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department services the district boundaries from both the Lakewood and Cerritos Sheriffs substations.

I contacted both sheriffs agencies. After brief holds, I was connected to the crime analysts that work out of both facilities.

I inquired if in fact there had been any incidents in the past, where their agencies had responded to a report of a gunman on an occupied campus of the ABC School District.

The answer?

“No sir, we have no records of that occurring.”

Tarvin’s online bio indicates she has worked at only 2 locations within the ABC school district. Fedde Middle School and Cerritos elementary. My research assistant posed as a new resident who was considering enrolling children in Fedde and Cerritos and placed calls to both locations. She posed the same question I asked the Law enforcement agencies.

She received the same reply: ” No ma’am, we have no history of that occurring on campus.”

Finally, in the interest of fairness, I sent email messages to Gina Clayton- Tarvin and asked her to substantiate her claims.

Gina Clayton-Tarvin never responded.

The only logical conclusion I can draw, is that she is a blatant liar and these incidents simply never occurred.

CPRA requests have been filed with ABC School District to request the records of any such incident.

However, Gina Clayton-Tarvin has friends in high places at ABC Unified School District and something tells me an attempt will be made to stonewall the request, so that she can maintain some form of plausible deniability.

That fact that she was willing to make events up out of whole cloth, with absolutely no thought to the despicable misappropriation of the legacies of the dead kids in Florida, speaks volumes about her character.

Anybody so callous,and blindly ambitious, is dangerous.

Note: In the video posted above, at the 6:23 mark, Clayton-Tarvin encourages those present to engage in a ” school walkout” scheduled for April 20th, 2018.

The adults that work behind the scenes organizing these events, know full well, that the kids will be more than happy to walkout of school, when sanctioned by the adult manipulators.

You could get hundreds of kids to walkout of school, to protest the loss of a Slurpee flavor or cancellation of a TV show, as long as the adults sanction the actions.


This is hardly appropriate, for a School Board Trustee, to encourage Kids to “Walkout” of school, in support of her political agenda.

No doubt OVSD district parents can and will retaliate, by organizing a day off for their children on April 20th, 2018, costing the district tons of money in lost payments for students not in their seats.

OVSD parents can take their kids to the beach or Disneyland on April 20th, and send a powerful message to the district that their children are not to be indoctrinated, manipulated nor used as props and pawns by adults pushing a progressive agenda.


Postscript: I received the following confirmation from Mary Sieu, the Administrator at Tarvin’s current school today. We intend to follow this to its logical conclusion.

redacted response


The block walls of HB…a retrospective. UPDATED! 2/27/17!

I thought I would dig up something old to recycle….

It’s trick I learned from Gustavo Arellano, who published my original “Ask A Mexican” Question 4 times in 5 years at OCWeekly. This piece is as dumb now as it was 6 months ago, but I always liked it, so too damn bad.

No refunds.

Originally published October 15, 2017.

In the 90’s I worked in new residential construction, turning South Orange County into an endless sea of 2 story tract houses with red tile roofs.

I used to joke with my co-workers about the fact that all of the builders seemed to use the same 3 or 4 sets of plans and would simply reverse the elevations and change a few exterior details.

In a nod to Bill Murrays movie “Groundhog Day, we literally seemed to be building the same thing over and over.

One day, while I was poking fun at the recycled architecture, one of my co-workers asked me where I lived.

I proudly popped off that I was from HB….thinking that would shut him up.

He only laughed and said “Yeah…that’s a great place to live if you don’t mind endless miles of 60’s era ranch houses surrounded by Orco Tan or Orco Pink CMU …and overhead wires….

Construction speak…CMU stands for “Concrete Masonry Unit”. Shorthand for a concrete block.

He had me. He was right. HB is exactly what he described.. There was no retort.

So I began to fixate on it…as I drove thru town, I began to make mental notes on the block walls..and noted the evolution from the Old School Orco Pink and Tan, in a variety of patterns (the Orco plant up on Beach and Katella still cranks out the majority of local block) to the 70’s era slump and split face block used throughout town.

Certainly these layouts each had a name…what that was is relegated to history.

But the funniest thing that struck me was all the crazy ass modifications to these walls that occurred over time.

HB maintained a 6 foot height restriction on these walls for decades. For all I know it still exists.

Walls 6 feet and under do not require a permit. Perhaps this was the driver….

At any rate, a six foot wall still allows tons of people to peer into your yard. So the crazy mods started. Few if any of them permitted. So the mods run the gamut from aesthetically pleasing to downright awful.

The first mods took the form of green and white corrugated fiberglass panels. Cheap and easy, these things popped up everywhere. They were followed by attempts to boost the block height and the utilization of Vinyl extensions, that actually looked ok.

This is the first in a series about the awesome block walls of HB. The few pics i have to post reflect but 30 mins of gathering, close to home.

What i am looking for is your best shots of typical HB wall construction (patterns, colors, styles) , the insanely bad mods and the walls that have been destroyed with graffiti and painted with 5000 different colors…

See em and submit a pic to: surfcitysledgehammer@gmail.com

On a semi.regular basis, we will document and celebrate the walls that surround us…the walls that make us HB.


* Update 2/27/17 from Sledgefan Kirby92646*

Sledgefan Kirby92646 sent me a collection of some of the most hideous mods I’ve seen yet! Thanks Kirby! and keep a sharp eye out for ridiculous block wall mods throughout HB!

No doubt you wont have to wait long to find more!

Let’s celebrate the walls that make us….HB!


So.. So Bad!… LOL



Clearance Sale!

Got an Email from Lucifer the other day.

He no longer wished to post Victor Valladres Soul on consignment in the Sledgemart, and he asked me to put it on clearance.

Apparently, even the Evil One knows when he made a bad deal…

His instructions were to sell it for whatever he could get for it, and if no takers during the CA Democrat Party Convention this weekend, just toss it in the dumpster and be done with it.

I told Satan that if he didn’t mind, I would just give it to Dr. Jose Moreno, in recognition of all the cash he has already burned, supporting the smiling one…

In other news, the Sledgemart was hacked and taken down by persons unknown…but i’ll have it up soon for anybody interested in a slightly…

And I do mean, slightly, used soul…


Letters…we get letters…



An interesting letter showed up in my inbox this morning.

Apparently, not everyone in the OC Democrat Party has fallen for the smiling charismatic understudy of Gina Clayton-Tarvin,

Mr. Victor Valladares.

This letter, citing links to pieces outlining the behavior and criminal activity of Victor Valladares, published on HBSledgehammer.com, was widely circulated to OCDEM insiders by someone who had to be connected to the Party Apparatus.

I cropped a giant list of email addresses out of the image above.

Valladares has somehow still managed to lie his way through to convincing gullible people, people that “just want to believe” in Victor I guess, that he is the victim of an “alt-right smear campaign “.

I’m glad that somebody within the OCDEM party shares my loathing of unqualified individuals making important decisions that could impact my life, and that of my children.

No doubt the publisher of this letter will be called a “racist” or a “Vendido”…perhaps a “Vendida” as Valladares loves to scream in the ear of women, with his handy bullhorn.

Valladares always falls back on that tired rhetoric when cornered.

For anybody interested, I am publishing a series of links to all the pertinent pieces that pertain to Victor Valladares.

You will find them below.

And to the individual that sent the letter above, you are a hero.

My hat is off.

I may not agree with your politics, but I value your integrity and willingness to do the right thing when it comes to detaching and discarding the remoras that suck the blood from the host.

By the way, letter writer…one favor to ask.

If you run into Victor Valladares at the Convention, ask him who paid his way.

We all know he didn’t…Dr. Moreno perhaps?

Opinion: Victor Valladeres needs to come clean about his criminal past.

Its time for the Democratic Party of Orange County to reject Victor Valladares.

A Rebuttal to Victor Valladares recent statement.

The Company You Keep.

Victor Valladares Lawsuit Update:

Want more? Got more…

Opinion: Victor Valladares needs to come clean on his relationship with crime. Gina Clayton-Tarvin needs to come clean on her relationship with Victor Valladares.

Clayton Family Advent Calendar Day 22…Still Smiling… Still Lying.

“Dos chicos que piensan que importan”!…

No doubt there is more.

It will turn up in “related content” if you care to read it.

To those of you in the OCDem party that are STILL supporting  and actively  bankrolling this uneducated  unskilled poser, you’ve been had. 

Too bad…no refunds…

And  to anybody that actually wishes to carry out an investigation, contact me.

I know where all the bodies are buried.


A Rebuttal to Victor Valladares recent statement.


Republished by request.

I will preface this piece with the admission that I am certainly no role model for acceptable behavior. I have many instances in my life of behavior that I am ashamed of.  But then again, I’m not the one trying to pass myself off as a leader. That being said, let’s move on to my response to Mr. Victor Valladares. -ed.

Editors note: In Order to establish the context of this post, I have updated it with the words of Victor Valladares Ex-Wife as a way for the reader to fully understand the nature of this post. They are published directly below:

“About two days after last Halloween, he was drunk again and got mad at me and in front of his two sisters, now 21 and 17 years old. He said to me he would cut my throat and watch me bleed out quicker than the cops could come to save me. He has thrown my kitten off a two- story balcony and his sister also witnessed that.”

“He got naked and was begging me to sleep with him. I told him no, over and over again, he started to get mad, I had my car keys in my hand with my finger in the loop. He grabbed my wrist and twisted it and started ripping the keys out of my hand. I started hitting him to let go of me but he just got stronger. After he got the keys he said that I wasn’t going to leave and demanded me to get his clothes for him. I told him to get them himself and that’s when he made a fist and made a gesture that he was going to hit me. I jumped up and ran for the door and he jumped up and grab my arm and pulled me back.”

“He has abused me verbally for over four years. Has called me a fat whore, a nasty bitch that is nothing but a nasty slut, a whore, cunt, bitch and many more things. He has threatened to kill my father in front of people.”

I will stop momentarily to display a video of Victor Valladares arguing with his Ex Father in law. Note the behavior of both men. The snarky attitude of Valladares speaking with the concerned father of his ex wife, who obviously has reason to despise him. It is obvious who is seeking conflict. His father in law tries to disengage and walk away. Valladares bird dogs him and plays coy with his questions. Much respect to the Father in law for not pounding him into the pavement. Perhaps that was Valladares objective…

“He put his forearm on my neck and told me I better tell him everything as he was pushing down with his forearm on my throat.”

“He has made many threats to me all while he is under the influence of beer. He has said he will never stop drinking and has been drinking for six years plus. He has a bad drinking problem. I get scared when he is intoxicated because he is mentally unstable and I don’t know what he’s capable of.”

“I’m asking him to move out and immediately check into a sober living program for his drinking. And not to harass stalk or follow me at home or my parents house.”

“I called the police. They came out and Victor wouldn’t open the door. I ended up driving to my dad’s house. In the morning he didn’t remember much because he was drunk the night before. He drinks every day and heavily and gets mad if I don’t have sex with him.”

Victor Valladares released a statement November 10th’ 2017 categorically denying the validity of the information presented by a guest contributor, Kristen Sullivan and published on HBSledgehammer.com, November 8th 2017, regarding his involvement in various forms of abuse inflicted on his ex wife.

Click here for Kristen Sullivan’s Post on Victor Valladares for an understanding of this dispute..

Here’s Victor’s response;


As expected, he deflects and denies all allegations, effectively painting both myself and his ex wife as a liar.

First, some background. This piece was written by Kristen Sullivan, a Democrat, who requested equal time to refute some of my assertions in the past and who is concerned  with the way her Party has come off the rails.

She submitted the piece regarding Valladares to me for review on November 6th, 2017 with no backup.

Naturally I was interested in publishing it, but refused to do so without the necessary backup to affirm her allegations.

I sat on the piece for a day, until I received the documentation necessary to substantiate the allegations and reviewed the documents in question. All of the authors records were obtained through public records searches.

After review, I deemed the piece fully vetted and elected to publish it.

I went as far as to confirm the details verbally with those affected.

The truth is an absolute and complete defense in any potential libel suit.

Victor is a public official. The First Amendment to the Constitution holds a special place for scrutiny of public officials.

It is not a “Hit Piece”.

As a father of three kids, I’m concerned about those who might be in leadership positions in the future and be in a position to enact policies that would create a negative impact on the lives of my kids.

Valladares is in no way qualified to lead.

His socialist political agenda is at stark odds with my own.

It’s not a “GOP” thing.

Certainly anybody that has read my work knows I have no compunction  about going after “Republicans” when they go off the rails.

It’s not a “racial ” thing. I embrace racial and cultural diversity,  despite the false accusations of my detractors. My issue is Illegal Immigration and the negative impacts it has on society and inept leadership that creates increasing hardship on California families.

I believe Valladares is a sociopath, pure and simple.

I’d like to take this opportunity to deconstruct Victor’s obviously  ghostwritten statement line by line.

No doubt, Victor put out a call for help in trying to spin this whole thing away.

The words on his statement are the words of consensus, drafted in concert with his supporters, vetted and approved for release after much agony, in a last ditch attempt to save his credibility.

Be aware, they are ultimately the words of a liar, one who is willing to throw his ex wife and the mother of his children, under the bus in a last ditch effort to salvage the wreckage of his personal behavior.

Please consider this…

The Statements of  Victor Valladares Ex Wife were given under oath and duly signed under penalty of perjury.

Far more convincing than the words of an individual releasing a “Statement” on a social media platform, designed for self promotion … One with no legal repercussions regarding the accuracy of the statement offered.

Facebook…is not a replacement for real life. Do not be fooled.

Go back and read the words of his ex wife. They reek of authentic details, offered up in resignation from someone resigned to the fact that they were married to an abuser and decided they have had enough.

Victor Valladares carefully crafted response stinks of desperation. The desperation of a cornered rat, fighting for an opportunity to escape a hungry house cat. The words of a desperate liar, caught in the act.

Judge for yourself…

Let’s have a look at his “response” and evaluate it.

It’s come to my attention that a vicious campaign to attack me is being comducted”.

Incorrect. This is a campaign to expose Victor Valladares for what he truly is. In my opinion, he is a sociopathic bully, unfit to lead.

In a reprehensible act of cowardice, a local Huntington Beach Resident who blogs under the pseudo name “Sledgehammer”….

Incorrect. My name is Chuck Johnson. It appears after every post that I write and publish. I’m not hiding from anyone. Hbsledgehammer.com is the name of the website, not the author.

who attempts to pass himself off as a “writer”…

I’m not attempting to pass myself off as a writer. My work speaks for itself. Feel free to enjoy it or despise it. I really don’t care.

and self proclaimed provocateur…”

One man’s provocateur is another man’s champion. It’s all a matter of perception. 

has written absolutely false, libelous and defamatory lies about me, my ex-wife, and our dissolution of marriage and subsequent custody issues…”

Incorrect: I have published nothing but the truth. I stand by every word I’ve published.

If anyone were guilty of that charge, it would be Victor Valladares by his inference that his ex-wife’s charges are false.

Victor is hiding behind a “her word vs. my word” defense and is displaying a loathsome defect of character consistent with his other behavioral problems.

Most people would tend to find this behavior reprehensible, with the exception of Victor’s associates and supporters, who tend to adopt an attitude that anything is fair, as long as they accomplish their goals…

“The ends justify the means”…

Make no mistake. This “Hit Piece” which attempts to defame my character is nothing more than a political smear”…

Incorrect: As I previously stated, I am the father of three kids. I’m concerned about those who might be in leadership positions in the future and possibly be in a position to enact policies and legislation that would create a negative impact on the lives of my kids.

I cannot stand idly by and watch as a person I consider to be a sociopath, ascends the ranks of political leadership, enabled  by people that are unaware of or simply do not care about about the serious defects of character displayed by Victor Valladares. 

By alt-right agitators who even the Republican Party disavows.”

Alt-Right” is a meaningless designation coined by the liberal media. It is now used in the hopes of  inferring a sinister intention on the part of the intended sluree and is employed whenever a progressive wishes to attempt to discredit someone with a conservative viewpoint.

It joined the ranks of “Neo-Con” and “Fascist” as a useless political buzzword after the 2016 election.

I have not been “disavowed” by anyone in the Republican Party with the exception of the RINO’s and fence straddlers that would sell their soul to get elected, the same ones that I go after and will continue to go after.

I know the “Republicans” Victor speaks of, and they will continue to hear it from me.

Political parties are meaningless and somewhat indistinguishable from one another anymore.

I just don’t care for unqualified leaders of either party, being elected to positions where the poor, politically motivated decisions they make, impact my family and myself in a negative way.

This person has continued to harass my family, my neighbors and my community on an almost daily basis. This is completely reckless.”

This is categorically false. Other than a recent telephone conversation when I inquired about a jailed illegal immigrant whom Victor was championing, I have had no contact with Victor Valladares, his neighbors nor the “Oak View” Community, if that is what you are referring to, in quite some time.

My “Community” is Huntington Beach.

Apparently Victor Valladares’s  “Community” is limited to the “Oak View” area.

The last face to face encounter Victor and I had was at a HB City Council meeting months ago, when Mr. Valladares followed me out to the back deck of the HB City Council chambers when i went outside to take a call and have a smoke and Victor   proceeded to start a loud argument.

And as far as “Reckless” goes, getting behind the wheel of a car while drunk, as Victor Valladares has done on multiple occasions, resulting in multiple arrests, rises to the top of what I or most people would consider “Reckless”.

 “What is the most heart breaking of all, is that [IMO] my ex-spouse who I still care about as a human being and respect as the mother of my children is working with this man to attack me.”

Victor claims to “respect” the “mother of his children”…yet she testified under oath that he called her foul names, physically and sexually abused her.

Victor Valladares  continues to harass her for daring to communicate with me.

She has the right to associate freely with anyone she chooses.

Valladares is frantic with anxiety over the fact that the only link to the truth behind his past and his behavior has bravely chosen to speak out about his defects of character and decency and has made numerous attempts  through threats, veiled or otherwise, and coercion tactics in an attempt to silence her.

Just as he uses threats of litigation in an attempt to silence my voice. Just as his mentor Gina Tarvin has done in connection with critical posts on social media. He has learned much from his mentor.

Valladares  should just consider himself fortunate to have such a dedicated and loving mother for his children. The only one who has attacked anybody…….is Victor Valladares which you shall see below.

“Her actions to conspire with this man are all documented…I have not done what she ssedly(sic)… “said under oath”

Why the “Quotation marks Victor?”

Here is where Victor Valladares crosses the Rubicon.

He has crossed the line of no return and has now publicly accused his ex wife of lying in a desperate bid to silence the truth, gambling all on her continued silence and the potential for people to consider the source.

Certainly not a bet I would be willing to make, considering the nature of Valladares accusations.

He is so defective that he is willing to throw his ex wife under the bus.

Valladares’s verbal abuse apparently continues…only now on a “social media” post.

Victor has elected to go “all in” and accuse his wife of lying. Not a wise move. The possibility of potential blowback is so severe, that again, it reeks of desperation.

Let’s hope Victor’s “Documentation” is better than the documents I will publish below.

Remember Bill Clinton? And the classic …” I did not have sexual relations with this woman”…

Harvey Weinstein. Anthony Wiener. Bill Cosby. Victor Valladares. 

It would be laughable, were it not so pathetic and false.

She never pressed charges because she knew they were false. The OCDA’s office could have and would have charged me irrespective indeed if there were a crime to prosecute. There wasn’t one.

This is a blatant logical fallacy.

“They did not charge me with a crime, therefore no crime took place.”


I inquired to an attorney friend of mine and received the following response…

” That assertion is ludicrous… The District Attorney is not required to prosecute people for crimes they are alleged to have committed. It is a discretionary function of his or her job. “

I think it’s safe to say from from the testimony of Victor Valladares ex wife that he is an unpredictable, alcoholic sociopath given to fits of drunken rage. Most women would probably fear a response.

Many women live with their abusers, afraid of the consequences that befall losing a breadwinner on a woman’s children and the economic uncertainty of a husband in jail.

Still others suffer from low self esteem and begin to think It’s their own fault for  being abused.

I tend to think It’s readily apparent why she refused to press charges and I think those not blinded by Victor’s charisma would see right through Victor’s statement.

No doubt the DA’s  office would refuse to prosecute a case in which the primary accuser refuses to testify, even if they have enough evidence to do so.

They evaluate cases on their ability to win them before an indictment. 

Without the primary witness, the case would be difficult to prove and not worth investing time in by a D.A. ‘s office already overburdened by thousands of cases

“This has yet to reported to the family court, but now will become a subject of legal action..”

Yet another threat.

Victor just can’t keep from shooting himself in the foot.

Again, Victor’s Ex Wife has every right to communicate with anybody she chooses. Unless there was a gag order in place on related issues, Mr. Valladares  past behavior is fair game and germane to the issue of custody.

I’m aware that at one point, Victor Valladares went so far as to list John Briscoe, Erik Peterson and Gina Tarvin as character witnesses in a custody hearing, with the hopes that their standing  as “Elected Officials would somehow lend credibility to his arguments.

I believe that Victor never even bothered to ask Peterson, on the assumption that he personally had enough clout to do so without asking.Briscoe and Tarvin, would probably comply with his request. They are his enablers and champions. Peterson seems to have wisely distanced himself from Victor, the monster he helped create by naming Victor to a city commission without adequately vetting him.

I’m not sure how that all worked out. No doubt I could find out if I so choose to do so.

 Victor’s Ex Wife and I have had minimal communication. The “conspiracy plot” exists only in  the anxious  mind of a man who is terrified of the reality of his past and the possibility of it coming to light, just as it is now. His reaction is hardly surprising.

I will be more than happy to testify on his Ex wife’s behalf regarding what we discussed. The vast majority of it pertained to her new infant son, who was a difficult pregnancy and not made any easier by her ex -husbands  self centered behavior.

What I do admit to having, in the past, a problem with drinking and DUI’s.  I regret this, have been punished for it and have paid my debt to society, as I should….”

Let’s look at that statement light of what Victor’s Ex-Wife had to say about it. She described his drinking problem. It is pretty apparent that Victor  Valladares displays the behavior of an alcoholic.

If you ask anyone who is an alcoholic or has been involved in a relationship with one, the only cure is total abstinence.

Yet Victor still is actively drinking.


A common delusion that many alcoholics possess is that somehow, they are different from other people and have the ability to control their drinking and that they “have it under control”.

Victor seems to think that he has found the magic cure for alcoholism and now can drink like an “Ordinary Gentleman”.

Apparently  Victor Valladares has not learned a thing from the 12 step programs he was no doubt mandated to attend  as a condition of his sentencing for multiple DUI’s.

His behavior is eerily  similar to that of his friend and mentor, Vern Pat Nelson, Editor of the Orange Juice Blog, who is facing a sentencing hearing soon for a felony 5th DUI and has been accused of sexual harassment by Anaheim Mayoral candidate,  Lorri Galloway. Nelson also issued a predictable blanket denial.

Click Here for more on Vern Pat Nelson and Victor Valladares.


” I vehemently deny any and all of these charges made by this blogger  and intend to assert my rights to undertake litigation to stop this pervasive “character assassination”

Why, of course Victor  denies any and all charges.

No doubt he thinks this is  a “He said-She said” situation and his charisma and charm will carry the day.

Hes been able to fool people for quite a while already… why would he think he couldn’t pull it off again?

Regarding ” Litigation” ?

Bring it. I have all the documentation to prove my case ( and more), and as stated, the truth is an absolute and complete defense to any charges of libel,…if he can find an attorney stupid enough to take his case, then go for it. It will be a pleasure to dismantle his pathetic arguments.

Just make sure you let him read this first.

All the way through.

“No matter which party you belong to, you know that this sort of depraved behavior and out of control behavior needs to stop if we are to move forward together as one in this country. Please continue to stand with me for what we know is right.”

Look no further than the video below for a fine example of depraved and out of control behavior. After watching that,and reading about his treatment of his Ex wife I’m not sure I want to stand anywhere close to Victor Valladares. Leave me out of your “togetherness”.

Valladares is trying to walk into politics backwards. Most politicians develop a degree of personal success before venturing into politics. Valladares has no professional skills to speak of. Its obvious he wants to be on the public payroll as a politician as a career.

Let’s take a look at some of Victor Valladares  recent behavior. I will let you decide whether he exercises sound judgement and  whether or not he displays the qualities one looks for in a potential leader.

After reading the documents posted below, the testimony of his ex wife and observing Mr. Valladares lack of good judgement, Ask yourself if this is the type of “Leader” you want for your kids at any level? City, State or Nation…?

Who the hell would be stupid enough to post a video like the one below on their Facebook page? 

The fact that the video below was quickly  deleted from his Facebook page was perhaps the only example of sound judgement he has offered.

Unfortunately for Victor, there is an army of people that are more than happy to provide everything required to paint an accurate picture of reality, unlike Victor’s “Alt-reality” version.

The video you will see below was shot at a Seattle gay bar, R Place November 10th, 2017.  Victor Valladares  features prominently in the initial footage.

I have no comment on Victor’s sexuality. Certainly that is his own prerogative.

I won’t  even comment on his Kim Jong Un haircut. I’m no hairstyle shamer.

Most people are smart enough not to broadcast themselves shirtless especially when it involves a simulated BJ from a fat ugly drag queen while half naked male dancers are watching from the wings.

Perhaps Victor was just there for the “Great music”.

Victor’s recent trip, was probably financed by his sugar daddy, Doug Applegate, who in yet another strange twist of fate, is now facing charges of his own… Click here for details.


Victor Valladares at RPlace, Seattle Washington, November 10th, 2017. Now apparently using Kim Jong Un’s barber.


Is this the type of absolute lack of prudent judgement that you want in a leader?

Below you will find the documents sent to me by the author of the piece in question. Read them and form your own opinion regarding who is the liar in this case. I think you will arrive at the same conclusion I did regarding who is truthful.

For anybody that wants to discredit the source, you only continue to discredit yourselves if you choose to continue to support this man.

If this is the best the Democrat party can do, surely it will be a cakewalk to retain and win new seats for the GOP.

I still have some files that I am sitting on lest this prove insufficient to convince even the most ardent admirer of Victor Valladares.

I’ll ask the question one more time. Is this the kind of leader you want in your children’s future? Or your own for that matter?…I’ll pass.

And whats a HBSledgehammer post without a good punk song? You thought I forgot?

All statements are the opinion of the author.



Valladares and Clayton-Tarvin give Newsom a Black Eye!

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 3.55.35 PM

I read most of the local political blogs in OC, and was sickened this afternoon to see on one of them, a video of Dem Central Committee electee Victor Valladares sitting down in Anaheim this week with Dem. gubernatorial front-runner Gavin Newsom.

Why was I so appalled? Valladares is a convicted drunk driver and in the opinion of many, an UN-convicted wife beater. How many committed Democrats would have appreciated that seat to ask questions?

As for how it got to be Valladares, look no further than his political mentor, Ocean View School District Trustee Gina Clayton-Tarvin. As the blog administrator Vern Nelson wrote, “our good friend Gina Clayton-Tarvin is Gavin’s OC Ambassador!”

Harley Rouda at least had the common sense to distance himself from Valladares, once it was made clear to him that Clayton-Tarvin had failed to inform him of Victors past thug life.

Read “The Company you Keep…”

Ms. Clayton-Tarvin knows all about the reputation of Valladares. They are quite close and according to several witnesses, the pair spent the night together recently at the expensive Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove (along with their respective children).

She knows about all of the accusations against him. When Valladares’ ex-wife stood at a board meeting and told her harrowing tale of being beaten numerous times; how Valladares abused her and tortured her, Clayton-Tarvin rolled her eyes and called the woman a liar.

She inserted herself into their tumultuous custody battle on Valladares’ behalf. She is intimately aware of what he has done and what he is capable of doing.

So, knowing all that, why on earth would she compromise the Newsom campaign? Politicians are only as good as the company they keep. Valladares is a violent, toxic instigator, so that is quite bad for Newsom. For any politician in fact.

A brief search of this very blog produces some telling information:

“Many new allegations have surfaced. All troubling. Breannia Lalama has asserted that Victor Valladares slipped a “Date-Rape” drug into her beer, sodomized her after she passed out, filmed the event, then showed her the film the following day.”


“Lalama (former wife) asserts that Victor Valladares pushed her backwards down a flight of pea gravel stairs at an apartment they shared, resulting in permanent damage to her back. The medical files exist to substantiate the claim.”

“She asserts that Victor Valladares smashed her in the face with a coffee cup, breaking her teeth.”

It goes on and on. He has, according to her, beaten and humiliated her many times, both physically and mentally. Her #MeToo declaration was clear, honest and powerful. Clayton-Tarvin knows all of this, and no doubt much more. Yet she still did this. I believe every word Valladares’ wife has said publicly, I know those photos are real, but he still has not been convicted of spousal battery. Still, should Clayton-Tarvin risk what may still come out or what charges may be filed?

Why is it so important to put THIS violent person in front of Newsom?

What exactly is going on with these two? I must add finally, that while I have supported Newsom up until this point, I am beginning to question his judgement. Why would he entrust someone like Gina Clayton-Tarvin, who would place a miscreant like Victor Valladares in his campaign path? And what will he do about her now? Watching closely, Gavin.


Democratic Party Chair Fran Sdao, you should be ashamed of yourself.


Fran Sdao is Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County. According to her bio, “She is a strong advocate for Democratic values and has actively campaigned on behalf of children, families, quality public education and safe schools, women’s health and reproductive rights.”

Women’s health? Then I wish she had checked the health of a young woman named Breannia Lalama before deciding to pose for this recent photo with Ms. Lalama’s ex-husband, Democratic Central Committee ad 72’s Victor Valladares. Evidently, Sdao has been made aware of of Ms. Llama’s credible (and brutal) accounts of violence and sexual abuse at the hands of her ex-husband, yet she not only refuses to comment about it, she also sees no problem with cozying up with him for photo opportunities.

A brief search of this very blog produces some telling information:

“Many new allegations have surfaced. All troubling. Breannia Lalama has asserted that Victor Valladares slipped a “Date-Rape” drug into her beer, sodomized her after she passed out, filmed the event, then showed her the film the following day.”

“Lalama asserts that Victor Valladares pushed her backwards down a flight of pea gravel stairs at an apartment they shared, resulting in permanent damage to her back. The medical files exist to substantiate the claim.”

“She asserts that Victor Valladares smashed her in the face with a coffee cup, breaking her teeth.”

As I myself wrote here, “I believe, as a Democrat, that our local OC party has no business supporting Victor Valladares until he can provide a thorough breakdown of his criminal past. He has dodged and lied and made fun of the requests and so at this point I think he has told us all we need to know. He is a selfish, immature person who seems to thrive on attention. He is not interesting in telling the truth. I watched some video of his ex-wife at a school board meeting and her speech left me heartbroken. In my opinion there is no doubting her candor.”

Fran, if you need a reminder as to why you need to re-think your position on Mister Valladares, I would ask you to look further than Llalama’s own words. This photo of you is quite damning in my opinion, and also for many other women in the party.

And Dr. Moreno, Isn’t it about time you found a real face of the Latinx community to promote, instead of an uneducated man with no real skills other than convincing others of his dubious value to the OC Democrat Party?


“Dos chicos que piensan que importan”!…

Victor Valladares and Oscar Rodriguez are still under some misguided impression that anybody gives two shits about their opinion.

Valladares has been outed as violent, alcoholic thug and Oscar continues his pathetic routine of playing the goofy sidekick to Valladares “Activista” straight-man.

Unlike Victor, Lenore Albert-Sheridan is someone from the progressive contingent that I actually respect and admire.


Victor makes fucking pizzas off the books for cash and can’t be bothered to pay his child support.

Yet, he functions politically, through sugar daddy contributions from a variety of odd benefactors.

His recent veiled comments regarding Albert -Sheridan had me spitting out my coffee, laughing…


In Valladares small defective mind, everybody is plotting against him.

And it’s all a result of … you guessed it…”racism”.

Like I’ve said many times, if your whole existence is filtered though the lens of “Race”…

If you impart a “Racial Component” to your analysis of every aspect of your life…. You …are a fucking racist.

Valladares, who cant carry Albert-Sheridan’s Handbag, throws out this tripe…




Earth to Victor… you don’t matter anymore.

Nobody gives a fuck what you think or who you endorse.

Go back in the garage and go pound a few beers with Vern and Oscar.

And while you are at it, go get a real fucking job.

If that doesn’t work out, you and Oscar can always be Luchadoras….

” Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome to the ring…

Dos chicos que piensan que importan…!






Most people that read HBSledgehammer, are aware that my political leanings are decidedly conservative.

Many are amazed to find out that I actually have a libertarian streak when it comes to a few issues.

But my thing really boils down to electing leaders with integrity and a willingness to stand by what they believe in, and calling out the poseurs and pretenders with no real desire to drive change, on both sides of the political spectrum.

In the last election cycle, Lenore Albert-Sheridan ran for CA Assembly in the 72nd District against Travis Allen, and managed to give Allen a good run for the money while  operating on a shoestring with minimal support from the OCDEM apparatus.

Albert-Sheridan has chosen to continue her ambitious strategy.

In this cycle she has pulled papers again, to have another go at the 72 Assembly district seat.

Her Dem opponent, is the anointed Party apparatchik, Josh Lowenthal.

His clout stems from the fact that his father, Rep Alan Lowenthal is  heavily connected in the OCDem party.

Nobody likes political dynasties anymore.

Just ask Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush or a starving North Korean.

Through some recent twists of fate, I have had the pleasure of debating Albert-Sheridan and goofing on her, online.

Problem is, she gives as good as she gets.

Her background as a trial lawyer makes her a formidable opponent. But she has demonstrated a true commitment to justice and a willingness to fight for those who have few options.

And that is what engenders my respect for her, despite the fact that we are miles apart politically on a variety of issues.

Albert- Sheridan is in the midst of extricating herself from the fallout she encountered when going to bat for many whom were facing foreclosure, that fell prey to the bankers and Wall Street vultures that engineered the economic meltdown while our complicit politicians stood idly by, watching, in 2008.

Rome burning, while Nero fiddled.

Far right extremists conducted an insane campaign of retribution against Albert – Sheridan that she is still fighting today.

Albert-Sheridan is smart enough to hedge her bets, and has chosen to file papers for two other offices that she is certainly qualified to run for.

She is also pulling papers for OC District Attorney, running against an array of GOP and Dem Party hacks.

In addition, she is running for the bench, specifically, Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 15, in hopes of taking out disgraced sitting Judge, M. Marc Kelly,  who sparked national outcry in April 2015 when he shaved 15 years from a mandatory minimum sentence for Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto, convicted in December 2014 of sodomizing a three-year-old relative.

Click here for details on M. Marc Kelly…

Albert- Sheridan tends to be a bomb thrower.

Just one of the things I like about her.

Our system is designed with multiple hurdles that face those who seek office.

Among them, the need to submit an insane amount of signatures, in order to even qualify for the ballot.

Well heeled candidates simply pony up the cash to circumvent the requirement.

Albert- Sheridan is up against a tight deadline to submit the qualifying signatures.

Her petitions need to be submitted by February 7th, 2018.

Because I respect integrity and commitment more than ideology, I am posting links to Albert-Sheridan’s filing papers below.

Please download and print the signature petitions and circulate them among your neighbors and friends.

I  am personally very interested in seeing Albert-Sheridan deliver a boot to the ass of Marc Kelly, and will be walking my hood with the petition. 

There are a few rules for the person filling out the form. They cannot enter the person’s name or address on the form. The person signing the form must put in their name and address in print on the form themselves, then sign it themselves.

They must use the same name, signature and address as they used when they registered to vote (that can be tricky – they can call the Registrar’s office if they are not sure what address or name they used – sometimes people will use a maiden name or a surname like Jr, some used their parent’s address to vote, for example.  

The person handing out the petition must fill out the back bottom portion. They fill in the dates that they circulated it and sign and date it. They can email Lenore a copy of it and return the original to the Registrar’s office in person themselves or Lenore is willing to meet individuals, to pick the forms up for submission.

Each signature saves Lenore money she would have to pay for filing fee.

Here are the links to the forms. Once completed, they can be emailed to Lenore at;




Click to Download Lenore for Superior Court Judge Petitions Here…

judge screenshot
Lenore For Superior Court Judge

Click to Download Lenore for 72nd District CA assembly Petitions here…

72nd screenshot
Lenore for 72nd Assembly

Click here to Download Lenore for DA petitions here…

DA Screenshot
Lenore For DA